1. So wait…your girl go and fvck on you, you mad at the girl FRIEND, not your weak ass, no mind of her own GIRL lmao #base mentality

  2. Slowly but surely everyone is starting to realize that Jamaican chicks seem like they’re just incapable of being in relationships with lol, even the Jamaican man dem is starting to realize it. I’ve been saying this for over a decade now, it seems like Jamaica is mass producing bytches. You can’t expect a set of females who are beyond the word shallow to make decent girlfriends better yet wives, because anything short of Bill Gates money gives them a license to cheat. On another note, here’s a Marvin Di Buggery fact: He’s the founding member of the Tall Bottle crew :ngakak

    1. Hush your toxic azz. When unno scrape di bottom a di barrel and get dregs unno waan come style a whole population. Ain’t nobody tell unno fi hang unno hat low. Which friggin ooman pamper man like JA ooman, sometimes mi waan conk nuff a dem how dem worship dem man like dem sent from heaven. Which rass ooman a get up from 4AM fi bwile banana and cook big breakfast suh man can nyam, den clean up house, all genie dung floor, bade and send off pickney to school, go work a full day’s work, come home fi cook dinner fi three hours, some bloody labour intensive dish cause missa man can ongle eat certain and certain tings, teck care a kids, and still ready fi sex him a night. On top of all dat she still dere fi boost him spirits and stroke him ego. Unno fi fck off wid unno dyam lies man and stop act like Jamaican ooman nuh go above and beyond fi dem man. Wtf you tink so many men from other Caribbean nations seek out Jamaican women specifically fi relationships? cause dem know Jamaican women do a lot fi dem man. I naw seh some crazy bitches ain’t out dere, there are, every culture have dem set a crazy bitches, but dem, thankfully, is a small minority in Jamaica.

      FYI, Marvin is a misogynistic repressed gay man. His problems with women is because of his own internal conflicts.

  3. I see a whole heap a sexual transmitted disease in his future!! Disgusting, any ooman go near him is a piece a shit!!

  4. He’s talking about sher it was the topic in Jamaica 2 weeks now , him and nikesha left because sher hook her up pin a money boy aka scammer boy that fly to Jamaica often. Claim he a artist him baby mother make clothes in Bronx she nuh too shape good think them say she name Kizzy

    1. You have the facts solid and straight. The guy a spend pon sher hard , I don’t think Sher plan to go back a Jamaica soon.

  5. just heard liveup got shot and now down town is upside down police are everywhere trying to keep the place calm…not 100% just waiting on conformation.

  6. Puppa Jezazzzzzzzzzz n him childrain y unnu bitta so goodness mycious gracious peacious man so a Jay X she deh wid n it bun him? Lol no sah after Kizzy go suck out the fat from do belly A whey she ago do ya now?????

  7. Yes Marvin vex cause the gal find a man that can give her clothes, ppl say is his babymother make the clothes but so what gal ting up for the new year , Marvin the gal tired of your broke ass always flossing in ppl rented car , from bout six months now nikesha tell you she trying to move and all now not a dollar pussy ain’t free no more gwan ya chi chi man

    1. So anon are u saying Kizzy is “sowing” ask Jodi couture bout the spelling OK ) clothes for Nikki? Smh nopes I don’t believe it cause u see from Kizzy get har cutting table she no cut lean n she no cut cheap so a lie unnu a tell bout the clothes as to if she deh wid Jay X the squeaking puss now that unnu need totell mi more bout

    1. Out of curiosity, how do you explain the trailer load of wife’s with HIV and STD’s? Just asking! Must be a lot of good going their way too?

  8. Bleach out Marvin….if straight man get kicked tuh di curb fi betta den weh yuh tink ah guh happen tuh ah fish like you :ngakak Marvin yuh hood fail yuh…see weh yuh batty can do now. Ole nastiness :marah

  9. Although i don’t care for the beast. He does have a point and i have seen a lot of female friends do this. Lol.

    1. Yes when di man dem is 0. Marvin cant talk because he is a piece of shit on a zinc roof waiting to dry. Him did married and give him wife bun straight

  10. Him a bawl cause him flap him a beg him wife fi teck him back an shi nah pay him noh mind plus d gal dem noh inna him soh him a get stale nickesha noh inna him league again wah day him a try friend er up a tag er inna him tings dem but shi nah pay him noh mind anymore

  11. MNL so a really who deh wid di man Nicky or Sher? Gwey Marvin yuh too gay. So a di two a dem a f**k di man? A wah gwan?

  12. a wha do dah idiot boy yah u week dats why u ghal go get a man …f**k har right spend pan har good and maybe she wont go tek a next man ….f**g pussy

  13. Sher an har friend them nasty like dog . Ewwww except headtop renae me say gal u big dutty and stink like riverton dump u never stay good yet bitch . Come outa u mumma house wutlessssss gal declear wey you have nothing all u do a walk and f**k and suck but yet still , u dey pon ig a dash up song do u have a visa ????????? Sher stop hype batty man Marvin f**k u and neckesha u name no inna the good book lmaooooooooooooo bitch stop give 3sum cause all now no man … Nah claim unno

  14. Sher and her friends are nasty bitches . Except headtop sher and neckesha sleep with batty man Marvin , unno pussy shit up stop hype pon ig bitch how u fi hype and sleep wid batty man all unno walk and do a 3sum nasty ..nobody no rate unno inna Jamaica people just a :ngakak :ngakak after unno renae bitch u big stink and dutty like riverton dump come outa u madda house u wutlesss no bloodclattttttt not even a car u no own but yet still u dey pon ig a dash up song do u own an . America visa ????????? Bitch u never stay good yet u hard fi fix bad gut big like dem poison u

  15. Forget everything him seh inna di video mi a try figure out wha kinda metal him have round him neck..him no see seh it a turn black

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