1. this is a beautiful tribute, may you find some peace and comfort soon, wishing all the best to you and his beautiful girls, whom he clearly loved

  2. Mi Neva know sey Rodigan have young beautiful babies like dat omg im shoulda jus chill wen he came home from di freeza although its easier said than done everyone is in my prayers peace!

  3. RIP to di DON,

    Sad how he was taken away after all he has been through.
    Here goes , WIfey Is the first me see smaddy a mourn and have time to put together video and send ova yah. Please take some time to console those babies and plan a proper burial fi the Don. This is not time to prove ownership.. Is this a race or nah ? yes, yes ,all a di mate dem is aware that there was a wifey ina the the neck a di hood and they didn’t care.Please to make sure most of the money end up your way otayyy, cause the future look bleeky yah now. Now you will see who Hussy real frens are.. And no mi not a mate, I don’t even know these ppl.

    1. You “don’t even know these people”, but you know “all that he has been through” to even call the man don?

      Mate one has landed!

      1. DArling Radigon too Pretty fi even look pon my PusC. Money are not him couldn’t meck my Clitoris stiff. Worst him shape so bad, no kinda sex appeal. I only know about him base don Pink wall and what i read on Fb. Please don’t add me to your lines of mourning mates. Please to have a Closed casket on funeral day, i do not want to be frighten of the pictures to come cause him did pretty from morning worse di looks after..

  4. What’s the point of sending this to Pink Wall this seems like a bit much for Rodigan to have to log on to Met.

    This is beautiful and it’s good that he was a family man but for whose benefit is this for?

    1. Quenaaaaaaaa……Buenos dias. Long time. Howdy. The same mentality she has in her relationship when he was alive is the same mentality she has now that he’s dead. When he was alive she didn’t care who he was sleeping with…..as long as they knew he had a wife and they knew who she was. I guess she felt that if she was known ….. that meant she was winning. Now that he’s dead she feels the same way because she knows that the mates and the side chicks are coming out with their tributes but she doesn’t care. As long as her tribute goes out first and hers gets the highest platform and the most publicity….. then she’s okay with that. Suh like how dis reach pinkwall now …di mate dem can bring on fi dem videos and RIP tributes. Lol. A suh nuff Jamaican woman think. RIP Radigan and the others who died

    2. Quena morningggggggggg :kiss , the wife is grieving so anything that helps the process is ok nuh watch nothing man

      1. Met anybody don’t send in di tea yet bout di “shooters”. Mi waan know what is di real deal mek innocent ppl haffi lose d life. Anybody unu please send Ms Meth the teaaaaaa.

  5. Quena, as much as certain JAMAICANS hate this website they know it is an outlet beyond uppity ass gleaner, star and observer, which are very selective in their reporting (dumbass, lazy reporters/editors not excluded). PINKWALL is a DEMOCRACY all of its own. Freedom of content Met deal wid, lol

    Morning Met :travel

      1. Hello Met,

        Did you ever hear another word about the Mexican weh di blast bready dem? a wonda if him run way froom La or still a patrol fi di rest a him teefin croonies dem? Memeba dem did all ova yah a write bout who was going to be next.. Last we heard that man was in the hospital and then nothing….

  6. Radigan have money nuff money them a him long time children mothers. Him money tall him money nuff can all Bury them an leave nuff more

  7. Met afternoon to you and the bloggers; I see that Junior baby mom taneisha isn’t on instagram seems as if she took her page down since last night things that makes you go uhmmm

  8. My condolences goes out to his wife and to all of his children, he had young children that clearly you can see loved their father and he loved them back. We all know when you have a man in the limelight such as Radigon the wifey should already expect woman to come out under the dirt mourning him. Radigon seemed to me as a man that if he want a woman he can get them. It is sad that his family have to see him being buried that’s never a pleasant site for anyone and if the wife choose to use pink wall as a platform to show her grief for her husband the man she created two beautiful children with and a home, let her do that, do not kick someone when they are down. Let her grieve any way or form possible. I do not know these people personally but there is time when you need to have compassion. We will never know when God is going to call us home and we never know in which way we will see our end but we all know we have to go one day. So leave her to grieve the way she knows how and just give compassion to her and his family. It is sad his memory will live on with all whom really knew him and we as on lookers will remember him as however other on lookers knew him of or to be… R.I.P. you lived and you did a lot….

