Tracy plse come tell us how you felt Sunday night seeing Paul wit his women. They looked so in love and inseparable. Despite you, and you stay bad Friends  stare them down all night. You thought you was going winning him right.. lol.

7 thoughts on “A MATIE DIS?

    1. Don’t matter if she look good or not, cause nuff ugly gyal have man….and it don’t matter if she can get another man– it seems she just WANT Paul. and Paul ALONE.

  1. Mi more concerned bout how YOU did feel fi know yuh stan up wid ur man knowing ur matie right cross di room… Him probably secretly a watch har, all a look if nuh man a try look har an wish yuh did stay home.. Unnu fi hab sense. Di gal look nice.

  2. Dutty Minty we all know anytime Tracey make the pink wall it’s u send it in, stop worry about Tracey and Paul bitch a years now them left yearsssss. You a mad over him and a run him down and him a run from u cause him 8,9,10 and 11 you, Paul class u how him hate ur nasty raas. Minty u so in love with Paul when him never give u nothing to love, you the only gal Paul fuck and u don’t get no assests fi show only thing u get is money fi buy credit u still have the old red car with the back lick not even that him never fix, u still have the old piss out fuck out furniture them and the old clothes and stay bad plastic wig them u look like ray ray ground down a town pure old buck u come out inna. Stinking Minty memba u was neva Paul woman u was just a fuck like the rest of them look how much Man U a fuck before , during and after Paul but yet still u still stuck pon Paul and me don’t even know why because me personally sit down and hear u class him and say a lucky thing u nah fuck him alone cause he’s a dirty dog. Even if a Paul alone the girl want she suppose cause she is not a bad girl plus Paul spend money pon her and a that unno see and think him did ago spend pon unno too but unno get trick fuck and ducked.

  3. This yah race too swift fi minty mi hear she talk inna video light sey she have 2 man ja n here n its always about paul money nutten else a di man a ja she want every min she fly out. I wonder if she use paul money a mine her besty dead left pickney dem a ja or di man she have dung deh. Minty have a good job a get top pay suh wutlice tracy n her har stay bad friend dem not making her kind of money suh minty still a gwaan gal have house n two taxi a yard,gal still a happen without paul, a di ambition paul see inna minty cause man nuh too want nuh kruff more while.

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