A WHA DIS????/

Michiboo Upset Dem A.K.A Shower Bucket
You stay talking about how your thing tun up,your thing up and how your money long but yet you scrape all the f*** clothes them from f**** New York City bring come to Florida and wait to act all f**** brand new big motherfu*** b*tch…..big foot Michiboo with your feet big like motherfu*** captain’s bread…….and you still on facebook carrying on with your little antics and throwing shade on the lady who held your funeral service for you shower bucket…….
What happen Shower Bucket the funeral that was held for you on thursday was not f*** enough??It seems a cremation need to held for you shower because you are one restless spirit that refuse to go in peace and die peacefully!!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “A WHA DIS????/

  1. Oh my, Saran and Needle, why your people’s going so hard this morning. 3 posts in and I can’t breath, dwl

    1. LMFAO…..NOPE! mi deh yah ah ketch up pan di Sunday post dem…from Robert & Cabbage patch dolly war …to di wtf Africa weh di likkle girl ah nyam rotting carcass wid di goblin dem…to Jody makeup…oh and let’s to figet di stalks man….now this….LMFAO….mi nuh drink enough coffee fi manij dem grade ah post dis mawnin :hammer :hammer :hammer

  2. DAT unnu want and tru shi nah stay dung a it hurt unnu!!! Unnu did want afta unnu keep up unnu foolishness shi fi go hind!!! Mi is not a fan of her but unnu is one set a idlers and unnu fi go look a life!!! Michie boo don’t mek Dem get u dung!!! Hannaleah or what Eva u want name!! Mi notice anytime u and nuh bady have anything u bal it out!! U is so not a Fren!!! Everybody must be careful a dis gal and nuh mek shi know nuhtin bout u cause she will tek it cuss u and tell di world or don’t talk bout nuhbody round er shi will carry it back!!! Real gal nuh do Dem tins dey, a pussy ole idiot gal do dat!!! If u a class a gal u class er but u call di ppl Dem and tell Dem everytin!! Hannaleah u stay reeeeaaaalll reaaalll bad!!! Ugly and stay bad nuh bloodclaaattt!!!! And u suh nufff!!! Need fi loose some weight and get a face lef!! U inne every bloodclat tin and u stay suh bad!!!! Nuff baaaaddd!!!!

  3. This asshole really need to get a life , har & shirlee need a MAKE OVER ! Two low life mental assholes

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