The selector accused his former Downsound records boss of disrespecting him.
During the lengthy interview, Foota Hype made some disparaging statements.
Foota explained that he quit Down Sound Records because he was tired of being disrespected.
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Efforts to get a comment from Ishawna and producer Scatta Burrell were futile.
Meanwhile, Downsound records boss Josef Bagdonovich says Foota Hype is telling LIES. Joe tells Music News he’s contemplating legal action.
In relating news, Down Sound Records is flying in boxer Floyd Mayweather for a championship party at club Famous on September 27, following his victory last Saturday in the United States.
Mayweather is unbeaten in 47 fights.

0 thoughts on “JOE SEH IS A LIE

  1. But WAH DO Footah Hype ?
    He is taking this thing too too far !
    What goes on in the privacy of their bedroom should STAY in the bedroom.
    He is forgetting that she is STILL. The mother of his child and that that kid in the age of social media can be teased mercilessly.
    Heartbreak HURTS HURTS, but it should NEVA become public domain and laughing stock that is unecessary bitterness.
    BWOY, d song bun him bad- —– Oooo
    And from he HIT. Ishawna him DESERVE wah him get.
    Look like this gyal suffering a long time, looking FOR LOVE and Nuh sure WHERE she can find it.
    Once u NAH get no lick blows and threats, wouldn’t d NEXT man arms feel safer?
    Skatta probably comfort her and who knows what else

  2. Good Morning, this is biblical. The never ending story, personally me tiyuuurd a dem. Kip unnuh dutty life to unnuh self man, cho kmt. On another note Joe Hab money, man. Floyd no get outta bed fi less dan Twenty gran.

    1. I hope it ain’t so, I really like Toya. But I was thinking I have not seen or heard a peep out of her for a minute. May God be with them.

  3. When Domestic Violence victims finally wake up and get out of the abusive relationship, the love that they had for their abusers turn to strong hate and this is the perfect example. Ishawna is doing everything under the sun to make Foota feel all the pain he inflicted on her. I feel sad and sorry for her because she went about it all wrong and because she is misguided she is making a fool of herself while trying to make a fool of him. You guys may not agree but Foota deserves everything he is getting and Joe should proceed with sueing the grease off of his greasy ass.

  4. If Foota really use tuh beat ar den mi sorry fe hear dat because domestic violence is neva ah good thing *hope she swung back at least one good time*, plus mi neva factor that into everything….which is all the more reason for her to avoid him and stay as far away from each other as possible and NOT say or do ANYTHNG to provoke him/one another nor escalate the situation…I think it’s fair to say that everybody ah get tyad ah unu and this ongoing fiasco…Foota, guh mek music elsewhere..Ishawna, guh get love somewhere else and the two ah unu grow tha hell up and stop look media attention…as for you Mr. Joe, mi nuh know weh fe start suh mi naah guh seh nutten except this one thing…if yuh decide fe sue the hile grease * in my best Yawdy4life vice* aafa Foota fe defamation of character, use some ah di hile grease dung yuh prune skin and stop fuhck people ooman and guh tend to your ailing wife sir…

  5. When people continue to make statements such as Foota shouldn’t have done this or that because Ishawna is the mother of his child…are we forgetting that he is the father of her son when she was making those songs and calling out his name on stage as he stood in the crowd??…They are BOTH responsible for the public humiliation going on now. whether he abused Ishawna or not she is yet to confirm it however; she is more willing to publicly throw words in songs and on social media which does not display the behavior of a woman in fear or a woman trying to diffuse the situation knowing both she and the alleged abuser have to take turns raising their child…Abused woman may run into the arms of a next man or his enemy yes but not in the arms of a man who is a coworker/friend of the abuser who has his woman who she knows as well if all allegations are true regarding skatta. foota on the other note need to move on now and don’t do anymore interviews where Ishawna is concerned cause in the end a dem son ago face the embarrassment caused by both parents.

  6. I am going to give Ishawna the benefit of the doubt regarding sleeping with Joe because I can’t even begin to imagine that. Regarding the threesome I don’t believe that’s tre but I do believe there was some discussion about oral sex.

  7. We know foota lie a bout dat….but I tink joe naa run di place like a boss shud in order fi dem take him serious….is like him make any an everything goes an das why sumuch idling an less work a gwaan cuz all now mi nuh hear nuh string a hit songs from di camp a bay passa passa one afta di odda

  8. met somebody wrote this on Downsound insta about Ishawna
    @ishawna have no loyalty I hope y’all watching, yes I get it benefits y’all now but just note if the man that feed her introduce her to the game that even y’all can know about her, was the first to really buss her music, kept her birthday party year after year, becuz of him she could share stage with d angel and wyclef and these people and she start talk some of their personal shit hoping to buss what u think she gonna do to u if someone come along years from now?? Listen the song is nice can’t deny that but ishawna more concern in her looks than her talent that’s why she always making diss music talking about she better, if it wasn’t for foota she wouldn’t have a pot to piss in, no she is not rihanna and these girls that’s actual icons without having to diss someone in every record, I get how the Jamaican culture go but with all the diss she diss and the pretty she pretty gurls that less pretty buss quicker than she thats her karma, her karma is she would never reach to major levels remember that so let her sit her ass on pretty and don’t go make some real music and see what’s gonna happen.

  9. When Oshawna show up to video shoot late n Joe a talk she act like she n Joe blow in each other face a nite time me believe Foota on that allegation.

  10. Yes everyone in Jamaica knew she was sleeping with jJoe we was just waiting for foota to realize it. Joy just need to admit his wrong you can’t mix business with pleasure

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