But kadesha mek partying gone to her Head!! Not everyone can do both, partying and school, think you should stop followering others until you can bring up your grades at utech to remove you from off academic probation. But honestly she do behave stupid and can’t do anything off her own so this was expected. About time she stop doing promo and start taking school serious its not all about free passes to parties


  1. Young lady wid de pretty face and de nice clean skin, please do better academically – wise. Put de whole heap a partying ting pon de back burner. Don’t mek mi give you an 11 out of 10 for being stupid now, because I don’t think you are. Come on, stop messing up school-wise, smarten up, stay focused on your lessons, and make your parent(s) proud of you!

  2. Kadesha get some new friends, see them a send in the whole of your business deh. Being on academic probation is confidential info so a only who u tell cudda a do this

  3. Sender comeon….how do you know she’s on Academic Pobation….send in the evidence. Cah nuff a unnu badmine and lie.

    Disclaimer: I don’t know this lady

  4. Kadzii i like u, ur very sexy and pretty. I know how it feels to fall behind in school, but if u really want that degree u have to realize that u messed up and make it right immediately. Jus cut off certain things fi now and fix tings, cuz see the same gyal dem yah run backa a sen in u file fi embarass u. These streets are not pretty girl.

  5. She pays for her school fee with her promotion money thats why she have to work she dont come from a family with money so she have to work for her own uno love Bloodcl**at judge to much MI HATE UNO!

  6. Oh my! I was thinking maybe it’s a case where her promo job pays her tuition but baby girl if ure failing; u might wanna cut back on the partying a little… Get ur priorities straight; a few nights off partying won’t do u much harm.. I know the spotlight makes us lose focus of our ideal goal at times but as long as u can see where ure going wrong and correct it then no harm there…

  7. She Too Hype. she nuh come from rich family n a gwan like she have it a try compete with shanzi that’s all these Instagram whores do uno end ago bitter

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