Mi waa know if a Mumm Gee ooman confront di licker via hacking Mumma Gee inbox? Philly turnt up oooo….dem neva seh Gee buddy…ahmmm ahmmm….so she neva haffi stretch har neck tuh much or choke a dont think so :nerd



0 thoughts on “A REALLY MUMMA GEE DIS?

  1. Dem love f**k ppl man too much the girl must tired of them by now she need to leave muma gee tho all he do is use her

  2. Gee walk and look everybody poor girl need to kick him to the curb she is a decent hard working woman that can find better, this gal on the bike is a hore walk and f**k like dog and a long time she a hide and teck gee to

  3. Hey a how much a dem gee a f**k just other day a next gal a cuss neicy petite on fb saying she f**king gee smh what a man nasty and walk like him clean.


  5. Pay back is a rass BITCH!!! Karma is a rass BITCH!!
    Yuh ugly Grazmite, get what you deserve…
    Di man did wit him nice baby mother and you run in on da hype and now it come to bite yuh.
    If dis ugly gyal come take yuh man…a good fi yu the way yuh get him is the same way yuh a lose him!

  6. unnuh all need fi stop cause Pinky aint no f**king saint. that bitch just ah hoe too, unnuh need fi remember that that bitch was f**king GEE when he was with his babymother and she never care, so why yuh ah fight over him now, whats goes around comes around bitch. when yuh di ah teck him pon di side when him di deh with him babymother yuh never know say it woulda come down to you also one day, so yuh sleep with dog yuh need fi live with it now. yuh shouldn’t ah argue bout no gal when yuh ah di same. yuh use to lick out him ass crack too so what is it fi this girl ah do di same. Pinky yuh wutlesss like jancrow cause all yuh do from day one from yuh teck di man is buy him out, yuh need fi look inna yuh self nasty trifling gal ah go save yuh money in stead ah pay fi him cocky.

  7. Shanique(Wingie)
    Trudi (veachy Cousin)
    Cocoa (Veachy Sister)
    Katina(Yankee gal)
    Precious(Ms Holy and every baddie a ur bro)
    Tassy Wassy
    Chrissy Miserable
    Kay (Munchie Best fren di married woman)
    Toya Fabulos
    Tracy( Adjah bbymadda..Nurse by day Night nurse at the club)
    Shani (Indian bbymadda)
    Crissy(di Junjo young thot..married one)

    FB gwine meck unh get some beating along wid di laughing stock unh is.

    Me cah stop laugh when unh send unuh pics and inbox message a beg mi man some Wukk.

    1. @Philly Dutty Bungle we know its u Pinky. why you hiding behind di keyboard. bout u calling all these gal name when GEE deh ah yard right now ah f**k down di place, yuh head shoulda ah hot yuh now dumb bitch. why u mad hahaha

      1. I swear to God this is not Pinky nor I am a fan of hers. SO Gee slap off them gall deh pan mi list too??

        Met please to tell them I am a regula over hear before them go kill poor Pinky.lol

  8. larwd Pinky yuh nuh easy yuh get what di duck dish out long time yuh time fi come, bout yuh have feelinzzzz. bout yuh ah inbox gal and comfront ova GEE when yuh is ah man tecka yuh self. same where yuh get him is same way ah next gal get him. guess yuh bank account neva good enough. so wah if she ah lick him down yuh jealous. deading ova here bout when yuh use to have fi share him too before yuh get him fi yuh self….BITCH PLEASE

  9. But waid deh.

    Is this the Same Pinky weh use to deh wid

    Genral B
    Elephant Man

    Pinky Teeka from Sunday BestRestaurant best fren you love the entertaina dem Kocki man. did you know all 3 a di man dem up deh so weh you teck were frens..

    1. yes @ Yikes and she di ah f**k Flippa too, she think say Flippa woulda leave Marsha fi her but it never work so she go teck GEE from him babymother

  10. No admin yuh bad fa real yuh knw dwrcl :ngakak

    De only thing yuh can confirm is dat de smaddy is a regula yuh knw mi laff suh loud mi frighten miself :tkp

  11. Pinky mi deh yah a wonda what is the real reason why you loud up Tracey even tho she is grown Thot wid a dawta 17 y/o and still no baddie no wife har. Tracey been in Thotland all her life so wah, she a beat you bad ina all a di department? Tracey look like she happy wid jus a slam bam and thanks .you no haffi gi har a dolla.