  9. Di lady a go Chu an a look pan har husband pic wid har family an a cry an a reminiscing and a put dem 2gedda with likkle music behind nice too an met post him up aready so why not drop dis tuh… Plus she we get fi see di matey dem when dem run een and comments and di secret sus and tings wah did a gwans an fox news won’t show the mateys.

  10. So it’s a lot of wives. Cause I know Peggy who had his back when he was in prison and wayyyyyyyyy yyyy before that through thick and thin, is wife #1. That lady was his ride and die back then. She goes to jail for him and when he was released from prison he left her in the dust. Lots of respect for Peggy. Condolence to the kids cause they lost a loving dad. So no time for shade just give the don a funeral to talk about. SIP Robert. You will be missed

    1. All a unu listen me n listen good…legally he “had” 1 wive, he was married once! Dawnette was the woman he lives with upon to his death. He did not died broke, him got him galissst and flossing name from he was a lad. Which one of y’all man don’t cheat??? Let me wait…. Peggy and him no in no business what so ever! Or any other woman so anything he got is for his kids EQUALLY. All you side girls please go sit and let his main Dawnette have her platform, let us as a family mourn in our time of bereavement. We will bury dad good that’s a fact. We will not comment on simple stuff no longer thank u, much love appreciated. Ps-side pieces u will be thrown out of the funerals if u all come with intentions to quarrel or fight. Security will be tight too.

      1. Mi really rate yuh ! At least the side pieces are welcomed peace unu seh live good and let live just as long as no cuss cuss a di man funeral so it fi go same way.

  11. I heard a conversation in the beauty parlor. the conversation was about how much people he did very bad things to in his past. they say he was a bad man.

  12. Big up radigan and his family may his soul Rest In Peace… and much love to peggy who really fight the fight with him when things weren’t all sunshine and blue skies. It was never easy! SB- sender America do not acknowledge common law marriage. She isn’t his wife.. but I hope she finds peace and comfort in her time of mourning.

    1. Common law marriage IS recognized at 7 years. You fren just nah no talk.

      Him soul fi relive the death of all who him kill. Purgatory unda him ugly backside.

  13. cockdice 10:42am SAD SAD go wsh up u nasty cratches the man no ugly like u dutty puss come outa ppl biz u no know him, walk away no speak ill of the dead mek who him hurt cuss him u deh pon how him look him clothes sit on him, he had the physique, and u clitoris want starch

    1. Him f**g ugly and don’t think him exempt from the battyman rumors too. Worst thing him could a do a bleach cause him fava scall dog wid liver lip.

      Him dead at attention. Wonda if him did a wear de batty general blue n black outfit?

      You boss dead like him many victims so go streach that..abbbbayyyyy bitch

  14. Ummm I don’t know bout her as no wife.. I know when Robert and Rosemarie Aka Peggy was together back then. When he was going to prison Peggy and Rodigan was legally married..And I am sure about this. So you are bm not wife get it right. Anyways rest well Robert Davis.Much love.

  15. You all need to shout as nobody blood nuh deh pon him hand he we for peace. When him dead he was telling the 2 parties to done nuh bother wid nuh war u ppl hear say and a run wid it. He was no area leader u all shut up or nuh hit sender make the ppl the mourn man. Cause what we all sure bout is dead all a we ago dead 1 f***g day. When some a u dead u not even ago make news. Let go the man name

  16. What is the question about if this woman is wife or not, they were together for a very long time after he left this Peggy person and you see this man with this woman up top every where, every dance in JA I see him and her so she was wife they did vacation together, family trips she has both of his children not one but two so Peggy was his ride or die chick at one point and then that ended. It truly doesn’t matter how much you do for these men to get their love they still will leave you high and dry after your job is done… So people need to stop talk shit about this woman it clears that they had lots of history and he loved this woman and his family she is now wife and will always be that woman that he was with for so long and now he has passed on and that’s who everyone will remember him being with… I do not know what he did or to who and why but at the end of the day he was someone that was loved by many, we all make bad judgments and do things we shouldn’t and sometimes you never know when your time comes to answer to God. Let God deal with that and stop talk bad ill of the dead.

