The police in Manchester say they are still investigating the murder of a 51-year-old doctor in the parish and are following strong leads.

Dead is medical practitioner Clinton Lewis.

THE STAR understands that the doctor, who practised at the Black River Hospital in St Elizabeth, was found dead in his bath at his home in Mandeville on Friday with a wound to the chest.

It is reported that the body was found when police forced their way into the doctor’s home at Wesley Heights in Mandeville about 12:30 p.m.

An alarm had been raised after Lewis failed to turn up for work.

Police say the doctor’s burnt Lexus motor car was found in east Kingston.

hey had a relationship and he is just covering his tracks about proposition.

A couple years ago, a 51-year old Doctor at the Black River Hospital was killed at his Manchester home by a youth that was less than 22. That same youth was gay from he was a student at an all boys boarding school in St. Elizabeth. The youth also committed a murder before and did “things” to the body, yet got off that murder charge. This Doctor took the murderer to his home and was living with him, only to be killed months later by this same young man.


  1. So are the two crimes (Dexter and Dr Lewis) connected? Are they implying it’s the same young man? Because Dr Lewis died in 2012 and that young man accused of the crime would have been about 27 now (the news said he was 20 at the time). So are they talking about the same guy? Mek I just read and wait on the news and police reports because I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a group of young men who are going around doing this to these “Wealthy older gay men”.

  2. Cannot be the same youth. That story was years ago. This person that killed Dexter is 22. He could not be 22 then and still be 22 now. SMH!

      1. Could be true because Jamaica’s system is not up to date…I saw a pic of the young man last night and him look older than 22

  3. Are we sure of people age, look how much time people mek damm fake id, even voters id can have on fake date of birth. Anywaus wat i get from this article is that these prominent gays are lying with too much little low life and bad men gays and them putting them self at risk n it has been happening for years. Secondly this boy may have been connected to the doctor murder, suppose a did 2 a dem or 3 a dem murder the doctor then but police just a find another one who was younger at the time. A nuff time wen underage boys commit crime dem nuh publish dem name, so uno cant speculate that him was not involved, he may involved but never caught, or he was a youngster at the time. Uno need to stop, think, and look through things before uno talk,some a uno mind close like the gays dem closet.

    1. Reading comprehension is all needed. The article clearly mek it known that in 2012 the suspected killer was 22! 2017-2012=5. 22+5=27!

  4. Sounds like one a dem 48hrs psycho you see pon Dem investigative report. I have a feeling the killer is also very attractive.

  5. I want 2 one if the police filled DNA evidence fr both crime scenes to compare r they r just assuming it’s the same person going around killing rich gay men.

  6. In Center’s case, I think d young man is gay 4 pay. He n Dexter was in a down low relationship. They had sex b4 Dexter was killed. He probably asked Dexter for money n Dexter said no bcuz he owes him for bailing d young man out of jail. An argument started got out of control n d young man killed him n took d tv cellphones etc to sell dem n get d money. D police catch him b4 he could sell. That’s my theory.

  7. All mi know say is dat most of de gays dem a yaad violent, and love to create drama wid dem antics. You know how much time mi watch videos pon Youtube and adda websites and see dem behaviour? Dem love attention bad – especially de younger ones dem, who act like say society owe dem someting, and dem upset at the world.

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