    Mi no know how unuh dweet cause one a di worst feelings is fi a man juss wukk me and cah spend di night, then ago tell me him wi call me and me no hear from him till next month. No sah that is self estem lower than a pit toilet bottom.
    But back to the question Pinky.. Is wah , She a drive out the Porshe Front seat
    more than you doh? I can bet say a you sign fi it and cah even take it back cause the payment ago beat you bads. Me sure know you madda Pam did warn you and you neva lissen. It pays to learn yah mums. Once there are Thots like Tracey around, Man will always cheat and wont gi up a dolla cause him so use to Thots not wanting anything.

  12. Pinky yuh a WHORE From 2007 until such stop it.so wah yuh nuh hear a him seh life too sweet Lowe d man make him live life and start live yours and stop buy out man …u mad BADDDDDDDD he don’t want yuh him she yuh CAA breed so go back in your hiding place..yuh nuh memba d days yuh used to f**k dung d place a f**k money man and think seh u dida get stripe bye Felicia..

  13. No money man don’t want Pinky. Gee is the first go pick her up and dust har off. Him get Somebody to use. Pinky shut up and tek you bun and go make up with you man cause a him alone want you. Try don’t leave cause you too ugly to find another.

  14. Gee all up in my face. Trust mi girl he NOT thinking about u! so for u to put up a next chick pic on social media bcuz she a f***k Gee that dumb as hell. He does not want u! He stays trying to get with me. Ur money ain’t gonna work! i guest u p**** not tight enough or ur blow job NOT POPPING!!!! SORRY HONEY!!!

  15. Pinky yuh need fi go get some learning lessons on the licking ass and bow jobs cause its seems like the girl you posting doing it better than you so you mad as hell. nobody never tell yuh fi spend soo much dollars on GEE u go school and still come out dunce head no shame careless gal. go drink bleach and go drop inna di Caribbean sea.

  16. Pinky it look like di bleaching naw REACH…..guess yuh need fi tell GEE fi bring some back cause yuh black like pudding pan. guess u pum pum stale rotten cause yuh naw meck it Gee nuh want yuh no more yuh money done out yuh need fi build ah coffin fi yuh self and yuh dead out hole

  17. Gee a nasty man the amount of gal and man him a f**k and don’t know how woman want to be seen with him

  18. No sah it nuh look like har back cah bend, seh betta guh a Kelly Star party dis coming weekend suh can get lesson how har back fi bend. SHOWTIME ladies show her how its DONE!!! MUNCHY N DI CREW tek har to school!!! SHOWWWWWWWTIMEEEEEEEEEE IN MI BABY SHAM voice, woooeeeeiiiiiiii i week!!!!!!!! inna di Monday yah.

  19. Dwl….. i duh wah laugh. The saddest ting nuh a dem gyal deh a get nutten suh suh F**** but dem love di hype dem weh inna dance a flaws wid ten baby madda n nuh have dry shit inna dem ass! dem LIFE CLOUDY BADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. DAts why a f**k man an woman, so mi na knw why pinky a loud up Tracy. Why she nah loud up di man dem whe him a f**k. kmt.

  21. Pinky honey, why you mad tho. You should have known your day would come. How you get them is how you lose them. Remember how you did get the man Pinky? You was side chick till the man baby mother find out and hand over the crosses give you. From the day you get this man you living in misery cause you never look happy. Anything you get you deserve. Did you think you were oh so special? Muma Gee a give you bun from day one. Why Tracy Lexus get under you skin? For a girl that go school you have absolutely no common sense. Sweetheart a leopard don’t change it’s spots. See your problem is you think you a hot commodity round town cause you go school and have big job. You think you better than the rest of these Philly chicks. Well, learn this, bun and disrespect made for everybody. Learn this my girl, new p^:sy eventually get stale. U give yourself too much credit. so the world run, a jus your turn now. Putting your business on social media don’t help your situation. Gee nah stop give you bun…rayyyyy. Tek you bun an shut up cause you only a mek yourself look stupid. Gwan go fix your life, is attention you a look. You a real man clown. what’s the point a loud up the situation but you still with the man.From you know your position, play it and shut up. Oh sorry, guess you think you wouldn’t get bun. Bye girl.

  22. I been f–king g since 2010, I thought he was a cool person when he come ja I go chill with him at the house in portmore sometimes maxfild. I realise he is a user the little money I worked so hard for was to pay my student loan and other bills I refused to let a grown man eat it so we parted ways…. That dude is mean

  23. A so di whole a di Philly man dem tan thru dem claim seh dem a hype man. Dem wah woman fi mind dem. Dem luddy! Mi nah look at dem. Dem luddy!

