Met u saw the news about the 7 people who have drown in the rio cober early this morning? Well goodie remember the video with the pastor man a beat the young boy true him have hicky on his neck? Its him and him crew drown. Him is a revivalist pastor, big odeah man and gay In a linstead.. People have it to say is another obeah man kill him..

5 thoughts on “7 PEOPLE DROWN A RIO COBRE???

  1. So wait deh stick a whole heap a pin…. Him is a revivalist, pastor, obeah man an batty man pan top a dat… Not a obeah man kill him… A God do dat too much corruption him alone a put forth.

  2. This is so disgusting and distasteful and nasty for him being a pastor and behaving in such manner… He is abusing of the young boy sexual and mentally is this the boy who survived the drowning, if so God knew that the boy has been through a lot of the hand of the pastor real talk… I hope that boy can now live a normal house, his parents shouldn’t of never allowed him to leave with that pastor for three years and it seems like other men lived with the pastor as well…

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