10.They rent homes instead of buying-Less than half of the Jamaican music fraternity own a home.Many at the spark of their career move into upscale rental properties and there for years without buying not knowing when their career will end but banking on the shows that come up on a month to month basis. When the wave decreases and their careers take a tumble, they are unable to keep up with the high rental costs and are often evicted by their Landlords. At present less then 50% of the Jamaican music fraternity own actual homes, some pay as much as $4000 U.S for rent in Jamaica.

9.They fail to plan their success-Once a Jamaican artiste’s career takes off there is no plan put in place as to how the money will be spent. They lack strategy and planning. One of the very first mistakes they make is to buy a so called”dream” vehicle that will for sure have an upgraded version a year later. Money is spent as its earned and no investments are made.

8. They fall victim to the yes men in their communities– Because of Jamaica’s size and nature of their inner city communities it is impossible to make it big without the whole community knowing the details of an artiste’s success. Young men who were once their enemies quickly befriend them under the ”yes-man” pretense , pretending to be even more loyal than family members but cleverly seeking royalty in the form of financial assistance directly or indirectly. Jamaican artiste’s feed, clothe and give these men shelter in their new homes outside of the garrison. The facade they are shown by these men makes them obligated to them and their families.

7. They are struck by the who never want me then want me now syndrome – Once looked down on by the higher social class, they are swiftly put in a place where they are hunted by women they only dreamed of having, women who are after their money. Jamaican male artistes send money overseas to their exploits in almost every country they have performed in

6. They don’t know how to say no to pu–y and will end up paying– Attractive or not, if you are able to capture the attention of a Jamaican artiste, you’re gonna get coxed down. No isn’t in their vocabulary and they have no idea on how to end relationships/situationships or sexships. If the vagina passes whatever test they use to rate ”good pums” the relationship is lifelong and money will be exchanged at one point or the other.

5. They don’t use condoms and don’t care if their women use contraception – From the inception of A Jamaican artiste’s career, 9/10 of them will have a baby with his first hit. That baby may not be from a woman that he is in a relationship with because they do not use protection and will have sex with any woman without a condom. They father many children without thinking that the children will tap into their income and their careers are not big enough to support that many . Within a few short years the cost of supporting their children will be more than their personal living expenses and more than their earnings.

4. Many are one hit wonders– Success with one song feels like completion to A Jamaican artiste, instead of planning on a second hit song or investing energy into making and perfecting a career, they live on the day to day high of the one song that made them, getting lost in the superficiality and fragility of it all.

3. They become the sole supplier for the family on both sides– Once a Jamaican artiste cuts a record and it begins playing on the radio, family who were unknown make themselves known to them. There are stories of families who have staked out the houses of artistes, paid guards to tell them when they are home .Just for an opportunity to ask for some money. If that money is given on one occasion, word is passed down throughout the family and for sure that artiste will be shown booklists , school vouchers and they will get a visit from a distant relative in the country who used their last dollar to get to Kingston but have no money to ”cook” a meal.

2. They live above their means– Whatever brand is the in-thing in the U.S for sure money will be spent on clothing, shoes and jewelry sometimes much more than the cost per show.To them, keeping up with brands is far more important than buying a roof over their head. No limit is placed on the buying of clothes, they all suffer from clothing addiction sometimes not realizing that the brands they wear do nothing for them. A popular dancehall artiste often boasts of her Louboutins that she can never seem to keep on her feet or walk in all the way. The acquirement of the Louboutin is celebrated even while it sits home like a white elephant.

1. They are envious, ungrateful and badminded– If you have helped to establish a Jamaican artiste’s career please understand that once he/she begins to make money what was once cool to say to them will be seen as envy by them. If you have fed them or have helped to promote their career please do it out of a good place and do not believe them when they tell you that they will remember you when they make it. You will be cursed not reimbursed . Even though you were witness to the white squalls you will be expected to idolize them because they will be suddenly too great for the likes of you.

Most lose focus on making it as soon as they think they have made it and will not find the energy to continue on with their success. Suddenly if not immediately, they become watchers and peepers of upcoming careers. The business reeks of envy which spiritually claws at the music decreasing its pinnacle and hampering its grace. Instead of having eyes on their own careers they focus on how well the other artiste is doing and will often find a way to stop that artiste from performing , not because they don’t get along but because that artiste will be the next one to rise or that show will put more money in their pocket. There are no genuine friendships between entertainers in the Jamaican music industry , there is no genuine love for the craft of another musician. Only a superficial facade which eats away at the unity, the main reason why our artistes cannot demand 6 figures for a show. Not because they aren’t good enough or deserving but because there is way too much clawing they can’t be unified on a value because they themselves don’t know the value of the music they are singing. Sabotage cheapens each artiste and while they may have the world’s respect, they can never ask for what they are really worth. They have careers without financial worth.


