26 thoughts on “A SHE DASH OUT DIVA HOUSE O

  1. Why are all these kids all up in the mix of all this debauchery? The lease the parents could have done is put them in another room. Protecting your children from this kind of behavior is also a part of taking care of your them, it’s not just feeding and clothing them.

  2. What a gal mouth Shaka Shaka,and miserable. Excuse me #Grinocologist lol! please learn to speak, and better yet get a ABC book and start from there. Mix up piece a shithouse unuh

  3. Gm Ms Met. I doah want your mergers coming for my throat on this one but I’m looking at this video and what a shame and embarrassment. If a suh this girl dress go out and har place look suh boy mi nuh know… Woman yuh fi have pride. A unnuh meck man duh unnuh up suH CAUSE UNNUH NASSY. Good God. If yuh call ACS pon yuh friend after she help yuh, yuh fi get beating.
    On the next video I understand she is hurt and wha get back at “diva”. However the way she a gwan don’t sound like yuh is any better. Meaning hear how yuh a carry on pon social media with your children present. That is not good parenting and if ACS sees this it probably would be believable the complaint brought against you. Just saying. We just got to be careful how we clap back. I’m sure if she go back and watch her video she will see where she sound so illiterate clapping her lips between words. I mean come on. If u want to insult someone on social media do it with intelligent. Better yuh did just go find had a best had more than putting the second video up cause it boring and yuh and it sends the wrong message on your character….just saying. Unnuh nuh cyber kill mi fi mi opinion.

  4. I know what is like to help someone and they turn around and bite you. However, backstabbing, back-biting dey bout from Jesus days so it should be no surprise to anyone. I think this wench and her friend should be arrested. Who curses like that infront of children? This is why the rest of the world has Jamaicans as angry, stupid people. Is this anything to make a video about? No one curses face to face anymore? Social Media is going to be the death of a lot of these people. If this is how she is being a good mom on camera can you imagine what and who she allows in the presence of her children. As women, parents, Jamaicans we need to do better.

  5. Lol I swear most Jamaican women don’t start maturing until they reach in their mid 50’s…. Isn’t this the most childish, high schoolish shyt you ever seen? How about if you and the woman you don’t get along with just cut eachother off and go about your life. Calling child services on people and making stupid live videos airing a persons dirty laundry literally doesn’t do anything for ya”ll but make you guys look like used toilet paper. Let’s be mature ladies and set a good example for the kids who are in the background and are watching/hearing you act a fool… #GROWUP

  6. Birds of a feather flock together – she found the furniture on the curb before Diva did. You notice she didn’t do a walk through to show how she’s living and establish her rights to talk.

  7. ACS would love to see this. Kids in pampers and no shirt, getting put out the room while the adults are filming malicious viral videos.

    Some ghetto rabbits get pass INS a JFK :hammer

  8. Sewage ppl! Diva was wrong to call police/ACS whatever on her. Those are serious phone calls.. if a bitch di t live anywhere and ppl put you up.. just stfu! If she was staying at her house den her house too is filthy as f**k. Two duty gal a war. Who f**king these bitches??????

  9. So wait..these two “women” decided to make a video – cussing and carrying on, about a woman who doesnt have furninture and called ACS on one of them…and chose to do so, from an almost EMPTY room…. with a 99 cent store curtain rod (and curtains! and a pile of clothes in the background.. a 1975 bedspread on the one piece of furniture in the room..with a bunch of kids running around in the back, while yall cuss about stink pu$$y and fighting…Girl, please! ANYBODY could have called ACS on you.. hell if I knew who you were, Id send this video in right now. So what I am trying to say is… this vid doesnt make either of you look good..literally and figuratively

    1. She and Diva are birds of a feather flocking together. If smaddy is staying with me, they can’t keep my place nasty. She was okay with the nastiness..Its very easy to see why someone may have a reason to call child protection on her. Her mouth is abusive.

  10. Lady/ladies who made the video there are some very positive messages of advice for you. Read and take heed

  11. Eeh betta she did stay inna hiding go back een mi luv……mi nuh want nuh fren a bloodclaat an nobody cyah put me up mi wee live a road an sell my pussy just fi nuh inna shit like dis caah mi cyah trace. hunnu smell di gyal pussy seh it tink cause it look like a di whole a hunnu a smell it an a yuh fren and dont tell har….bout di gal panty cratches hawd how di f**k hunnu know dat hunnu a f**k har??…. fren??? mi wee do widout oooooooooooooooo.

  12. Unscrupulous, more time mi shame fi say mi a Jamaican, This is what many people think of when they hear that u are Jamaican. The colored hair, the vulgar loud talking and everything over done clothes, shoes, tattoo and the new trend overdone bodies. Children live what they learn that is y the cycle can’t break. These germs get the chance fi come a America and dem come wid di market mentality a better unno did stay a Jamaica. Nuff people grow a ghetto and don’t carry on suh, idiot gal try and broaden your horizon, want more for your children. U chicks do the basics, feed and clothes, there is so much more to parenting, step 1 come off of social media

  13. The fren who buy out the argument has a decent natural pair…however a word to the wise to tek sleep n mark death! Same way yuh hitch up deh doan forget diva did hitch up as bestie too enuh cutie!!

  14. These ghetto sewage rats bald headed hoes low income motherf**kers waste of my tax dollars. No respect for the kids cussing like that in front of them. Bitch where your respect at? Yeah that hoe was wrong for calling the police but all y’all ghetto ass need to be deported!

    1. You know say from this video, I strongly believe there were legitimate reasons to call child protection.

      Not because a person a cotch they should see and blind when it comes to the welfare of children or those not able to care for themselves.

  15. But di blue hair one a cuss and cant show her room all now because it empty and dutty…continue to threaten people online

  16. Anyone who know this girl, please call child services on her backside n show dem this clip. Damm low life ghetto trash. Dem yah rubbish gal, garbage truck refuse. Das y in usa u cant blame dem wen them profile certain race, its because of dirty low like ghetto trash like these.

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