TRENTON – Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman announced that a Jamaican recording artist and his brother were charged as leaders and 13 others were charged as co-conspirators in a first-degree indictment returned today against an international drug ring that used the U.S. Mail and other parcel delivery services to ship multiple kilograms of cocaine from California into New Jersey.
The alleged ringleader, Andrew K. Davis, 35, of Kingston, Jamaica (formerly of Swedesboro, N.J.), and his brother, Kemar Davis, 23, of Hollywood, Calif. (formerly of Margate, Fla.), are each charged in a state grand jury indictment with leading a narcotics trafficking network, a first-degree crime that carries a sentence of 25 years to life in state prison. They face additional first-degree counts of conspiracy, distribution of cocaine and money laundering, each carrying a sentence of 10 to 20 years in state prison. Andrew Davis is a well-known Jamaican dancehall DJ who records under the name “Flippa Mafia.” Kemar Davis also goes by the name “Kemar Mafia.”

The other 13 defendants are charged with first-degree conspiracy to distribute cocaine and launder money. Twelve of them also are charged with first-degree distribution of cocaine. The indictment was obtained by the Division of Criminal Justice Gangs & Organized Crime Bureau. The charges are the result of “Operation Next Day Air,” a multi-agency investigation led by the New Jersey State Police, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Division of Criminal Justice.

The investigation began in March 2011 and targeted the ring’s shipment of large quantities of cocaine through parcel delivery services to New Jersey for bulk distribution to other narcotics suppliers and dealers. Andrew Davis allegedly led the organization’s drug trafficking activities from various locations in Jamaica, California and New Jersey, with the help of his brother Kemar. In the course of the investigation, detectives recovered more than 26 kilograms of cocaine, worth approximately $780,000, two handguns, and more than $600,000 in cash.

“We put a stop shipment on this international cocaine ring through this long-term investigation involving the cooperative work of all levels of law enforcement,” said New Jersey Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman. “By interdicting these major suppliers, we are substantially reducing the quantity of narcotics reaching New Jersey’s streets and protecting our residents from the violence that invariably accompanies drug dealing.”

“When detectives intercepted eight kilos of cocaine at the start of this investigation, they didn’t jump to make arrests and tout a major drug seizure. Instead, they stepped back and built a far-reaching case that took down all of the key players in this drug syndicate,” said Director Elie Honig of the Division of Criminal Justice. “This indictment is a testament to the outstanding work of all of the agencies that collaborated in this case.”

“An international criminal conspiracy of this magnitude required an equally large law enforcement response,” said Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. “A cooperative effort involving multiple agencies was instrumental in taking down this organization, and I would like to commend all of the dedicated investigators for their hard work.”

“The dismantlement of this international drug trafficking organization is a great success for law enforcement, and our communities are safer as a result of this investigation,” said Carl J. Kotowski, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration, New Jersey Division. “The DEA and our law enforcement partners will continue to pursue drug violators wherever the investigation leads us.”

The investigation began in March 2011, when detectives and agents from the Camden High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force and the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office seized two packages from a mail facility in Marlton, N.J., allegedly destined for receipt by Andrew Davis and Marsha G. Bernard, 32, of Cherry Hill, N.J. Each package contained four kilograms of cocaine.

In December 2012, both Andrew and Kemar Davis traveled to Jamaica. Andrew remained in Jamaica, but he allegedly continued to control the drug ring’s activities by directing Kemar and others. Kemar returned to the U.S. and oversaw the shipment of kilogram quantities of cocaine from California to New Jersey. Bernard and other defendants allegedly received the drugs and distributed them to drug traffickers in New Jersey, under the direction of the Davis brothers. Most of the purchasers bought kilogram quantities of cocaine from the Davis organization. Bernard allegedly handled the drug proceeds, sending them to Andrew Davis in Jamaica and Kemar Davis in California.