  1. They are a damn fool to be paying around $4000 US for rent in Jamaica,lemme guh read again cause dat cah right.My mortgage is not even 1 gran

  2. Spot on article. The ‘managers’ should be assisting to manage more than just their careers, but also their money as well. Give them sound advice and if they are incapable of such feat, point them in the right direction. Once money start mek, the first thing you should start thinking about is how to invest so you can reap when the money stop mek.. As simple as that…

  3. No sah, this pig is on crutches, ah so him broke? :ngakak

    But how do you expect them to know how to manage their money or thought money management when their manager is their “dog” that they grow up together in the ghetto.

      1. Well I was not generalizing every ghetto people, am talking about those who the artiste let manage there career.

  4. Trueee….Lexx still a pay rent and a rent vehicle, Saw caan walk in har Loub’s whe she brag bout so….woooieee

  5. Good article, anyone making money needs to either invest or put something away for a rainy day. Judging by what has been said here the ‘hustlers’ have done a better job at laying their foundations

    1. Why buy when u can’t wear? Nuff a dem mek dem life about that too u can’t bank on a hit u didn’t get already because it may not happen

  6. I agree with everything in this article, because these 10 points are very truthful. However, number 11 is missing. It is: MANY OF THE ENTERTAINERS ARE CRIMINALS WHO HAVE BEEN CHARGED WITH COMMITTING SERIOUS CRIMES OR WHO HAVE BEEN/ ARE INVOLVED IN CRIMINAL – RELATED ACTIVITIES. Many of our well – known artistes are charged with rape, drugs, fraud, assault, and even murder. They are broke because their money gets eaten up by attorneys and other court – related fees.

  7. The difference with artistes here is that they may not have as many children but they do have more people to pay than the jamaican artistes .

  8. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others ….

    Suh far a two artist mi knw weh av dem education fi drop back pon or tuh which is Tifa nd Assassin

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  9. This list could go up to 50. They have to pay the dons.Most jamaican entertainers idolise bad man life and as soon as they get a likkle money, they strive to become dons.

  10. dancehall culture based offa hype nuff people spend dem last dollar buy gucci fi show off a dancehall and dont have no money,nuff man a drive benz and live in a rent house, and when dem run outta money dem do all type a disgusting things fi get di next dollar.

  11. that atually goes for anybody who nuh use to nuttin including drug dealers athletes lottery winners, first college grad in family who get a decent job, actors actresses pimps prostitute and the list goes on…Moral here is try educate yourself on finances

  12. Right on the head again. Ppl need to understand that fame comes with responsibility. And striking while the iron is hot is always a good idea. Build or buy a home if you don’t already have one. Secure a vehicle for getting around and please please put something in the bank. The fame won’t last forever and the overnight friends and family will be waiting around the bend. Use unu head.

  13. @Met, u right pon di money..@Met, everytime me read dem kinda thread yah, me heart burn me fi mi deejay…A PUM-PUM MEK HIM BRUCK, HIM SAY HIM CHANGE GAL EVERYDAY(ina him tune dat is)…him a me first lubb but it burn me fi him lose ways and caliss money spending.. :sorry

    1. None of them not even tek notes from Shabba , him mek sure married and have him two son them..They don’t see the value in stability at all

      1. Assassin is also a family man. He is educated and his woman seems to be just as educated and positive. I always wonder why they buy those expensive vehicles to mash up on those tired roads. Buy land, block and cement. Stop buy front from groupies and go find a wife grow and build with.

  14. Lady Saw you have a lot more red bottoms to get because we will always buy our tickets and buy the music. Big up Lady Saw a seh ambition and house.

  15. Is a two edged sword enuh. If di artiste dem dress plain and look average di ppl dem compain same way seh dem nuh deh pon nutten, if dem a drive a local vehicle dem laff awfa dem. Smaddy complained dat Kiprich was in Popcaan’s System video and it nuh look good fi big artiste like Kiprich a walk behind young yute like Pappy. I was like wtf, artistes meck cameo in music videos all the time – all dem kind of mentalities deze so-called fans dem hab.

    All di up and comers fi read dis article and use it as a learning tool. Betta you build your family in one spot, it cheaper and easier spiritually. It better fi own your own home and u nuh haffi look fi live in the choicest neighbourhood, just have a nice house even a country pon a hill someweh and wid a good vista you will still feel good fi own you home. You can gwan raise two chicken and plant some veg when you get older and ppl figet who u be.

    1. The Jamaican audience nah study brand because they may not even know what they are wearing it jus haffi look good. Dem seh Gyptian is one a dem dat will do a show and use the money buy soso clothes. For all I know is bay black leather Gyptian wear and how many of those do you really need? Dem feel like dem fi run every house and all a dem likkle money deh add up to nuff . What mi lef out was something major and mi a go put it..Dem never deh with a woman whey educated and can hold dem own yet.

      1. Den Met, you expect ooman wah parents spend money pon dem fi guh get education fi come home wid artiste to dem parents? Parents a look fi dem educated dawta fi bring home a man of substance who will add someting to the family. Dem yah artste wid dem dutty songs and nassy lyrics, no iyah. I have my share a eye-raising conquests, but mi nuh mad fi bring dem home or wrap up wid mi family, sacred zone dat. Dem man deh leff a road, dem can chat bout wah dem get, but dem can never chat seh mi legitimize dem in mi life, nah dweet.

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