60-year-old pastor charged with rape, carnal abuse of 15-y-o girl

A 60-year-old Moravian minister of religion has been arrested and charged with the rape and carnal abuse of a 15-year-old girl.

Rupert Clarke, the minister at the Nazareth Moravian Church in Manchester was arrested in St Elizabeth last night.

The police report that about 9 p.m., they were on patrol in a community near Black River when they observed a parked car that aroused their suspicion.

They went to investigate and reportedly found the pastor in a compromising position with the child.

He was immediately taken into police custody.

The police have since launched a wider investigation into the matter and are interviewing the mother and guardian of the girl who turned 15 years old last week.

Clarke, who is from Fairfield, Manchester, is expected to appear in the St Elizabeth Parish Court soon.

More details shortly.

7 thoughts on “60YO PASTOR ABUSED 15YO

  1. 60? No jah know, a wah do we as man? You a tell mi say him couldn’t find a woman since him want young saul? Everyday mi see why mi affi reason wid mi sons pon a serious level and prepare dem as much as possible fi wah dem ago face. N even if she prime bcuz mi know some a dem likkle gal deh eno the onus deh pon him fi run ar rather than tell himself say if a nuh him is a next man. Mi not even ago talk bout the pastor part.

    We have become a weak set a man cant control we minds much less our bodies. Bcuz a some bullshit ideology spewed by some crow bait. If we as man nuh start stand up fi the woman dem we ago loose big time bredren n bredren. We need fi play the man role round here. Provide, protect and teach.

  2. Nasty f**ker! But mi haffi call out nuff a di nasty parents who a send out di daughter dem and kno wah di pastor dem a do to dem!

    Remember di one couple years a back and a bere underage girl him did deh wid and breed off and when di matter go court di family dem tek di hush money!

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