Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and Center of Excellence and Expertise (Center) staff assigned to the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport complex seized 7,800 pairs of high-fashion shoes bearing counterfeit “Salvatore Ferragamo” listed trademarks. If genuine, the seized footwear would have had an estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $4,290,000.

Ferragamo Shoes Seazed at LA/LB Seaport
7,800 pairs of fake Ferragamo shoes seized by
CBP at Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport
The merchandise arrived in two separate shipments from China on July 20. The quantity and value of counterfeit merchandise seized is a clear indication of the profits that are involved in the illegal trade of luxury goods.

“These seizures demonstrate the high level of skill and vigilance of our officers in protecting the intellectual property rights of companies and individuals, as well as, preventing the proliferation of counterfeit luxury footwear, potentially damaging our national economy,” remarked Sergio Espinoza, CBP Acting Port Director of Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport.

Approximately $1.35 billion worth of counterfeit goods originating overseas were seized by CBP in fiscal year 2015. China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Romania, and Turkey were the top five countries of origination for counterfeit goods seized by CBP in fiscal year 2015.

If genuine the shoes would have had an
estimated manufacturer’s suggested
retail price of $4,290,000.
Available on illegitimate websites and sold in underground outlets, counterfeit high fashion commodities multiply the illegal profits of smugglers and traffickers. The public is misguided into believing they are buying an original product at a significant discount and the money they spend on these types of goods is often used in other forms of criminal enterprises.

Nationwide, apparel, consumer electronics, and footwear comprised the greatest number of counterfeit and pirated items seized by CBP last year, with the total estimated value of seizures up over 10 percent compared to fiscal year 2014. Of the approximately $1.35 billion in seized freight in fiscal year 2015, more than $697 million or 52 percent came from China.


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