1. Just gotta laugh at this! But I can only imagine how she feels but when it comes to the kids whatever whoever u do something for, do it from the heart! Don’t do for someone and talk shit, just saying. If it was me I would ignore his ass because you know the truth and so do everyone else Steph. Just love ya kids no matter what the circumstance and pray for his ass, ya never lie at all him just love nuff up himself all the time. Don’t worry ya self, everything happens for a reason.

  2. Idk what caused this argument but what in will say although he does for all the kids.. Even her’s that’s not his, he has to post it.. I mean everyyyythinggg on IG/FB… He maybe a good father… I hears he is a terribleee person otherwise.. Very nasty and controlling…

  3. Met wen Stephanie cah get a dolla fi go hype she blast Gaymeon..A Christmas and she bruk so she a twist di argument bout har kids.. Di last time dem war was because she couldn’t get no money either. She fi go look work and stop Gwan like a paradise she deh. Reality shoulda been set In but she a Gwan like she wah party everyday.. She is a very educated girl that can get a job..she juss wah live careless life and meck ppl sarie fi har and send dung clothes fi guh party..she fi stop talk bout a di buoy she teck fall fah. All a philly know who was her boss. She fraid fi mention him name cause har mouth woulda glue more shut..,Stephanie fi stop pretend and get a reality check and grow up.

  4. Steph nasty and doe lub bade she nuh like brush teeth nida and can gwan like shi bad when shi ongle smell bad..! Pan di next Han Tia put out a preview of her light skin baby .. Tia mi waa hask u one question … If is blackkkk Dave you gi that baby to or is Maine showtime man becausen seh mi confuse

  5. By what I’m reading this Stephaine person must be hurt for some reason and if she can’t love on from the history with this man she will never have a real productive relationship… Take it has a lesson learn baby girl to better for you and your kids and if a man can’t come into your life and be a asset to it then drop him…Simple

  6. bottles at your feet is near so the publicity is well needed of course. As for Rochelle you need to go and sit your ass down and worry about your kids them go and find a job go and get an apartment stop from stealing clothes and go and get your life in tact you are no better either so just shut your mouth.
    Oh boy the drama never ends in Philly everybody looking for publicity some are so desperate for it oh lord.
    Next topic next hall of fame these people is so outdated right now trying to get a come back

  7. coleen always in other ppl businees y she dont worry bout her own life why she still live wid her mom? why dave lef yuh ass? always comment pon every f**kin post u need to go look a life bitch

  8. Coleen don’t live with her mom Dave don’t leff coleen and Coleen didn’t write anything under this post so whoever using the girl name unnuh need to stop ..why you hate Coleen so bad to the point where you come over here and posting shit under the girl name ..unnuh really hateful and wicked .stop try frame the dam girl cause she has a Facebook and she don’t come over here ..Coleen don’t even know who daymen or stef is so you guys need to stop use the girl name fi duh f**kery

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