5 thoughts on “-_- COME ON

  1. Dwpcl :ngakak :ngakak how yuh mean my youth get yuh greencard__________________ dead tuh @#$&? Lol oh Jesus!!! Dat white bitch look like a man doe.

    1. :ngakak Latty dat ah more dan greencard :ngakak Dat ah immediate citizenship and million dollar inheritance in di very near future. Dem seh love is blind, but dem figet fi add dat yuh stomach haffi line wid steel tuh :ngakak Dah yute de trying still :ngakak

  2. Mi go back go look pan di pic :kimpoi :nerd :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak dwpcl again no sah Tek een di bouquet lol if a laugh one more time… Mi cyah manij no I can’t :tkp

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