0 thoughts on “A WHOLE ”WOMEN” IN ONE YEAR

  1. Scammi cut yuh crap cause mi hear yuh still a call and beg di dog fi come back. Yuh survive yes cause yuh shame tree dead years ago

  2. this says a lot.poor ting. so sad. struggling to get ova a jobless ambitionless man that you took care of. then suppose he was a good man? VERY SAD

  3. I’m glad she “did survived” an become “women” cause she couldn’t keep her “men” on a “leash” but a which one di women dem “survived ” di one wha still a heng on or di one wha still a pine fi him

  4. Di women know what she talking bout…maybe she develop some kinda split personality aftah all di crap she went tru…a hope some day dem all join together and become one again,and then she will be truly whole hopefully..dat going tek more than a year tho..U gwan try yahn chile, nuttn beat a trial but a failure..try,try, try again.

      1. Kuum back Yeppie..she need an Ologist ma..u nuh si wah di woman seh she become a “women”..u nuh hab a likkle wud a “advoice” fer them?

  5. We anderstant what u trying to say mum. Is so it did spell doe? Leash neva break u yaa, u n di odder women in ur mind survived

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