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  1. lol

    milk milk milk

    well she might as well exploit what she is best known for just like kim k

    she should be bold with it and step up as the face of oral sex in jamaica

    kinda like the one Superhead

    she had said in that interview with laren o lauren how after the video of her was released she was being shunned by media houses and was finding it difficult to make an income

    girl this is the age of the internet , make your own income , think beyond jamaica

    Jamaica getting so freaky and open with sexuality nowadays , i think it would be a good move for her

  2. MILKY!!!!!……mi baby!….long time nuh see. Mi glad fi see yu gyap dis mawning. Unnu please fi leave mi baby alone. Met, whe yu a do? Mine mi haffi sen lawyer fi yu!

  3. I’ve had evaporated milk exactly once, and den mi find out say it no dairy good. So from dem time dey, me just stick to de milk wey fortify wid 400 IU of Vitamin D per quart M”love.

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