Morn Met, these three pix is the drag queen name Keisha I don’t know who she is but some man tell mi seh she’s one a dem germs/wh**e who live a philly…long story short mi bredda know har best fren the chic inna di white and the best Fren go back go tell mi bredda everything weh she seh bout mi..its a very small world wi living in dat she need di know….contaminated pu***y Keisha u want mi life and u want to be me…but u can’t…mi a beg u di stay off mi name…I don’t associate myself wid Philistines incinerator.


  1. errr…what i would suggest is dat yuh bredda go f**k she and di best friend….hopefully di two a dem at di same time den send yuh di pics so yuh can blackmail her into leaving you alone….dat way…you di winner…and you bredda is di winnest…..lmfao

  2. Lmaooo..@dick r hard. Lol..the only question me have. In 2015..why people still only a bleach dem face..her face white and her foot black..kmt

  3. Metty GOOD MORN!!! Dick r hard mi wa know y u give ur self dat name anyway u always sound horny good morn to u. Your comment makes me smile u know u no easy. Sometimes mi wonder if people stop telling another person how them feel everything a SM it fling out pon. New YEAR Mi a stay to myself no sa.

  4. Sendah u fool caz now that u throw di gal undah di bus u not getting anymo info..wat a way she feel comfortable fi deh siddung and gi u breddah all dem tory? U mek u breddah sound suspect. Caz if a did my breddah mi wouldah tell him fi tell di gal fi come tell me..man nuh fi innah sumuch suss. Mi wouldah becareful a dah gal to if a did my breddah..caz a wah kindah best fren she can be fi deh carry news guh and come..caz u can be sure that she carrying news from u breddah and or u to guh back guh gi di gurl..smdh.
    Dick r harde.wat di cassavah juice kindah advice dah? :ngakak :ngakak

  5. Not to stray from di topic, but is it just me or is daymion f**king his besties name Barbie. Those two have been a little but too close lately. An Barbie yuh can stop pretend now we all know yuh man a gi yuh bun bad. Yuh nuh si how yuh magga like dog. An daymion stop use di word bestie, it’s so gay.

  6. di killa shot was how Muchie man max have him hand round QQ. Every baddie know Qq is there once the price is right. Muchie a war ever body and nah watch Max weh only come back home chu she have a steady job fi meck sure him eat. Dwl.

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