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An outraged Rastafarian father was remanded in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Charged with assault occasioning bodily harm is Marlon Johnson, who pleaded ‘guilty with explanation’.
The court heard that on the day in question, Johnson boxed the complainant, his daughter, causing her to fall and break her arm.
“Your Honour, is my daughter. She get suspended from school at the age of 13. Miss, the teacher call me and say she get suspended from Monday till the next Monday,” Johnson explained.
As a result, Johnson said he was forced to discipline her.
The complainant’s mother quickly interjected stating: “A him go the police station and tell police say him give her two solid box. And the police say but you out of order, how can you tell the police that?”
Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey remanded Johnson until June 9 for sentencing.


  1. Morning JMGers and Shani Booooo. Merry Saturday ya’ll. Mi nuh support abuse of any sort an it sad dat she bruk har hand…but….a dis mi grow come see. Yuh misbehave an yuh get cuuff. Yuh gwaan like yuh a big woman an yuh get box box box. Parents beat pickney when dem nuh listen or when tings like dese happen. Jamaica a tek up Merica style bout “lock up parents who beat kids”. Honestly mi nuh know if beating makes a child grow any better but beating is di most common form of Jamaican punishment so mi nuh know wha fi say bout dat. Mi get beaten nuff time an damage mi likkle dainty baddie parts an mi cudden even call di neighbor much less police. Yuh cyaan hear yuh fi feel. Sorry u broke your arm hun but a nuh di beaten bruk har arm is di drop weh she drop when di box kanneckkkk.

  2. Morning. Two solid box is one thing, dem leading up to other injuries is a whole different matter. Him wrong fi use such force.

  3. Morning Metty & JMG family. Di dread guilty of one ting and one ting only….use of excessive force. Suh hear how di ting fi resolve:
    – Judge gi di dread a strong warning an send him home to him yard.
    – Dread keep enforcing di box dem when shi get outta line…but nuh come dung suh hard pon di jawbone.
    – Likkle gyal….likkle gyaaaal mek dis be a lesson. Yuh outta orda behavior cause dis piece ah stress pon di fambily. Straighten up cah ef yuh don’t…yuh end ago bitta!!

  4. No father should ever “box” his child…period. Now, I don’t think the father just box the daughter just like that (speculating of course). I suspect the daughter probably disrespect the father and he react inappropriately. I wonder why the mother wasn’t called by the school?

  5. Beating, boxing and tumping a child will more than likely, make that child grow up to be a resentful and rebellious adult…maybe a law abiding citizen, but rebellious against any authoritative figure who shows the same signs of discipline or force once used against them as a child..betta yuh talk to and punish the child rather than to lick lick and karate chop dem every minute, ca the day that child turn roun and wheel dem deh same Kung Fu style your way…is not a nice feeling….only those who feel it knows…

  6. **BUT** in some cases where the child is a repeat offender and dem hard ears to the constant warning…then and only then…should you take physical disciplinary actions ( hence the mother and the young girl weh did ah expose her panty crotches pan FaceBook )

  7. Met him shoulda kill ar . Met honestly these kids now a day no have no manners them no respect no one thank you

  8. But she already on punishment, suh wah di box dung fah. Maybe if they were doing effective parenting from stawt shi wouldn’t end up on suspension fi one week. It is obvious that their parenting style is not working.
    As a child growing up, the best punishment for me was the removal of privileges, lick hat, but nutten burn more than being on total lock down; caan use the phone, caan guh no where, caan watch tv, that was the worseeeeeeeeeee, at least fi me.

  9. Parenting is a rass ting. Some pickney need a box down fi true. Must have been real vex that maybe as her father him work so hard fi send her go school and hone go worries fi dem send her home. Mi know mi cudn come tell mr Carlton say me get suspended cauz is worries whe mi Neva wha grind out bout, do in one sense mi totally undastand the vexation. BUT, she get a lick so hard that she drop and bruck her hand? No no no, him lick her like is a man…..no sir, yuh wrong.

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