A father goes home with his 3 year old daughter and as he is about to open the door to the outside of his home a man approaches him with a gun.The video has no audio but the men could be seeing arguing when a second man with another gun is called in by the first robber.. The man then runs out of the yard into the street leaving his 3 year old girl standing between the two men.


  1. Suh dis grown well fed man reeeeeeeeaaaaallllly run off left di likkle girl, im dawta at the robbers’ dem dispense????????????…so yea, dis is where I totally condone spousal abuse/domestic violence cause if I was that lil girl’s mother who saw this video, I would kick his thick ass…di man really run weh left im dawta???..mi suh shocked til mi haffe laugh tuh baxide :hammer

      1. PP, mi still can’t believe dis big belly man really run weh leff the likkle baby girl; ah hope she geem ah good kick eena him knee cap dem…poor baby girl

  2. So why when him come in, him never lock the gate behind him.second dude look like is a beer bottle inna him hand.him see him life flash before him, him splurt like bolt.

  3. Look to me that these robbers was hell bent on entering that house. We can second guess his actions, but very few of us have ever been in that situation. The fact that he ran probably save his life (& the child’s life) and anyone else inside that house.
    According to what the police are theorizing, Splicer woman was accosted outside the house/apartment by the gunmen and force back inside the house and that is where she and Splicer were killed.

  4. I think it was his best action they wanted to enter the house has run with the key yes he left his daughter but they could have killed him in front of his daughter and took the key and went inside. I don’t know who else is in the house. Him running allowed the other idiots to chase him. He could have ran to call 911 you never know what you’d do if it was you

    1. I agree with you. If they have gotten inside, they would have probably killed everyone inside and got the video recording also. Look like they didn’t want to fire their guns outside of the house. This looks like a Country outside of the US, maybe Puerto Rico or a South/Central American Country?

  5. big and serious,if di man guh inna di house him dead,baby could a dead tuh,memba it’s dog eat dog world,him know weh him a duh cause most of unnu never get inna nuh real war and a get gunshot,dem never come fi di baby,a him dem come for,suh anything a anything, 2 man with gun ambush ting!!!

    1. Look good Triston, there is a third man who came on the scene just before he ran. They came from two different directions.
      @Met, thanks! They look Hispanic on the video.

  6. At first I was thinking how could he run n leave the child, but you know what that cowardly act may have saved them.

  7. It is EASYGOING for people to JUDGE and say what they would have and would not have done.
    Unless you have been the victim of a violent crime and caught in that position, it is easy for people to run off them mouth.
    This is not about running out and leaving the child.. This is about listening to the crime experts and NEVER have the perpetrator ( criminal) take you to the SECOND location… Because you are more likely to die.
    We DONT know who he is protecting inside. Maybe a WIFE who they will rape and kill, or beat, or more children inside the house.
    He has his daughter against THREE armed bandits. Going to point B
    (inside the house ), may have lead to the death of himself and the rape and harm and death of his daughter.
    He ran and took them by surprise. He ran out of fear. He ran so if they have to SHOOT HIM DEAD… It would NOT be in front the innocent eyes of his daughter.
    If he had tried to resist THREE armed men, he would not live to see another day.
    He moved with GOD… Chances are men would NOT harm the child in the yard. The risks too great and most bandits have heart and dont’t kill kids.
    He is NOT a coward in my eyes, but still a heroic dad.
    What we should be sayin is REAL men don’t rob man with kids and commit crime at all.
    Running is NOT d worse things many heroes have done.
    GOD was already protecting his child. He made the right decision. I am a mother, if I AH e to die a vicious death, I do NOTHING want my kids to witness it.
    One ting old people teach you in Trinidad is:
    ” He who fights and runs away,
    Lives to fight another day! ”
    What a WAY the world can JUDGE people from sitting behind their computer screens… It is sad… Because NONE of unno or the thousands pon d social media criticizing d man know if unno would stop SHIT your pants when u are robbed by gunpoint by three men.

  8. Him still alive, Him daughter alive and Him house never get rob! Probably the best decision that man ever make inna him life is run outta that yard. Worse dem Trinidad thugs doh play.

  9. Run yes, but run wid yuh pickney too man, nuh run lef yuh defenseless child in harms way! Damn wicked him wicked, coward and self centered!!!! What if d robbers had turned their gun or whatever weapon the y had on d child or took her for ransom??? Him fi lucky seh a nuh dem cold-hearted killers deh weh kill dung to puss & dawg when dem pass tru. If they got in d house it would have ended in death, so it was good he bolted in d opposite direction, but good God pan a wah him duh frighten & figet seh his child was with him??? If a my pickney him desert suh yuh see man a wld an do him wust dan how d robber them wld an do him. Him nuh look like him have no strategy whatsoever, look like him ketch him coward & splurt. No sah all now mi caan believe dah big worthless man yah really & truly tek flight lef him child.

