Jamaican women have found a way to better living and better treatment.It looks like these girls are winning finding rich white guys to take care of them keep living girls I just hope behind closed doors there’s nothing sinister going on as they say most white man are freaks and the grass is always greener on the next side . The reason I am saying this is because these same group of Jamaican girls say they will never date another black guy again because there cheap and don’t treat women good but not all white men are rich or nice either so you can’t justice that by saying all black guys are cheap and don’t treat women good. But these girls are enjoying and I salute them just hope behind mansion walls it’s great also. Because most of these rich or wealthy white man have blacks girls as mistresses and there sluts behind closed doors and give them crumbs compared to some ugly mediocre white women there the biggest golddiggers and get more than blacks I just hope there playing there cards right which seems so.







  1. im sorry but mia_dubai her life is incomparable to the rest! That looks like an authentic relationship and the man is very handsome i would date him .. cudda 80 yerr ole him be dwllll.

    i follow the one name cookie she and her man look like 2 idiot her body dont look good at all ! and she cant dress!

    the milan she str8 gold digger u can tell she just selll it

    why unu never put up sherece and her white men with like 10 different heads :maho

  2. White man don’t fit some of dem . Especially cookie wid har lumpy lumpy body it no look good dwl cookie a whore longtime from jam to Bahamas to America cookie u nasty bad how poor pappy feel you husband , bout you a hype pon ig don’t even have a good ride cookie yu own friend say you body no stay good bounch of liers unno go look a career and put unno bank book on fleek … Come off a ig wid unno liad self people know unno businesss wey unno a do from wey unno nah do one by one unno business ago expose

    1. why is it that white men don’t fit them? do you think Caucasians are better than blacks? if so you are a proper slave(that is if you are black), you need to go and access an education, where the first port of call should be focus on black history.

    2. Stop hating.you have the same hour in a day as cookie.sge is far from a whore. She is self sufficient and works hard. She is ambitious and family oriented. You jealous colonial strumpet.
      no white man don’t want you, you pushy is just like the world of the dead ( never satisfied)
      I know you

    3. You probably don’t have a bank account. Get a job you slut puppy.
      I would like nothing better than to spit in your f**king face.
      Get a job and get off welfare!

  3. I dont know nothing about the other girls but “Tunedtomilan” ain’t no hoe in Dubi that her husband and father of her child…..and why do some black women thinks it always greener on the other side….

      1. I gues you know something I don’t. I never heard any “she’s a hoe” news about her . ….I have to go search her files lol. Wasn’t she a Miss Jamaica World or Universe ?

      2. Thank u met. Jamaica is small so wen u pass roun like pass roun donkey no man nah tek u serious. So I don’t think she had a choice of looking elsewhere. Dubai is huge so we might never know but Hopefully shi done now

  4. Hey @wicked Mi hate u! Dwl. It too early fi di fu*kery man. Sherice and di white man wid 10 different head! BWBRCL

  5. Milan and that man married and have a child. Yes, she use to date Usain Bolt and was on College Hill. She ain’t no virgin but what has she done that is worthy of reproach?
    The girl a live her life and living it well and if the sender could trade places, she would chop off her right hand to. If they were in dancehall with the cruff them then what?

  6. Foxy di sender not hating she bring up an important thing which is true …What they give black women sometimes is crumbs. Not because u married or deh white man mean dem nuh racist..Mi nah talk bout these women but in general

    1. Met, I see and know that can be true. The same way how nuff black men go all out for white women. What white women have gotten out of black men, black women never got the chance to get. I know he takes care of Lisa cos she’s a family friend. I have never seen in his bank account so I can’t attest to what percentage she gets.

  7. we hate on black men that date white women and now we hate on black women that date white men.
    let me tell you all this…. when you live in a foreign country and majority of the people are white, black men are not checking for black women, asians stick to asians, arabs stick to arabs and whites stick to whites. (i live in canada i live this every day). I dont see anything wrong with dating out of your race i do it, and maybe before you knock it you try it, sometimes a woman needs a man to open their door, pull out their chair, and treat them like nothing else in this world matters. Trust me the few white men who are into black women cherish them trust me on that! so instead of making it an issue embrace it!!

  8. Tuned2milan have a long file on lipstickalley about her gold digging days escorting in Miami . Remember she did deh wid Hsiang bolt warren sapp etc her file long. Just google Milan college hill lipstickalley. Mia_dubai came up big time she use to live in bronx and have roommate never work or nothing she go pon seeking arrangement and hit the jackpot . Milan wish her life was like mia_dubai Milan and her husband us bare car them rent everything rented to keep up the fake lifestyle at least mia_dubau shit pon lock. Cookie is ugly and can’t dress and shape bad and her man look slow. Where’s star Barbie ?

