34 thoughts on “A HOW DIS MISS DI WALL?

    1. Alla mi know seh is nuh gal naah run up inna my zinc facility ah buss my head ca from di minute she start pint pint dat deh one finga ah four lef pan di one hand..respect my house

  1. d lady wid d stone know say d other ooman a punk mek she go str8 inna har house n buss har head. like d saying duppy know who fi frighten ooo

  2. den mi cuda hab my bloodclaat lass nd tan up suh…a wuda gutta nd butcha yuh know wat mek a find a next chead trad chue cuz dis a phuckery pon top a mockery

    1. Yuh simi Simplicity….yuh cyaah wear shoes eena my house much less raise yuh vice much less kunk mi eena my head, yuh mad?!?!

  3. I pity the fool whey come inna MY HOUSE FI FIGHT ME cause mi a nicely draw u een lock n bolt mi rass door n when mi dung a di morgue service needed whey mi no chop n stab a whey mi no rawsssseeee see cho

      1. guilty of wha doe? all now me no understand fi dem war. me say the gal get lick in a har head and tun bigga fool. no sah dem people need fi help dem self and stop the f**kery a day time dem too idle.

          1. oh okay me hear the sista part but me neva know why she vex. the girl did a sweat like a hog doe oh gosh like she say she chat bout the wrong sista a no like the other one dem lol she get a buss head fi it

  4. she too rass faass a that happen to har, a suh nuff people pan the lane love watch and chat F ry pan people, them a mouth muderra, bad gal guh any weh guh fight, all ina dem house yuh draw them out and buss them ass, talk is cheap, and wi nuh pay fi run up wi mouth, back in the days if you fass wid my business mi run up in your house, draw out and kuff up.

  5. a true duppy know who fi frighten…..from the start of the video i knew the chatterbox was not a fighter….she seemed so timid because she didnt expect the news to reach back to the warrior ooman and she knew that she was in for a beating but she tried to play it cool…..then she made the mistake of drawing the machette to try and intimidate the warrior not knowing that she just fell into the trap of the warrior…warrior was baiting her all along to give her and the others hyping her up a reason to draw blood (eventhough she was gonna do it anyway but misery needs company)…………..i was wondering why she didnt bolt the door when warrior left or she was just stunned wondering to herself “what kinda stunt did i just pull?” giving warrior enough time to come back in and buss her head…….

    all the lady did was tell the man that warrior sister was at home all day yesterday(whenever that was) Thats what i understood on the video, but as i said before warrior knew that machete lady was a weak fence and her greatest weapon was her mouth so it was a easy target for her….SENSELESS AND BARBARIC


  6. When u live in the ghetto you know the rules you play by the rules, specially when you know yuh is a weak fence, see and blind, hear and deaf, don’t mek u mouth trouble, an less yuh know yuh backative stronger than yuh mouth, suh any thing u chat it legal, a suh the ting set, anything a anything.

    1. Well Bammy if ah suh yuh put it yuh know nard a betta ah wi…Bammy, suh how much buss head nard a colleck inna the past?

  7. Metty and Metters howdy!

    can you imagine the shame she feel after that chap in her head, shame for days! yo when yuh live in small community and them things here happen, them trouble till yuh wah bawl. dwl A bet she stop chat now.

      1. Metty yuh wat does hurt mi, the chatty chatty ones alwayyyyyyyyyys the first one to run call police when shit hits the fan. well in this case she never had time to do that, but i bet if she did get the chance a police wid a reach longtime.

        when yuh love chat be able to defend yuh chat, even if is little piss in a bottle lmao

  8. Oh god! She really Mek d woman come in a har house and buss up she head?…………she’s a real idiot becuz dem wudda affi come pic up har body out a mine. Coward or not mi wudda Mek a example out a har claat!

  9. Oh gaawd. Di poor woman look like she stunted even before di stone connect wid har head, and hear di pickney dem a” kiki kiki” doah dat wuz me back in di day anyweh war deh mi deh deh a could a get some rass beating fi dat…

  10. A true she know di woman a weak fence y she coulda do dat to her. From mi see her a put hand in a di woman face, and di lady nuh knock r out mi realize what a Gwaan.

  11. The fight no mek mi laugh …a when dem step outside and mi see the house any how fight did buss in deh that apartment level…it look so feeble

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