0 thoughts on “66 CHARGE UNDER TAMARA

  1. Dem miss two charge met .. Donkey a di day charge an operating a store out a di people dem store store charge fi mek di total 68 to see how she all did a tek orda to lol

  2. 66? So she’s the ring leader? Girl, u corners dark from here on. Now u a hold u head down….but when u did a walk the street a Queens inna scamming designer goods u head was held high.

  3. If that is a picture of Tamara up top, she is quite sexy (if that is her real ass and breast). Maybe I should volunteer to bail her out if it comes with benefits!

  4. Damn! print that shit out and me and it a de same height! God know she a fool if she alone go down pon dem charges de. Then again if she bring in more culprits it would show that she had more than an enterprise (RICO qualifier) but she did a run a rass EMPIRE!
    Hate? Haters? Badmine? Moi? Me? YU MUSSY BE MAD…lolol

  5. @ Quena ….no deal…this sticky finger label wh0re and her cronies need to spend some time away to think about what they did. Set of garbage dem is.

    1. Am just thinking …..if am the DA the only way I would make a deal with this crook is if she spill the tea on her customers. Give all the names of who buy stolen merchandise from her. That the only way I would cut a deal.

      1. The name of customers will entail more than the ones who buy merchandise. She was selling more than shoes and bag. The norm is for them to sell the information too.

      2. The crime of receiving stolen property can be a bit tricky……prove they knew that they were buying stolen property, thats the part thats needed, the PROOF that they knew!Then prove how much stolen property they bought, I’m sure Tamara has no record of how many of what she sold each person, then there is the amount to class it as felony or misdemeanor. My thought is they want to break up the ring if any that stole the identities….thats were the head of most DA’s are….thats the bigger crime!

        1. Yesterday a blogger said the mix spanish one had things written down. I’m sure Tamara kept a list too along with how she kept the stolen information.
          Look, if she fool fi have that much stolen goods in her house…she extra fool to have things on the computer and on paper.

      3. But you have to be able to prove in a court of law that the “customers” knew the merchandise was stolen. That can be a high barrier to overcome. They are more concern about the ones actually stealing the goods than the buyers.

        1. $6000.00 shoes. $10,000.00 handbags sold at the local hairdresser, from a car trunk and you the “customer” on IG a brag how you wearing the best and people are #haters…lolol Proving that is not hard at all.

        1. And bright wid it she know nothing about how saks started , who fah sweat n blood put in not to mention the owner of those cards I really think a more than greed oo

  6. career identity thief. look at the charge of identity theft-prior conv…. she got lock up for identity thiefing already

  7. Met, what do you know about the Grade of felony? I notice it’s all D and E, which would indicate ‘not so severe’, in my opinion. Can anyone shed light on this and the sentence D and E potentially carries.
    In Florida, they would have charged her with organized crime but NY is more a place for criminals than this state.

      1. She basically Nonviolent (D). But goodness gracious me don’t think the mob dem have this much violations pon dem.

        1. :nohope
          too bright and dry eye wid di people dem tings, sometimes mi haffi wuk so hard and scratch my damn head to whey di money go…suppose a did all mi own a store and dem a live offa it so mi wudda go mad

          1. They don’t respect people and them things. A one tek here and there. But them mek it a career.
            I honestly think RICO may come into play because her bail is astronomical.

          2. Saks mean business and not only that…we a talk bout what dem find but imagine what she sell already and a that the people dem a go waa estimate! She may have taken millions in terms of goods so dem nah let she go fi she go let out di battey n crawl under a rock

      1. Class D is the most severe and is punishable by up to 7 years along with fines…..what is bad for Tamara is that she has many and can be sentenced for each or can have them run concurrent.

  8. The truth is she will go down for all the charges. Snitching won’t save her. She would have to prove that the people she sold to knew the goods where stolen. Plus she would need more the peoples aliases to give to the police. Girl you going down

    1. Instagram got her covered (subpoenas), plus quite a few don’t have good standing with immigration. Not to mention food stamp and housing records of the “suffers” flossing like oprah and Naomi Campbell.