  9. I agree nutting nuh wrong with dating a white guy some of them are very nice sometimes send know how to treat a women but as sender say just because you see some of these the black girls on ig flossing and traveling around the world don’t mean it’s all glitz and glam. Some if the nastiest ugliest white gal dem get 10 times more money that what black girls gets . There’s another one on ig name @ladyluxurylaura deh wid white man and she travel all over the world rumor has it she’s a tranny .

  10. Ok so women who date and have children with white men dont know their worth? If these same ladies were in dancehall a poze up with ding dong and shizzle them yall would still have negative shit to say. So i guess joe’s wife never know her worth.

    1. Hey u know u must be a special kinda asshole how Joe wife drap een reading is fuxxing fundamental y u bringing up Met’s friend all when ppl dead unnu SIDDUNG pon dem name GTFOH

      1. have respect for the dead yeah yeah but humiliate and disgrace the living even when both lived the same lifestyle.

        1. My question to u is y are u going after this girl did u see that this story was sent in by someone not Met?

          1. Mi jus haffi deal wid one pan Facebook with it………..and the sender was not even doing them up.. so mi really dont understand

  11. People can’t help who they fall in love with di color dont matter to me but he got to have morals and family values!!

  12. Mi nah lie, if I coulda find a non-crawny, nuh inna di kinky f**kery white man, who mi genuinely like, mi woulda pack up my college degree weh mi nuh done pay fah. Mi nah lie, doing dis independent, hard working lady ting get to mi at times, so maybe trophy girlfriend would be easier. Lol, knowing me and how mi easy fi ignarant, I could not put up wid nuff tingz. So it’s back to my 9-5 I go.

  13. Met my friend in my head u r so right about these white man that date black women still practicing their racism. I know this all too well

  14. Di way how some a unuh fool fool the girl at the bottom is not even jamaican. She’s african but just because unuh see har with lesa Milan Unuh assume she’s jamaican. Maybe U need a white man

    1. this post is bout Jamaican women living LAVISH lives .. traveling to exotic places .. Lauren only travels to the exotic town of Charlotte :maho LaurenoLauren is for the topic “JAMAICAN GIRLS SEEKING IMMIGRATION STATUS”

  15. @soul maybe anuh everybody stomach strong fi deal with white man so before u come offer met and bloggers the option ask a pivotal question do u want to b bed wench lol bout get white man like is an accomplishment it’s not like most of them have standards I follow the Milan girl and my opinion is that she is frighten bad har baby cute though and John public know that is a shotgun wedding with she and d man and judas wAs at bcuz she ketch d belly woiiie I went an fast on the Mia girl page and as wicked say d man look handsome and her life looks fun.but do not offer us the certification of a white msn bcuz met and the rest of us not interested

    1. Tweety bird darling. Obviously someone else stated that met is not the one who sent in the story so therefore I am not telling met she needs a white man nor you unless you are the one who sent this story in. Anyways that was for the sender. Sometimes a story is sent in and they mix other people but as I was saying the last chick I peeped and she is of African decent not Jamaican. Simple. And I’m sure not interested in no white man. Is a man like Idris Elba a di prize in a my eyes!! Di chocolate a him skin just get Mí up 1 time. Love My Black Man Dem :malu

        1. Met please do not remind dem bout Mr. Elba sumting weh ah show eena di pants front :ngakak When I see dat pitcho “I get weak in the knees and can hardly speak….” Woi mi baddy weaaak…..

    2. It is not fair to consider a black woman a “bed wench” , nor the black man a “sell out” because they date and sometimes marry other. As for myself who as been there twice, both relationship were just like any other relationships with a black man, the difference were the race of those men. But let me just say this: dating a man of another race is not a bed of roses, the same issues you have with the black man is the same issues that may arise sometimes with the white man.

  16. is a new trend yes…most if not al lof dem girl deh a some seller. Dem sell to rich white man and arab price a dubai and all bout. its a ting i know of personally. A bredda on twitter a reveal dem up. pretend to be a rich man in dubai and offer dem money and trust me dem gyal deh will do anything. Him all say him ago piss pon dem and most of dem say yea if teh price is right. dem gyal deh a some scirmage.

  17. Di way how some a unuh fool fool the girl at the bottom is not even jamaican. She’s african but just because unuh see har with lesa Milan Unuh assume she’s jamaican.

