Di odda day dere was a topic on di wall. Not about Ms Range but she was menshaned in di comments say she fly dung reggla to a likkle young bwoy. Pls ask Ms Range if that is him and how does the milk on him mout taste. Is it soy or regula milk cause I’m lactose intolerant. Bay big man juice to mi ting. No milk. Nooooo milkkkkkkk. Dwlllll



0 thoughts on “A DI SHOES MI WAA KNOW BOUT…….

  1. ico ice a you send this in?? cos kimarley don’t want man looking thiefing ico !!! when u did call immigration and tell them the youth real name cos you see sey the man neva waan you. tru u a thief you did think wen him reach a Ja him would a tun pess to you …say what unuh waan bout Tania shes hard working altho the jury still out about her true job title wi nuh know if a RN or LPN but honest bread a honest bread!!!

  2. whoring Tanya you finally reach pink wall. u married Kimarley and walk and f$%k down the place. you credit card scam dem soon come to light just like your Job tittle. ur so nice with some many fren enemies. remember ur fren u make Marline Diva beat fi Kendall Marlene say is u call and tell her they @ the club together. For a working Girl u very f**kie f**kie and mix up

  3. About time this dutty whore reach pink wall. Di dutty one Dionne soon reach too. Tania yuh pussy shit up because him a long time batty man. Tania yuh work hard but yuh still live at home with mommy, yuh a need fi fine a place and stop run down Jamaica behind this batty man. Yuh shape bad and stay bad fi a gal that work suh hard.

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