  9. Class D is up to 7 years ….. More than likely they will either add up the years or run them together… She just gonna plea and they probably will let her just serve a low sentence but her fines will be hefty….

  10. @Fabulous One, to me, these do not seem like serious charges. Most likely, the sentence will run concurrently so even though it’s 66 charges, it’s really just one sentence.
    Since she didn’t steal the merchandise from the store, they can’t charge her with larceny or grand theft or anything of the sort so the most egregious crime here is identity theft which doesn’t carry such a stiff penalty. If I’m wrong here, oonuh please enlighten me cos I think for such a complex scheme, the charges should have been stiffer.

    1. Foxy a 66 a dem and they will add up to something more than serious…from u see so much whities come out and pan tv she will get more than what she deserve right there behind di bars..

      1. Met, notice sey the 190.80.04 a show that she have prior conviction under that statute?
        Top charge is that exceeding 50K. The language includes extoriton, fear and such. That has I predicted can clear at least 2 of them. I’m banking on the girl in the black jacket and big man in the gray jacket.

        1. Yes I believe she began working for the feds that is why they found the goods in tammy’s home etc..I dont blame the young girl fi talk but i hope she took a good deal

      2. Same suh it guh, is like di entire DA office come out pan dis case. She not going to get off easy in the least. She will serve a very serious sentence, very serious one. Betta shi did a do Dubai runs dan dis.

    2. She doesn’t have to carry the ‘ish out the store to be tried with grand theft larceny……it’s larceny, she will be indicted. She ILLEGALLY took the property of Saks, thats all thats needed to be considered larceny, grand and petit is categorized by the value of the merchandise. She is going to face the music…..let’s the bands begin to play :kr
      Don’t cry girl, you better twerk that big booty like Miley :ngakak

    3. Actually, they did steal from Saks. All those charges were eventually reversed, so none of the identity theft victims suffered any losses, only Saks, who discovered the identity theft and alerted the police. Saks is the one left holding the bag.

  11. Matt, I am searching for her mugshot online and cannot find it. Any hidden source where you can get that info?

  12. Tammy is not new to this so she a go sing. Been to jail before she will survive. Tammy’s biggest mistake was keeping stolen goods at her apt. Fool could have rented a storage or something less obvious but den did over confident. Why would Saks hire a convicted tellin?
    As a sales associate when the customer forget them Saks card they always call the 800# fi look up the card. What Tammy and crew would do is instead of making the customer punch it into the phone them self they do it for them and kip the little receipt. Once the purchase is made on said Saks card Tammy now has the ssn# Driver license # and card number which prints at the bottom of recipt. Saks ships free to all card holders so it is not difficult to get their addresses. I know BC it has happened to me and my card was duplicated it even affected my debit card account. These days i pay for everything in cash BC I know bout the same gift card scamming that has gone on for many years. I have a friend who furnish their whole house out of stolen gift card from neimanas, Bloomingdales, and pottetybarn. I also know Tammy and the twins and the rest of the gang from back in the days in queens and dem bug partial. Anything for hype and style. All the twins used to just eat water crackers and drink tea do years go make a money do surgery and by bleaching cream go hype inna dance.

      1. She can penn a book while she serves her 3 year sentence after her plea bargain. …. Remember say orange is the new black is based off of something real.
        My say Marlene lucky Hollywood hype move har go a California BC a dem same set all did a par together with the same stay bad surgeon.

        1. den who woulda buy di book? she wudda haffi hit few more tv station and have di saks sign pan har house fi even get good recognition as a teef..

