I am a white 27 year old guy. One time I was pulled over going 40mph over the speed limit and when the officer came to my window I had AK-47 ammunition in my back seat. After seeing the ammo he asked me “were you over at the shooting range?” then we chatted for a few minutes about the gun range and and how I had a good time there. He decided to not even give me a speeding ticket. I remember driving away laughing at how insane it was that he just let me go. The only thing I have to say to any of my fellow white people who somehow don’t understand the outrage or concept of injustice in this country. Look in the mirror and seriously ask yourself what you would have to do for a police officer to pull out his gun and shoot you to death? What would I have to do for that to happen? I would normally say that I would have to kill a police officer or some random people, but a white dude my age has done that this year and the cops took him to burger king after arresting him. Yesterday I watched a man get shot and killed by a police officer on facebook live video for having broken tail light.


If anyone has family members or friends who don’t understand that there is a massive problem with racism in this country, ask them to look in the mirror and ask themselves the same question I am asking myself. How would that situation play out if the guy in the passenger seat was a random white guy? Would the officer feel scared? or would he want to chit chat about guns and maybe even check out the one that was being carried legally in an open carry state like he did with me? Thats sadly not what happened, an innocent man is dead today. The entire world watched him bleed to death on facebook. If you know anyone who doesn’t understand the outrage, it’s your job to get them to understand in whatever way that you can.


  1. Imagine that an AK47 of all things, an assault rifle open on the back seat and he and cop had a lil chi chat, he wasn’t even ordered to put it in his trunk or had to provide paperwork to show it was legal.

  2. Oh no buddy you got it all completely wrong! They all understand very well what they are doing. That is why it is called RACISM.

    You see we black folk never ever had a problem with you white folks disliking us. We have Gods love and frankly that is enough for us.

    The problem started when you started to kill us because of your hatred for us. You see you delusional vampires did not create us, that is why you do not have the power to take us off this planet.

    If your not careful isis may just gain a new best friend.

      1. Respect to you Yardielovethug.

        I hope African nations will begin to set up military training camps within Africa for black people from America and all over the world to have arms training.

        Also African nations need to start speaking to Russia and North and South Korea to order some weapons.

        That way white people can sit up straight when we talk.

  3. I don’t know any black people that got pulled over with a gun but I know a white kid who got caught with weed 2 times b4 he was 18 n the police call his mother to come get him..the lady is a very good friend of mine we work together we hang out alot.so 1 day we was taking n I ask her do u think if ur son was black the cop would call u at first she said yes I said really them she laugh n said no come on u white people got privilege..even the the other white people there said if he was any other race this life would be tarnish for the rest of this life bcuz he would be arrested n got a felony charge

  4. eye for N eye time now. enough is enough. the white people need to mourn now. they target Black’s. and sit and act like they perfect with they satanic sadisticd hateful mindset. talk is cheap.

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