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  1. Yo mi come visit fi see real rass news and dis mi come see African bull we a Yardie…Mi waa see Yardie news…stop water dun di thing..unu hear dat.

    1. FYI we are all Africans so the only thing that is watered down is your mind. Learn about your roots, yard is not where your roots began. Turn a page travel a thousand miles..The knowledge to your brain would be worth your while. This story/movie is a universal message that serves men on every continent and every race. Don’t count your chickens before the hatch and don’t waste your youth you will live with regrets.

  2. General, if yuh siddung watch an African movie one ah dem day ya, you will see that Africans and Jamaicans have a lot of similarities…for one, Africans express their joy, happiness and gratitude thru singing and dancing…same as we Jamaicans do, and that is just the tip of the iceberg…mi naah guh bash yuh but trust mi General, siddung one day ah tekeen ah good African movie *comedy*…they are funny as hell!! :ngakak :ngakak *watch ah village one, more funnier in my opinion*…watch this one, it is ah village movie, just like yuh woulda watch ah country side Jamaican movie…get in tune with your African roots General ah stop be so miserable…hush daddy :peluk…

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