        2. Girrrrrrrrllll you gotta see Mrs. Marlene in Cali……there aint nothing nicer than sheeeee!
          Marlene one thing though boo boo, stack your ASSets Hollywood is out there with the young, young girls hard, take Mrs. Quena’s word for it 😉

  13. She looks crazy up top crying, know the penalties before taking on a crime….then avoid that b*tch ‘Ish up top! I been reading days now and just can’t seem to hold back my laughter of all these people, running, privating their private accounts, getting caught with the goods and crying, how rass stupid are these people, in everything you do educate your stupid selves!!
    You wanna be a whore, know whorism from top to bottom, a scamini know scamming from to tp bottom and so on!
    Stupid idiots :ngakak
    “Free Blah Blah

      1. MORE!!!
        In court source said the ‘ish was all under beds all over….ERRYWAY ERRYWHERRRRRRREEEEEEE!
        She had links, trust she was short of (she didn’t trust to leave the ‘ish elsewhere).
        Heard Happle and them where beating down shorties phone all middle of night, some of her identity info came from her customers…..thats where her deals can be made, from who did she get the info and how did “THEY” COME BY SAID INFO.!

        1. Same so me
          Say up top. Was the customers info. Smfh … And yes me hear bout the late night calls and door knockings. All to go a dance and hype pon ppl. If all housewives a scam then it is not surprising say dem set a Bronx and Brooklyn creeps a catch on to it.

        2. Gwan go do yu thing P.I. Quena. Me want fi know which one a dem shit up dem self inna first appearance! lol

  14. Apple nah guh ah jail when she done inform pon some other ppl member mi tell yuh ah she a di real ring leader dwrcl nobody cannot answer why apple still inna forrin …

    1. There is always a limit to how far a snitch can be thrown…and the FEDS know that. Scammers are in league with terrorist groups so that isn’t something taken lightly.

  15. There is redemption for us all !! She is wrong and I do not excuse her behavior , my mother was robbed and a victim to identify theft cost her thousand arrested for bad checks at 69 year old had to prove its not her and at the women trial my mother told the judge to have mercy on her and her friend that was involved because if sinners need forgiveness . Nobody supports that scamming stealing does not hurt people or hurt the economy , granted they show off but there lost souls that know not better instead of rejoicing in there errors we should pray god open there eyes and forgive them and set them free from devils playground . God says judge not !! I understand how they anger you people but lets not be them and rejoice let’s pray for gods mercy on them so that god can return the same to us when we sin !! All sin a sin suh if you gossip or slander is that not sin ? I think this forum is awesome met is awesome cause its to give awareness and hopefully touch someone to not take that dark path ! To show that all that glitters is not gold but I wish and hope 15 years on nobody especially over money and material goods there 100 percent wrong but we also should not hope for someone to be thrown away to serve 15 years no matter how much them show off . My opinion it’s very very sad I pray god finally open her eyes !!

    1. But we talk here everyday and they still do it. Even since JMG they are here reading and they still get into the same stuff so it kinda hard to empathize with them but I do pray that God opens their eyes because they could be so much more than what they have chosen to be

      1. Some people are just heartless…ungle blood alone run thru them veins…no feelings what so ever…God may can forgive her, but the victims dem don’t have to…

  16. the DA dem a go in hard man but understandbly so. let’s hope this serves as a deterrence to the hi chested red eye gal crooks out deh.

  17. The people dem bank accounts and credit card accounts can be restored, but the mental stress, trauma and degradation that they’ve also caused, cannot be restored…ah hope them end up in the mad house once the Feds finish run thru each and every one ah dem.

  18. Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others..
    66 charges yes but at de end of de day it depends on the kinda judge dis drop before cuz sum nice nd sum hard nd a mean very hard….she did time b4 for de same crime suh dat a number wan fi even mek more dan an example outta har,only way she gwine reduce time is if she had more ppl working wid har nd turn dem ova other dan dat dem ago deal wid har seriously maybe all get deported after time serve cuz green card don’t secure yuh stay on dem grounds it can be REVOKED.

  19. Exactly because I think to be a scammer you have to be smart so hopefully they can start using that potential to be better and use it to for good . After all American Express fraud department hires fraud convicts because who can catch a thief like a thief

  20. No care if she snitch, or whatever she do she looking at a minimum of 15. And if she come out before that she is working for the feds.

