0 thoughts on “A WHA DIS?

  1. met an her frickin yellow pointer!!!
    i doa kno where this iz goin, suh let me kibba me mout, :kacau: an wait fi d more :nerd
    enlightened bloggers!

    good day jmg, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all, an of course Met!

      1. ok met i waz on the same “wave length” but didnt wanna come off az being “perverted” lol…wassup mama, u gud!?

  2. Hey girls :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk …Metty wi ago chat lata…mi seh one piece ah soliloquy dem ago get ie si…my girl!!! :hoax2 Mi ah yuh likkle more..

  3. So is a politician this a behave suh! Jesas tek d wheel because Jamaica really nuh av nuh hope. I’m applaud to say the least!

  4. you know i saw this clash being promoted and thought it was a hoax……..but now that i’m actually seeing it i’m still trying to tell myself that i’m really not watching two politicans wasting time like this………………you mean to tell me that there are no more pertinent issues facing the nation that these people need to attend to than to be clowning around like this?…………………………….where else in the world of government do they do that at? :cool

  5. People the two man dem rich at poor people expensive life style so dem a give us some joke fi the christmas so that mean if no money no run ,some tune run ,dwl.

  6. Good day Met and everybody else, I had plans to go see this clash, I think it is all in good clean fun, times rough we could use some light hearted moments at times

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