Over the course of the investigation, detectives documented meetings allegedly involving the transfer of multiple kilograms of cocaine among Bernard and the following additional defendants:
◾Shellyann A. Brown, 34, of Trenton,
◾Sidonie S. McLeod, 28, of Cherry Hill,
◾James C. McBride, 41, of Mount Laurel,
◾Angel R. Rivera, 33, of Vineland, and
◾Juan M. Cortez 41, of Vineland.

On March 11, 2013, Rivera and Cortez were arrested after investigators observed Bernard deliver a package containing approximately one kilogram of cocaine to them in Cherry Hill. They allegedly hid the cocaine in a secret compartment in Rivera’s vehicle. A stolen handgun was later recovered from Rivera’s residence.

On March 15, 2013 State Police detectives and DEA agents coordinated additional arrests in Operation Next Day Air as a significant shipment of cocaine arrived from California. The execution of multiple search and arrest warrants in Cherry Hill and Mt. Laurel resulted in the arrests of Bernard, Brown, McLeod, and McBride. McLeod and McBride were arrested in Cherry Hill after McLeod allegedly delivered three kilograms of cocaine to McBride, which were seized by the State Police. That same day, DEA agents arrested Kemar Davis in Los Angeles, California. Another defendant, Hioka N. Myrie, 33, of Philadelphia, surrendered to detectives on May 14, 2013. Andrew Davis was arrested in Los Angeles on Sept. 16, 2013 by members of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force.

One identified fugitive and five unidentified defendants also are charged in the indictment. Because those defendants are being sought by law enforcement, no information is being released on them.

Fourteen of the fifteen defendants, are charged with first-degree conspiracy and first-degree distribution of cocaine. Andrew Davis, Kemar Davis, Bernard, and McLeod also are charged with first-degree money laundering. Rivera is charged with second-degree possession of a weapon as a convicted felon.

Acting Attorney General Hoffman thanked the following agencies that participated in Operation Next Day Air with the New Jersey State Police, DEA and Division of Criminal Justice:
◾U.S. Marshals Service
◾U.S. Postal Inspection Service
◾Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office
◾Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office
◾Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office
◾Cherry Hill Police Department
◾Los Angeles Police Department
◾U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, Camden Office

Deputy Attorney General Julia S. Glass presented the case to the state grand jury for the Division of Criminal Justice Gangs & Organized Crime Bureau. Detective Sgt. Erik Hoffman of the New Jersey State Police Crime Suppression South Unit was the lead case agent on this investigation.

The first-degree charge of leading a narcotics trafficking network carries a sentence of 25 years to life in state prison and a fine of up to $750,000. The other first-degree charges carry a sentence of 10 to 20 years in state prison and criminal fines of up to $500,000 for the money laundering and cocaine distribution charges, and up to $200,000 for the conspiracy charge. The second-degree charge of possession of a gun as a convicted felon carries a sentence of up to 10 years in state prison, including five years of mandatory parole ineligibility, and a fine of up to $150,000.

The indictment is merely an accusation and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The indictment was handed up to Superior Court Judge Mary C. Jacobson in Mercer County, who assigned it to Camden County, where the defendants will be ordered to appear for arraignment at a later date.



  1. dem a go need Jesus n a damn good rass lawyer fi dem walk whey from diss—–it nuh look good Flippa n Kemar

  2. Seems as if Kemar had license for every state him duh business…i honestly thought Mr Dolphin good up lawyer can get him off AGAIN,but not this time…Just plead guilty serve u time and guh home,nobadda guh a trial…Who a tek care a Marsha and flippa kids?..a only hope dem nuh inna foster care

  3. Mi a wonder a who a di next five hmmmm, I dont sorry fi rass flippa where is the home work center equipped with computers that he could have opened. A dash weh money inna dance yeah

  4. dolphin where r is evrybaddie weh yuh use to wet up dem troat ole inna dance wen dem thurstyyyyyyyy :salahkamar f**kah unnuh

  5. “We put a stop shipment on this international cocaine ring through this long-term investigation involving the cooperative work of all levels of law enforcement,” said New Jersey Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman. “By interdicting these major suppliers, we are substantially reducing the quantity of narcotics reaching New Jersey’s streets and protecting our residents from the violence that invariably accompanies drug dealing.”

    THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PARAGRAPH OF ALL BEING WRITTEN. Yes sum quick fi seh dis n dat n dem a tek care a fambily but inna di long run dis is wat drugs duh to di community suh fuk dat dem a get wat dem deserve HYPE BRING DISGRACE!!!!

    1. True words. No respect for people who participate in blood money. We cuss those who take drugs etc, call dem coke head n ting, but we do t do enough to condemn the dealers. I don’t feel one rass fi dem. Good riddance….the communities and unsuspecting young people can’t thrive with pedlars on the road

  6. Flippa when you touch and do road all you seed bag suppose to swivel up, you climb too high now you batty expose and out a door.

  7. All I can say is WOW. I didn’t know that all and sundry were so deeply involved in drug trafficking. All Sidonie she, Elephant Man baby mother…what’s gonna happen to her kids? All this for Money and to be able to buy name brand and ‘floss’ and get designer stuff and the big house on the hill? :mewek

    That’s why me? ME prefer to work two and three jobs till me exhausted, pay mi student loan, light, water, cable all sorta bill and be able to go to sleep at night comfortable knowing that even though I can’t afford a 2,000 dollar Mahnolo Blahnik shoes, I can afford a 5.00 Burger King meal and me and my family alright than aiming too far and doing illegal shit to get it! Thank God fi wha me have even doh is not much! God never give you more than you can bear! And seeit deh, their CHILDREN will have to be raised by other persons/family and visit their parents through a glass in a correctional institution. KMT. Yow it piss me off starrrr. :marah

      1. She a di one outta all a them I am truly not sorry for, she Sidonie. Gyal wah really did possess yuh (not that yuh can read this) to get entangled in such a web. Mi know gyal a wuk inna store wid two pickney nuh fada fi help har and nah mix up inna drugs. Unnu love hype life too f**king much.

  8. I believe some of the other 5 are also popular players some from the dance hall scene both male and female but me nah investigate further….Nopes, jus a guh sit back and watch the news. Betta bruck pocket gambler flippa did tan a yaad. Same so some of them who did well involve and still deh a road did go dance and party but Neva tek pics fi publish pon website bc dem know when government a look fi dem dem nuh want the name and alias be known

  9. Met it’s 10 to 20 years she’s looking at. Because they may have been involved in other charges but they named out the ones of interest. All it seemed played many parts and so the minimum sentence the least player looking at is 10.

    10 AND UPPPPP :nerd

    So she could get 15, 12, 18 or 20. Who knows? I just find it sad that people don’t believe in working and tightening ur belt to make ends meet anymore. Anonymous is right…SOCIAL MEDIA mek people a whore demself, sleep wid man/woman/cow fi money, sell drugs and do whatever it takes to get ‘into that life’. Me born poor, me see mi madda and granma poor and a work haaad fi sen me a school, and I refused to be the same so I work mi lickkle underpaying job and send meself go school just to not be below the poverty line.
    Don’t get me wrong it nuh nice fi wonder how you are going to go to work tomorrow or eat food tomorrow or pay the light bill next week and wear wash out clothes and tear clothes go work, and it’s definitely not nice going to bed hungry because it’s either you eat or pay the water bill, or eat or pay the light bill, or eat or let your kids eat and you go hungry, but lemme repeat: GOD NEVER GIVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN BEAR! Everything is for a reason…if we are to suffer to get the bills paid and to let our kids go to school. So be it, welcome dat Rass.

    But DON’T go sell yuh soul and your freedom for the LOVE OF MONEY. The bible warned them, I’m sure some friends and family members warned them, even MET warn dem, and noe SEEIT DEH. Tek a picha and put pon Instagram and Facebook inna yuh prison suit mek people see it now nuh, Hype life oonu want, a Hype ooonu ago get.