  21. the 20 yr old start sing already it seems who yuh think she nuh waan c road like how dry peas waan see wata

    1. Who is 20???????..ah couldn’t dis tuff turbit uppa top ya talk cause mi have shoes and pocketbook older than she and in better condition dan she…seriously…who is 20 Simply??

  22. For some reason… I don’t believe she is the ring leader. I feel like there is someone else higher up on the chain of command and there are others at Tammy’s level who have goods stored where they live as well… Just my thoughts. If u push weight… U won’t store it where u rest your head UNLESS… She is really that DUMB!!!!
    Either way I want her and EVERYONE involved be caught and PROSECUTED the worse way!!!
    Someone once said to me when I used to party, “they say u think u r better than them and u r always skinning up yuh face.” I responded by saying, ” I don’t need anyone to validate me especially not dancehall folks.” I used to think to myself… These people can’t b serious!!!! Is like dem live in a sum kinda BUBBLE that is NOT a part of reality!
    Mi never like how dem love HYPE and a gwaan ova nuttin. I had a male friend who is an architect who met at Harlem Black Threate (back in the day) since he is from the BX. At the party some LOOSERS kept buying all these bottles and flossing in the camera… Couple days later he calls me and was like… U could never guess who I saw in Goldn Krust working behind the counter!!! It was that dude from the party that was so hype. He was like… I know Golden Krust pay check can’t buy those bottles. We bust out laughing caz we knew the deal some kind ah illegal activity dem involve inna… DYAM low lives!!!!!!!

    1. Decent people nuh deh pon weh dancehall people deh pon…plain and simple!!!!…different mentality/livity/livelihood….wi nuh deh pan weh dem deh pan!!! str888 like dat!

    2. I am thinking the same as well, there is someone higher than this Tammy Williams person who is behind everything. I hope them ketch every last one a them! Driving Range Rover and work in a Barber shop, Driving Benz and dont have a job. You got the opertunity to come here and make a life and work honest money, But no, one thing for sure bout uncle sam yeah? You may think they not looking, but long run short ketch.

  23. If yuh no fraid fi teef ALOT den u nuffi fraid fi do ALOT of jailtime.any1 a unno think unno bad touch my Pickney college fund an unno know something…….unno go look work like honest decent people…..metty……mi deh pan di outside a 1circle looking in….di way how dem theif dem teef all dem 1annoda gift card n cuss n tigeratic fi dem 1annoda Ova hardworking people money…yuh soon hear bout a lot of dem….”dat is very familiar with jmg”#celebritiesofdancehall……..lmao

  24. The feds need fi locate sec8 public housing n DA food stamp office on these dancehall celebrities weh love floss Inna red bottoms n drive luxury vehicles

  25. Met: di young girl couldn’t a inform cause dem would a seperate dem cause a conflict a intrest,weh dem waan from di five a dem a information on who a duh what,Feds ting differant than State,all Tamara of fi duh a tell who she sell di tings tuh in di Feds dem call it Conspiracy

    1. When Triton talk, we all have to listen. He is an expert on all things related to the FEDs. After all, he has first hand knowledge and we all know is afraid of the FEDS!!!! 🙂

  26. Lmsoooooo ,, me no sorry fi unno one bit just siting :coffee: and waiting for the rest to get caught :2thumbup :thumbup :selamat

  27. Ah should AH 400,000 charges like the amount of money she and her stinking puscii friend dem stole.. I hate them hate them.. I’m fighting a case right to prove that I didnt lend, sell. Or know Some crocks use my name and social and bought not 1 but 2 house in Albany NY…. SO TAMARA, APPLE, RABBART ROBBY.. MI HATE ALL UNNUH.. And mi want you fi go hell go siddung and roast like potato.. And it won’t be no cake walk like JOE AND TERESA JUDICE.. YOU BLACK AND TEEEEEEEEF…..

  28. Met count agen man a more than 66 charges look good some a dem read as 28 counts meaning sey dem a charge har for that crime for each person identity which happens to be 28 ppl she took or a me a read it wrong

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