  17. Father Radigan Rest In Peace… #sunriseforlife. Everyone coming out and running their mouth, who know him from who don’t know him or shit. You all need to just shut the f**k up and let the big man soul RIP. Him live the life him love, loved by many and missed by many more. To his kids and extended family my condolences. To his wife that I know Rosemarie Davis aka Peggy, stay strong I know you will because you’ve always been the tough one thru thick and thin when the goings were tough you had his back and that’s why no matter who he was with in time of death you will always get your respect from everyone and even in death he knows you deserve that respect. Respect P we got your back.

  18. Father Rodigan RIP…#sunriseforlife. To the kids and extended family my condolences. You lived a good life, enjoying life to the fullest. You was well loved by many and will be missed by many more. I have enjoyed some good times with you and I will treasure those memories. To his wife, Rosemarie Davis aka Peggy stay strong. I know you you will because you’ve always been the backbone of the family in good times and bad. No matter what shade may throw at you just keep your head above the waters. You have gained your respect years ago and no one can take that away. So just and give the boss a statement funeral. Bless up!

  19. Tell Dawnette to bring her documents. If it nuh legal it cannot stand. No disrespect you a baby mama just hold your post.

  20. Well how dawnette can’t get his body? How his wife Peggy send her marriage certificate to them for them not to give anyone the body? Yeah I guess we have to wait and see. No matter who he was with end of the day. I respect the bm but in the eyes of the law Rosemarie Davis aka peggy was and his Robert Davis aka rodigan wife..So yea wait and see.And for yall info Peggy gave her life to god and Rodi didn’t want to leave the game so that’s how they end.ppl just like talk shit when yall don’t know nun so yall stfu and take a few seat back…

  21. Before Peggy their was Natalie – who cares who was first second third or fourth the fact is that there were and still are many. Let’s lay him to rest in peace let’s send him home with joy and happiness. He would have wanted everyone to celebrate his life at this time. Let’s stop remembering the bad and remember the good. None of us are free from sin. In his life he was loved by these women and in his death he is still loved by them. How about if everyone take a moment to send condolences to his mother because if there’s one thing we know for sure there is no number one two or three mother – there is ONLY his mother she can not be duplicated or replaced. Then move forward in sending condolences to his 10 children, and his siblings. They too are mourning the death of their big brother.

  22. Oops I meant to say 11 children. They all deserve to be acknowledged because they all were created by the same man. The older ones had the great privilege of sharing many good times with their dad and the younger ones had a short time knowing their dad. But rest assure they are all left with beautiful memories of their dad. All everyone wants is for him to go Home to the Lord in the Same style and fashion the Lord allowed him to live on this earth.

    Be it his children, legal wife or common law wife, one of you or all of you please go and identify Robert so his soul knows that you are there for him and with him and he is not alone.

    All of the judgmental people that have nothing positive to say and the mix up people who are trying to bring shame to anyone of his baby mothers – please remember, Our Father God said that NO sin is greater than another and until you remove the blight and sin from your life then you can judge another persons life. To All the women he shared his love with now is the time you all need to come together and stop the hate and show the love. He’s gone now and he’s not coming back. Please allow his soul to S.I.P.

  23. Respect to Peggy the original wife who made him famous , respect to Donnette the new American wife. But by all means she witness his activities first hand he was never a team player he created enemies daily. That man was a selfish wicked man.. trust me .. and he not rich as people think . Hope they can bury him

  24. Bwoyyyyyyyyyy @historyknowsthetruth your Bible very different from most. I dont know who you spewing that garbage to. He went home to the Lord? Really now? So please explain how a drug lord, murderer, criminal, womanizer, bypassed all the saints who lived an honest and Godly life and are still buried and are waiting on the Second Coming of Christ. Kindly tek God out of the equation because nothing about this man life was Christlike…by most accounts he was brutal…inhumane…wicked….so dont you dare put God inna yuh chats…Him could a dead 50 more times and I wouldnt flinch…upset mi inna the evening yah…I have a special hatred for drug dealers because a nuff life mash upbecause of drugs as well as the violence that goes along with drug dealing. I give zero f**ks bout him hierachy of concubines and who he helped. The damage people like him cause outweighs any socalled good he has done. Dont even badda come fi me bc it wont be nice.