    IN JAIL :cool

    1. When you are arrested by the police in that game, it is the best outcome. It could have been the robbers who came calling and there would be dead bodies lying around. I”m sure if some people knew they had all that amount of cash and merchandise on hand, they would gladly relieve take it off them. Lost a few friends to that game….no longer with us.

  10. Met you and you metters are VAMPIRES just come on the net fi distroyed you own jamaicans people dem reputations as if unnu life better. Funny how unnu talk about other people as if unnu live inna dem house. I bet unnu life worst than the people dem unnu a talk bout. Then again unnu no have no life BADMIND worst the OBEAH.

    See unnu always a talk bout Jesus but god no like ugly.

  11. Flippa was behaving too hype and like him invisible..He call the Feds on himself
    if you doing it that big certain place you don’t go,your picture must not be all over websites or video.One thing with Andrew that get bust the other day notice we can’t get no picture of him and he was not into partying at regular dancehall joints…he was doing it right but mess with too many idiot gal and just did not know when to stop.
    I know Guys still doing it big and they lay low the don’t go to the Jamaican spots or try to showoff what they have. It really hard to feel sorry for Flippa he was going on like he don’t care so why should we! Marsha.Sidonnie.Kemar were victims of his narcissistic behaviour Hioka got away with her hands clean but she still cameout a loser because now she stuck with being a single mother to a child she taught would be her meal ticket but now she alone have to take care of the baby.

  12. No wonda flippa so restless a Ja him ass did know say him deh pon a very short leash n the same money whey him give whey him life fa u see whey him go Ja go do wit it gamble it off waste all round man

  13. Hioka nuh get off clean mark my words. She will soon be looking for another Sponsor on e the smoke clears. A di Pitney dem alone mi feel bad for.

  14. So wasn’t it said Flippa was on di Feds Payroll why him did have this air of invincibility about him?? Did they use him and then turn pon him or it was just a lie all along? Cause him would rank high on di list of stupidiest druggists ever.

  15. Unuh eva notice Shawn Sharp always around when di excitement and spendings. is edless… Him alays seems to miss every thing by the skin a him teeth.. Shawn a hope you a send some $$ fi u dads cause you reap nuff from him. But then again you stuck sand need some urself..

  16. Suh ACE……people fi bawl seh Fillipa, a likkle coke seller, get lock up? If people nuh fi rejoice weh yu waa dem fi do?? And that’s a serious question.
    Soon I will see seh Meters badmine Fillipa and …..who God Bless…blah, blah, blah!!

  17. Yo a di bloodcloth a gwaan mi a hear say Shawn Sharp get stuck a whey him get stuck.. Unu talk up di bloodcloth things dem nu man…

  18. Met i believe flipper watch that movie frank Lucas to many time ‘ but him forget to watch the end of frank Lucas they all dead & went to prison .

    1. Him reporting time expired a England so him affi return back to sender…dung a yaad.. If him kno weh di ppl dem kno him tan dung deh and no run come gi weh him life like Dolphin.. Ny store credits … looking for all suspects.. memba unun bawn dung deh so tan dung deh cause farrin mashup long time.

  19. A travel up on down like him documents them belongs to him ~ hype get bite from London to Jamaica welcome to jam rock .

  20. Lock up dem rass. When I use to asked my friend why Flippa always a dash out money.. Him seh Mi nuh know how Flippa get him money suh mi nuh fi seh nuttin. This was since 2004ish. All that money him a mek since then cudda open him own businesses. Wotlessness. Unno want floss and show off inna pawty every week. :2thumbup.

    1. Him mussi did a go him laas couple of runs fi have a stash lock whey fi set up him future a yaad but sad fi him get bite. U nuh see dem find $600,000 cash n coke worth $780,000. Dats over $1.3m, prbly was him retirement fund, but di alphabet people did have a different future planned fi him

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