Dede Fire Reds baby madda mi hear se she a a take reds to court in a next month cause she said him not taking care a him kids dem what a wicked worthless bwoy and in a dancehall a hype .Dede and some gyal live and dem have di gyal pon video a suck bully wood live but the suck wood gal team up wid forth Lauderdale blow bed Diamond and the coolie gal fi war with reds baby mother .Dem seh di war cyah start good yet cause the suck wood one she stil live under Dede roof . And mi hear se plan fi war Dede a every party …Florida nuh good agennnnnn

0 thoughts on “FIREREDS TOSS UP

  1. Kmft!!! Who di hell is fire redz, all him doa beg money fi pull up chune, walk and f**k down di place while she affi stay home go work and mind him, kmft!!! A wey day dis girl mi know dash wey a belly fi him and nuh mek him know, ask him a who dat and him nuh know cause him a f**k to much!! Kmft!!!!!

    1. My word…it sticky out deh…I doubt if him nuh happy fi hear doah if a so him a move…him look crawny to me…him couldn’t even look pon mi a backside

  2. child please she and him don’t have a relationship they have a agreement cause right now she know bout him woman and there is nothing she can do because him not leaving the other gal alone all she have to do is continue mine him cause the other gal not giving him shit ,and she cant do him baby mother shit after she not better than him baby mother cause a reds pick har up and let she stop f**k in a bath room a dancehall,dat dey coolie gal f**k down the all a wpb

  3. First of all I have nothing to do with fi babymother and babyfather affairs so plot fi beat har nuh inna my mind ok me and the babymother was cool until a old sloppy suck hood veach whale weh walk and pay ppl fi friendship go tell har one bag of lie yes mi and him ooman cool and I don’t give a f**k so unu tek me out ah unu bomboclot drama fireredz ah my fren fi ova ten years and mi nah stop chat to him for love or money and don’t give a f**k who like it or not and for the record mi ah nobody bloodclot matress jelous di bitch jelous try ppl ah find out seh she ah lied and love use har hha money fi buy out har beatendem dd if you wah listen to your so called sister in law thru she a gi you chump chsnge dats your f**kin business

  4. But I want to know what it is about this girl so why people hate her. I’ve seen her twice and she don’t look like the hype type. Fire Redz baby mother hype more than her, she always a advertise that she is the baby mother like if that’s suppose to mean something. A probably she post the story. If him not taking care of his kids it have nothing to do with the other woman.

  5. Dutty bloodclot princess elizabeth suck hood and batty ppl fi nuh get beaten weh always ah get bun and std anyweh mi see you your head gone straight

  6. Lawd unnu a d be$t but gal dey wid bwoy dem fi mek dem tek care a dem yutes especially if dem hype like fire reds wutless rass and im gal a suk wood gal fi send on pon d yutes dem tuh love d parent love d child

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