A, B, OR C?

Who look better guys ? A ,B or C

A • Ground rat wanna be Nickki whoring ass kadiann


B•whoring swop stiff batty wanna be wifey selling
pussy yanquie ?


15 thoughts on “A, B, OR C?

  1. Can’t see c ! Yanik sis slow down in all that fake shit you’ll got to see that shit only nicki blacks she can full real gal know real designer sis the shoes front off and those glasses are fake sold out everywhere

  2. Those shades are not available NO WHERE …..yanquie show us these receipts you showing off these fake stuff and nooooooo receipts and everyone know kadiann don’t have no money ! Not to even get a proper surgery ! She cant afford Gucci PERIOD ! Both of y’all need to GTFOH

  3. Big stinking gal yanique all the body u do redz still not looking at u him still a f**k a road

  4. these ppl who act like dem better dan people…afraid to be themselves…especially yanique….

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