  24. Some of y’all Philly thots are some real haters.y’all sound dunce talking about the girl education.Go get some too.Dont even know her but y’all need to leave dancehall and go get education if people education a mad unuh.pussy selling long eye after people and dem man money hoes..

    1. @49 No one is mad at her education cause I got mine and I aint from Philly nor inna di dancehall life bitch so when u talking you need some it seems. Di people only saying that as much education she has she worthless to have him doing this too her and plus on top of the cheating she spends all her educating hard working money on him, so who is stupid with education “Pinky” is. so there u have it dunce bitch. If Pinky was soo smart why she buy him a PORSCHE to drive around in and have all these girls sucking his dick in it. soo smart right. u sound like a hater @49 guess u wish u were in her shoes, dont it.

      1. No fool.Pitty you dont know.Im wel educated.You dog shit,batty face bitch.FYI dont know her or your stupid ass washer self.

  25. Y u so mad? As long as yuh have ur blood claat education don’t worry bout people. How the f**k u know say a philly people a comment bout the girl education bitch? Arent you on here commenting too? why the f**k Philly people mad unu so much? Kmft.

  26. @ 49 BITCH!!! going to dance does not mean we no education. no one HATING on her and her educational! BITCH just need fi tek har use from GEE and get di stepping!

  27. real talk go suck u madda mi have mines and i am from philly and has never in the dance hall life. But what pisses me off, is that fact that unuh love come run in a talk about philly as if we did not all migrate from Jamaica. So like mi say, a no philly people one a comment so how u know seh a somebody from philly a talk bout the girl education, It could very well be you. So have a blood claat seat cause a nuh philly people one get put up pan pink wall. An a nuh philly people alone comment pan pink wall. Ediot gal a dat mi a chat bout.

    1. @49 see I told u you was a true DUNCEee Like I said I’m NOT from Philly bitch and I don’t do dancehall. And for the record eat shit dog face gal

  28. Isn’t it easter suh why pinky mad at least he give her nuff bun. She is not cute girl so what she think money can hold him?

  29. Big up Mi fren Tracey stre88888888 all the lies u telling don’t make a difference bitch, pinky u acting like chalice still naw f**k out your face crosses gal. U a f**king clown and so what if my fren a f**k him. U acting like is ur husband, just go back inna ya corner and leave my beautiful fren alone. Dusty idiot wid ya space out every ugly eyebrows. Go fix ya face a breed bitch ya have too much time on ya hands. Or better because ya dash weh so much belly ya can’t breed.

  30. What a way unuh couldnt wait fi dun Pinky. fi a gyal whey stay by harself unuh know whey fi talk. Uhnu need fi mind unuh business. Di gyal free fi f**k who she want. She neva did a f**k muma gee when him deh wid him baby momma. Unuh need fI mind unuh business. All unuh a talk, unuh still cant match har. Pinky if a f**k u a f**k fi you things f**k on. nuf a dem crasses yah dont have shit fi talk about you. dem need fi roll inna a barrel and dash whey. ole crasses wuthless phily ppl. allll whey unuh say bout di gyal, she a deh best thing inna philly. Low life

    1. Pinky ah whore from morning DI amount of belly she dash weyy oh god help her now she can’t even breed fi Di man so Di man hav fi f**k pon Di mule

  31. Pinky really pic up urself and gone Ah Jamaica fi prove seh you and Muma Gee still a grind?? My girl go buy some pride.. Bout you all gone Ontage interview like you a celebrity .dwl. Mumma gee keep you around for a purpose and you nah Hott up anybody head cause buddy still a stray..

  32. And nuff a talk muma gee and pinky nah left. What a way unu hold har hand when she a dash weh bbelly. Un uh just mad say she no in a welfare office sidung next to unuh. Un uh just mad all the whole she be unuh can’t walk in a har shoe. Nuff duty goal hate pon har when har life comfortable. Muma gee can’t mek har when she mek herself. So the f**k what if she fly go a jamaica. Nuff a unuh low life can’t even buy a ticket much less fi travel.DDuty worthless people, unuh see smart people wait fi breed in a life. A nuh everybody want fi be careless baby mommalike unuh. And stop talk bout ppinky tek mumagee from his babymomma. Look how much woman him f**k pon she wid. Un nuh just mad him neva left har fi unuh.pinky you good in a life so dem so hate you more. I see why you nuh chat wid them because a bare low life dem ppl yah. Muma gee say pinky and a dat him say. All dem gal yah is just a period f**k

  33. Clearly this site has no class. How can woman class a next woman like mule. Just because the gyal nuh run go breed she a mule? Its 21st century it’s called birth control. Lol f**king idiot.

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