The gal shavel (pretty missy) a breed fi sadki White and she a hide the belly because the man married and don’t want her uno nuh see she stop party,it don’t look good shavel you breed fi two man Weh nuh want yuh!

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  1. Before this Likkle gal go look a green card she nuh stop walk and f**k dung di place. Shavel tek my advise quit while u ahead remember yuh nuh live nuh wey nice a Jamaica go look a green card ok

  2. Which shavel this met? Brown skin shavel ? Mi nuh see har a party if true she really a breed fi sadki him nuh want her the man ave him wife and baby on the way, Weh are mada deh if a young gal she nuh Ave sense

  3. @badgalg a true man mi cyaa believe. And she nuh breed if nuh body good she love hype man too much and them just a f**k and breed har, Weh are duty mother deh she need fi tell her daughter fi stop walk and breed fi ppl man. Duty shavel yuh ole big that’s why baldhead Neva want yuh

  4. mi sey!!! when mi si di comment dem line up backa one anneda, mi sey to misself sey ‘wait man, Met soon come deal wid yuh’, and true to form yuh come flop dem show lololll
    Gud Merning one and all

  5. no sah ah waah dis if i was denise ah wud ah shame no f**kkk. di time she deh deh ah live wid family she need fi tell him to move har ass in a house, apartment or condo fi she and har son and get ah car..cause him ah mek ah bagga money now.. mi nuh undastand how somebody so fool fool like she all when me cuss out him pussyclaattt it look its not her man cause if shavel never hear bout her before something wrong

  6. @ met me buss out a laugh in a di people dem nice nice affice …. Don’t change ur name again yuh hear me told yuh lmao

  7. A lie soh where is big eye stay bad Denise your good husband breed smaddy else pan you come confirm oooo

  8. Even if she is a big foot gal, doesn’t mean this man go step out on his wife and the wife have baby on the way, he no good as well, he need to take care of his kids.

  9. Stay bad man body shavell?
    Sadeki you are a big man !!! WAH kinda business
    Yuh have a Fck sum body under 21 mi confused????????
    Shavel you stay so bad yuh wa Likkle clothes n some cornmeal porridge
    Shavel do something for your kid! Unu parents just hate unu Mek unu run off & come turn wutless Ina forrin u or QQ idk which one worse but unu Ina competition walk n teef clothes milk outta coffee n tek ppl man! Sad bloodclat life ..
    Can you please stop wid d fake bag dem in America can you????
    N tell Tina say she a Mek it too obvious say she a suck you pussi & Lando ah Fck yuh
    It ah get real obvious now.

    Mi never yet see this girl a fly go to any LA but! If she is
    She a do d tings deh fi Sadeki (if unu kno Weh mi mean) next ting u know
    She deh pon Bronx 12 mi deh ya a wait though & shavel is a dat yuh a get uself
    Involve inna GIRL GET SOME MORE MONEY OUT OF IT LOOK LIKE A SMALL CHANGE N COCKKKKY HIM A PAY YUH!!!! Mi sorry fi yuh u madda house look dutty n tink wid di big plastic bag dem full up a clothes ..

  10. Me c her in LA last year at breddy mother all white party, sadiki was there also I don’t know if dem deh but she was there with him

  11. 20 two pickney no papers still live inna one room with her mother, sister and son. Young gyal you pussy wah dash weh a move you no affi bring this one to court to like how you did affi bring the first one. Unnu no feel sorry fi unnu pickney when them start ask bout daddy and you affi explain the sad little truth and make them know say daddy never want them or you?? A how you dweet shavel?? You pumpum don’t tired or stress by now?? Anyways a wish you a save delivery & try no breed again by next year ok hoe!

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