Monday night mi did deh a Lorna’s a Queens New York and mi si one girl walk een she come stand up right in front a mi mi never tek it as nothing anyway she put down har phone and it ring suh mi si di name Polish come up. She pick up di phone an answer but a guess she couldn’t hear so she start text and because she dey right in front mi mi coulda si every ting whey shi text. Now the only somebody mi know name Polish a di dj from Queens way run Seafood Tuesday an him did deh a di club but him never did A play. Anyway shi text him an ask him whey him dey an him ansa an say him in a di club. Every time shi text mi si shi look up like shi a look fi him. A bare text dem a text back an fort. Long story short it look like say shi come a di club fi meet him. Mixup did buss out pon ragashanti show wid she an one next gyal way did a fight har over di same polish an shi name sugardene. Maybe somebody have har picha anyway likkle before di club done him walk over to har and say something den mi si him go towards the door den likkle after she follow him. Mi walk behind har and mi si shi cross di street and stand up beside one car mussi fi har car but him did a talk to somebody a di door. Likkle afta mi si him go cross di street an shi follow him to him car dem talk likkle den him drive off and shi drive off behind him. Mi whaa know if a him secret lover or a him woman cause mi memba mi si har already way him deh an dem gwaan like dem no know dem one a nedda plus mi hear say him still a mess wid di big woman way him did dey wid.

17 thoughts on “A WHO AND WHO DIS?

  1. Ppl laka unnu mek mi draw fi mi privacy screen pon mi phone. U neva see wah dem a text say fi know wah dem did ago do? Mek u neva jump inna waah taxi n tell him “follow that car”

  2. Sender mek u wicked so. Why u neva tek her pic then. Is wah polish did ago gi u a f**k and lef wid di girl

  3. is wha bout Polish suh ?

    big dick ? good head game ? money nuff ?

    cause him name always a call up

    so i’m curious, someone who f**k/f**g him come forth and explain the fascination to us please

  4. SMFH… If you want to see SugaDrene shes on FB in Ragashanti group all day every day….Im so confused about the point of this post. So lemme get this straight, u in Lorna’s, stand up behind this ooman, read her msgs. walk out the club and follow them to see what dem up to? Why u neva drive behind dem and dun? You shoulda tap her on the shoulder and asked her or better yet go buy a earlybird ticket on eventbrite and go to his party on 1.7.17 and ask him directly.

  5. Sender you name Magnum PI, lol. Good tea though coz you very thorough.

    Which part of the country you are? Coz me man up there & me want u fi keep tabs on him same way………

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