Met last night a source was bragging how he recently got his turn off the pretty petite politician.
The source said it wasn’t a big deal because this girl is a political mattress.He insists she has racked up several political notches on her belt including the fast rising heir apparent former Jr Minister.She even slept with the new MP 2 days after his victory in the by election,mussi fi congratulate him on his victory shrugs.


The source says she even slept with his friend after meeting him at a club the same night.The same friend introduce the source to her and it took him a little while but him get through.She know herself but please to tell her it’s not every woman can sleep their way to the political top‎.When a male politician can whore out himself is ratings him get,the voters won’t vote for you if you’re a pass round Donkey. Your highly decorated father must shame how you tarnishing his legacy.

Clue – she share something in common with another girl in the public eye who is constantly publicly humiliated.

14 thoughts on “A WHICH POLITICIAN DIS?

  1. Sender you too lie. This is what you wrote:
    “She even slept with the new MP 2 days after his victory in the by election” Which “By-Election” you talking? To my knowledge By-Elections don’t keep yet. So what you mean, or you just a look a Rumour hype.

    1. Obviously u have not one iota of sense to know what a by election is nor what local govt election is. Can you at least ask someone u think have sense to explain the Difference?They will tell u there was a By election and who was the winner.

      Go google recent by election winner in Jamaica.

  2. Of course she can sleep her way to the political top. If Portia and Babsy can do it, so can she. Her hoe past will disappear when she get married to a respectable member of society and breed.. Like most middle and upper class sketels..

  3. Ok u asked for a better clue. She and the other “lady” who is constantly being publicly humiliated have 3 of the same letters in both their first names.

    Cmon this was so easy once u see the difference that one is doing the cheating but the other is getting cheated on daily dwl!

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