1. That’s exactly how a woman involuntarily becomes a side chick. Oftentimes when you meet a married man, they very rarely reveal this fact. So unless you conduct a background check, run tags and do your own exhaustive investigative work,(highly recommended), you end up dating a married man then finding out when your heart is already invested.
    Now at this time, should u walk away and leave the other woman happy while you are miserable or stay and deal with the situation?

    1. Foxy, she too outta awda…from she call di man phone and him wife ansa, she shoulda seh wrong numb and den deal wid di man one ah way as tuh why he lied to her, but no…she wa tan pan phone and banton di wife…she needa focus less on the wife and her husband and more on her raggedy asss hair n’ missin edges…ah coo it tuh nuh, fava…..

        1. She woulda get cuss fuss and den if she brite enough fe show ar face, mi woulda den laugh til mi weak ah haffe hold ah seat…not even 1 curse word, just deadin wid laugh as tuh her appearance and braveness…

  2. Valley boys wife is har girlfriend in-law. I actually heard a girl refer to har boyfriends wife by that term: girlfriend in-law. KMT

  3. Met mi dash Weh mi phone cause u site burn it up it too hot. Mek di two colour woman gwey she ain’t talking to no one everybody want to be seen and heard bitch bye!! Any bitch call my phone a tell me say she with my husband me not arguing mi just give her mi address a tell har come get him stuff trust me it no worth losing a good nite sleep. Me na argue ova no man been there done dat too bless a independent fi da shit!! Only men me we argue fa is trump tiger woods nick cannon cause mi we live very comfortable. When nick come check mi inna in two million dollars shoe mi tell him leave dem I will keep the diamonds shiney.

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