48-year-old woman accused of selling s*x to 13-year-old boy

A 48-year-old woman who reportedly solicited $1,500 from a 13-year-old boy in exchange for s*x was offered $200,000 bail when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week.

The accused was offered bail by Senior Parish Judge Chester Crooks, on a charge of having s*x with a person under 16.

She was offered bail on condition that she resides with her sister in Kingston and reports three times daily to the Trench Town Police Station.

The judge also warned the accused not to contact the witness as a part of her bail condition.

According to the report filed by the police, on the day in question the complainant went over the accused woman’s house where she allegedly hugged him and asked him if he wanted to pay her for s*x. Allegations are that the complainant left and went and got the money and the accused had s*x with him.

Later in the night, someone spotted the child leaving the woman’s house and brought it to the attention of his mother who was told what had happened.

The matter was reported and the woman was arrested and charged by the Centre for the Investigation of S*xual Offences and Child Abuse.

Man beats girlfriend over Facebook post

A young man was hauled before the court for using a piece of wood to beat his 16-year-old girlfriend all over her body, claiming she had posted unflattering things about him on Facebook.

Savian Hall, 20, of Parade Gardens in Kingston, was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after he attacked the complainant on September 1, in his hometown.

The court heard that on the night of the incident, about 8:00 pm the complainant was walking along the road on her way to a shop when she felt several blows to her body, inflicted by the wood, and fell.

The complainant reportedly looked around and saw Hall running away.

The matter was later reported to the police and Hall was arrested.

On Friday when he appeared in court and was asked why he had assaulted the complainant he said: “She been posting things on Facebook about me.”

He was then ordered by the judge to compensate the complainant’s medical bill of $5,000, which he did. He was also ordered to pay $30,000 or serve six months in prison.

However, he indicated that he could not pay the fine and the judge instead placed him on a one year probation order, which means he will be required to serve the six months if he gets himself in trouble with the law within a year.

“I know that we are all human and we do get upset, but that don’t mean you should go and beat her,” the judge told him.

“If she is doing what you say she is doing, go and speak to her mother, and if she is not doing anything about it and you feel that you are being defamed in the public go and see a lawyer,” Judge Crooks further advised Hall.

Woman steals her child’s father ‘babymada’s bankcard by accident

A woman who stole her lover’s ‘babymother’s’ bank card and emptied it after she withdrew $27,000 is now breathing a sigh of relief after she escaped punishment in court.

Althea Thomas got off with a warning to stay away from trouble after she explained that she was not aware that the card belonged to the complainant and repaid the money. She said she thought it was her partner’s card because she took it from his wallet.

The 23-year-old cosmetologist of Donmair Close in Kingston, who also shares a child with her partner, was arrested and charged with simple larceny and unauthorised access to computer data.

Facts in the case are that on June 15, the complainant discovered her card missing, which she had given to her daughter who was living with her father.

The complainant then asked the father about the card and was told that he had given the card back to his daughter.

The complainant subsequently went to her bank and reported the matter. She was later informed that $27,000 was withdrawn from the account and show pictures of Thomas, who she recognised as her ‘babyfather’s girlfriend, using the card.

Thomas was arrested and charged and when cautioned she told the police: “Ms mi ago tell you the truth, a me withdraw the money but mi neva know it was mi boyfriend babymada card because mi neva know dem still close like that.”

She also told the police that she took the card because her partner, with whom she also has a child, did not want to help her financially with the child although he has two jobs.

Last Tuesday when the matter came up before Parish Judge Simone Wolfe Reece, the judge, after listening to Thomas’ explanation, asked her if she had apologised to the complainant and she said that she had not done it personally.

“I told the police to tell her I am sorry,” she said.

But the judge told her: “I don’t understand. As a big woman, you could not approach the lady and say I took the card out of his wallet, as I didn’t know he was not the owner and I am sorry.?

“You can’t be so wrong in your wrongness,” Judge Reece further said before warning Thomas to stay away from trouble.


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