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From: keshia
Title: dutty gyal weh tek ppl man

Message Body:
all a di dutty whore out gyal dem a walk and a tek ppl man need fi stop…. all a dem a gwan like them bad and a come start up shit. no gyal cant tek my man nor beat me cause me a one gal weh no were no other gal dutty panty …..

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  1. Pleasant good morning Met, Metters and e’rbody else!

    Keisha daalin is how big is de bag weh yuh a carry wid yuh daytime??? ‘Cause di ongly way yuh can hype an seh a gyal caaant tek yuh man is ef yuh tie up ‘im hood, tongue and finga an put dem inna bag when yuh dun use dem. It no so wise fi swear pan hood. Yuh confidence tun up baaad…hope yuh nuh shame later.

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