  25. This is a funny situation,I knew this day would come . All the corrections and perceptions don’t matter . He’s dead yes and there is a family that’s hurt which is his . Even though he abandoned his real family for fame and riches they still love him. In respect for Peggy I would not tell the real deal. He will get one more lime light and that’s a funeral.. make no mistake he paid for plenty funerals by force . He owe plenty man money . So stop all the bullshit and give your RIP and keep it moving .. as much as I respect his wife I’d spit on him still real talk
    Can’t respect a man that live the way he did and that same wife will come to bury you …

  26. Marie and guiding angel let me be clear and say it again NONE of us is free from sin and NO sin is greater than another. Where in heaven is there a line or a wait list. Stick to the point I’m making which is leave the mix up and negativity alone and put the man to rest in peace. Guiding angel go back to school and sharpen your reading comprehension skills or at best re-read what I posted. Marie please go sit in a corner who is asking for you to advocate for Peggy. Ask Peggy or if you are actually Peggy then you know the truth. Marie ask Peggy to tell you the History from the beginning not the middle. Please don’t have me spill the tea because it’ll be scolding HOT. EVEVRYONE benefited from Radigans deeds EVERYONE of the women in his life. Be it good or bad they ALL supported him while he was their man. Peggy knows how she met him she knows she didn’t build him. Stop that. She enjoyed the fruits of his labor even if his labor was ill. So miss me with the shade. Those that knew him in the 80’s know the real deal. Again, Historyknowsthetruth!

  27. Now allow me to regroup and step out of the muddy shit I was forcibly drawn into. Back to my point. Bad or good lets respect his loved ones. His mother, children, siblings and baby mothers. I’m certain he was good to them at some point. By all means they all willing had children for him, many of them even did the deed twice! Put aside the bad and remember the good. He had his good ways and for what ever bad he did let that judgment be between him and God. Our job is to love like Christ loves and forgive like God forgives. Guiding angel! If God can forgive, love and respect the way you live and the way I live then he certainly has forgiven Radigan and the way he lived. Just look at his children and ask them just how much they love their dad – ALL of them! To some Robert was good and to some he was bad But to God he is His child and no one can take that away from him! I’m not glorifying any of Radigans alleged actions. I know it went along with his line of business. But we’re not talking about him in life, we’re talking about him in death. We all pay for our sins, he will pay, I will pay and even you Guiding angel, will pay for your sins. That being said, Please let the man Rest In Eternal Peace and leave the judgment and negativity alone.

  28. Like his tattoo said “Only God Can Judge Me” Let him RIp and you all leave him be please he is gone❤️❤️

  29. Now we know ‘Bob and Nott Nice’ is Divone Davis one of Radigan son. Why you hating on Peggy. Peggy was the one who talk to Radigan when you use to suffer tound a Rosedale in a di tent apt where the whole a oonu bundle up. Son and baby mother and sister. Before Peggy there was Noldy but before Noldy there was Carol his first daughter mother and before Carol there was Kevin mother his first son. Your mother Noldy f**k the little boy Rattie that was no secret everybody know that and the only reason you talking against Peggy is bcuz Dawnette is the one doing the hustling now so yuh sell out Peggy bcuz Peggy give her life to the lord and don’t have nothing but Jesus to give oonu. Oh! We get to find out seh a you DIvone Davis aka Bob aka Not Nice start the go fund me page to frame Peggy but yuh think god sleeping you only bring shame on your father the don. How oonu a guh manage now that the don gone oonu bundle up in a the house a Rosedale or dawnet haffi guh support oonu, stop hide now we know a you.

  30. True friend the line up of baby mothers is correct. Who’s true friend you are is in question and how much facts you’re willing to state, bad or good is questionable. None the less leave Divonne the f**k alone. Don’t start attaking the children. Now youre going too far. If you’re going to speak ill about Noldy children by all means speak the ill truth about your friend Peggys children as well especially her son. Need we not say where he currently resides…….Divonne and his brother are free dispite their past hardship. And you should be ashamed to discuss the position Peggy played while her husband was not around to provide for his children. Please miss me with your simple bias minded truth. Say what you want to say about the the dead but please try to leave his living legacy out of your mouth. Those boys love their father including Peggys son. Hell all his kids love him and he loves them…even in dearth. It’s a shame to see how much people hate. God help us ALL when Our Father God decides to rise again and we ALL have to face him on judgment day. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when he ask @true friend to explain your sins. Say what you wish, as anonymous said “only God can judge Robert” no one else can. NO ONE!!!!

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