    1. I don’t understand your reasoning. The robbers could simply shoot the victim (and the child) on the spot and all argument done. They would have the key to the house and be free to enter the house at will to harm others. They had the bead on him and he was defenseless, cornered. Running was the only option for him. There is no way he could have snatched up that child and be able to make a clean getaway. He barely got through that gate, due to the fact that he caught them off guard. To me, his action was the best option, given the situation he was in. To call the MAN a coward is hitting way below the belt. To play hero in that situation was a sure way to get killed. These guys were unmasked and probably known by the victim, so the likely end would be they kill him after gaining access to the house. Even after he ran, the thug was checking to see if the door was open. He wanted something or someone in that house badly. Is woman like you that boost up men to get killed by playing up their manhood.

    2. ONEDROP: yuh nuh mek nuh sence,mi see di outcome and it nuh look good,di underworld is a ugly and wicked ting and yes,when it come tuh big money and drugs,everybody dead,nuh witness,mi guh through similer situation and yuh have one ting on your mind and dat a survival,first one mi fight fi mi life and never get tieup cause if mi get tieup, mi know mi dead,and di second, almost 2yrs know dem ambush mi and shot mi 10 times,and di bwoy dem never seh nothing jus a fire shot,only God can judge him!!!!!

      1. Yuh get 10 shot and live? Bwoy, God was looking over yuh. Why didn’t you leave that life after the first attempt?

  10. The movie Force Majeure deals with a similar topic.
    Why it look like a ppl him owe money to come fi collect. The poor little one so innocent, put her backpack on and to go looking for her father.

  11. I remember when i got robbed at gunpoint and someone ask me why i didn’t do this or that, 2 weeks after that the person got robbed at gunpoint too and i asked them why they didn’t do the things they said i should do and they couldn’t answer because they were so shocked.
    I think the father probably knew the guys.

  12. But it look like him know dem man. Why u have a grill gate if u going to leave it open, when u open it. Caribbean people a lock back dem grill as soon as dem pass tru it, dem all squeeze through dat backside sideways, nuh mind dem scrape off piece a dem skin, how dem a screechie guh innah dem own place. Dat is if dem affi guh tru di trouble of having dem yah security measures. Di way him did a look back behind him and innah di exact direction di fuss man come from? summn nuh right. Look at him reaction when di fuss guy came in, not that of a man wah fraid of a stranger wah just walk in off a di road. Anywhooo if ah did my chile him leff suh, him wouldah have to have a good “splanation”. Aftah dah mi not leaving him wid mi chile again, no brabrah. Widout di sound can’t seh nuttn mo..

  13. Unbelievable, did I really see what just occur? Mi caan believe seh him leave di likkle gal in such danger with the robbers , gun shot fi dat pussy hole

    1. Well, tell us what would you do in that situation? Fight the two guys and try to get their guns, possibly hurting the kid in the process or quickly grab the child and run? Remember, there is only one way out and it is thru that gate.

  14. Maybe he ran because he thought they would chase him. That man may have saved his daughters life and whoever was in that house when he ran. We have no idea what was said, but seeing her dad viciously kill would be devastating for that little girl.

  15. di man have security camera from all angle therefore whatever him doing him feel the need fi extra security……so him a do tings….secondly di man dem a focus pon him…when him run him basically tek dem mind offa wha dem a do….so it look like coward but in retrospect it was di best ting him do cause a him and whatever inside di house dem come fa and dem na badda wid di likkle baby….only inna jamaica murdara kill everybody and everyting dat draw breathe…..

  16. Anyone notice that he came back very quickly to get his little girl? He did not run very far, since as soon as the guys left, he was seen coming back into the camera frame to get this child.
    What I find funny was how the little girl pick up the bag that his father dropped and went looking for her daddy. I’m sure she doesn’t think her father was a coward and did what he had to do to prevent these thugs from going inside that house. Big up the father for looking out for his entire family and not allowing the criminals to get inside his house, where his other family members are.

  17. Dem seh when trouble tek yuh…. Pickney shut fit yuh!! Wi can all seh weh wi woulddah duh but until we are in that situation, no one knows what the hell they would have done!!

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