  18. COCO_NORDIAWITTER (aka iron balloon married the man Ted barker who have shares in the trident hotel in a Portland.

    ISAMASHLEYMARTIN (how much years the white man when she a hide promise har ring. Gwaan wait yaw lmfao)

    IANSWERONLY_TOGOD (Paris one day hopefully you can stop the escorting and get one good white man)

    RUTHYMILANO. (Him left Italy and go a Africa in har village go hand pick she and clean har up. You can’t tell har nothing now. That was a good stroke of luck. Me happy for she)

    The only thing is that everybody life perfect and no real ness. Them entertaining though when me bored and want a laugh

  19. When you exchange your body for nice money and things, that is called prostitution..plain and simple . its not a black /white thing. its a “selling your soul” to the devil thing.

  20. You know when me read bout Toya, Nordia flash pon mi mind, I wonder how tings wid she n di hubby, I hope shes really happy and all is well

  21. I don’t see what the big deal is with a black women dating a white man or any other race then black! The message that the sender is trying to make does that apply to black men dating white women because this happens more then a black women dating a white man… I’ve date white men and other races as well and I don’t see then any different from any other men… the only different is the color of their skin… I don’t have to evulate my race and my history to date out of my race or need to understand anything before dating out of my race… I’m a black hispanic and I date whatever I’m attracted to and whoever treats me like a women should be treated… We put too much into the people being different color and thinking that it is fake and it’s for show etc… To each it’s own we don’t have to educate anyone on their preferences that’s their choice if they want… Who is you or me to tell someone before you date out of your race to look into your history… black don’t have a good history with whites we know this but times are changing you think the black men that are dating these white women looking back into their history no! So why would you tell a black women to look into their history before dating a white man… The grasses are never greener on the other side no matter what race you decided to fall in love with… To each it’s own still!

  22. isnt old joe Bagdonovich a white dude too who married a black chick ? isnt the situation the same? idk much about them but sound like the same

  23. Few more, two a Jamaicans weh need to add pon d list



  24. She was always messing with flashy drug dealer type dudes poppin bottles after things didn’t work out with Usain Bolt. But smart girls know drug dealers are just for fun. She was escorting a little bit before she snatched up her fiance Richard. She was very smart about this one. These overseas men can’t tell that some american women are chickenheads …she used that to her advantage.. And yes he lives in Dubai and London

    1. She was messing with a friend of mine right before she got engaged. Like, right before.

      I can’t knock her hustle cuz she landed what she always wanted… a rich man who is good to her. But I also see her for what she is and that’s an opportunist.

      1. She was into athletes before getting engaged. Allegedly K. Durant was on her rotation and she was screwing a nfl star for a while. I met her a few times, she was nice but forced if you know what I mean.
        Her nfl dude financed a lot for her but they weren’t exclusive. So I’m sure she had others she was getting money from as well.

        This is pure alleged tea, but I heard she was just ok in bed but had a mean head game. Men spill tea worse than women…

  25. A nuff a dem gyal yah willing fi sell dem self and soul fi live lifestyle… Wha happen to miss_bobbie_sue d whole a dem deh pon dem hustle… Then u have the ones who go pon my free cams go show dem self in hopes of finding a rich man

  26. White women are raised to settle down with well off men, but there seems to be shame with black women as we are called gold diggers when we do the same. I also like that these girls are open to dating outside of their race. I wish more black women would do the same

  27. You jealous old bats, go fact check. Cookie is an independent self sufficient young lady.
    what does color have to do with love, you ignorant imbeciles. She don’t have no plastic on her furniture, she owns her own home and she has her own business. Come out a unu madda house and stop spread lies.she didn’t go to church and pick up collection to anything she does.
    She owns everything she has, gal uno life sad.

  28. Sender, yuh a real evil. Wha wrong with yuh life it sad like funeral or wah? Yu go out yu way fi all dig up the African girl? Leesa,Mia and cookie seems like decent young ladies who have them priories and career pon fleek… A wha chu them nuh in a dancehall an a date drugs man or batty man a dat a mad yu sender.? Unuh get a life them three girl ya life mus fuk up yu day weh yu wake up to them and them good life on IG …. Sender find a job

  29. Sender, yuh a real evil. Wha wrong with yuh life it sad like funeral or wah? Yu go out yu way fi all dig up the African girl? Leesa,Mia and cookie seems like decent young ladies who have them priories and career pon fleek… A wha chu them nuh in a dancehall an a date drugs man or batty man a dat a mad yu sender.? Unuh get a life them three girl ya life mus fuk up yu day weh yu wake up to them and them good life on IG ….

  30. Anonymous, yu bitah nuh fuk …. Yu daddy mussi use to fuk yu …. Mek yu mad at the fuking world ..

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