6 thoughts on “A WOMAN’S BURDEN

  1. RIP BEAUTIFUL, so sad. Father God please comfort and strengthen this family especially her daughter, keep your head up young Miss.

  2. Dutty stinking mouth Akeem we see you statement bout” be careful of betraying someone because the judgment in return is dangerous” go suck u mother crowbait’!!!! Only a f**king maama man rejoice in someone’s death.. RIP Shauna good gal, father guide n protect her baby girl…

  3. RIP to the young ladies that died. I hope They charge the owner with manslaughter. Mi understand seh him neva understand but why should they pay for his ignorance and not him?

  4. Crowbait fishlady run go put up bout she contacted Shauna’s mom and she a go let people know how to donate! I only pray Shauna’s duppy box dung yuh bombo,before yuh go smuggle yuh coco crotches.I don’t know why unno can’t provide direct links to the victims like how Met does as in the cases of Kevin Robinson and Angela.But no,unno stay playing miggle agent to get unno cut.

    I am warning people not to send any bloodclaart monies to the sea creature because she too fuking despicable with the profitting off others’ misfortune! R.i.p Shauna,Suck yuh mumma fish lady!

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