Suh met from wah yah James just drop Davia like hot bread and pick up Sabrina. After all these years of them living together him never post ntn like this bout Davia, me just a try find out a wah really gwaan. Yesterday him Mek all video bout if there is a question of his heart a she have. Pple unuh come talk up bout dah one yah





0 thoughts on “AH BRAND NEW LOVE

  1. I liked James n Davia better mi never know dem did live together… mi just naah feel him n Sabrina but I wish dem all di best tho

  2. After a nuh she mash up James and Davia so weh Karma a go ketch her fah .A Davia whoring ways . F***ka fi Davia she did a walk in Javana shadow right dung a Spoilers she end up back where she belong . Javana and Nadine use her and refuse her she haffi a run back ina Cass girls but memba dem nuh like u cause u take press and dis dem don David . Davia is the biggest mascot eva

  3. anytime you man jump out like that, he is trying to prove on the ex….he is hurting from something the ex did…sabrina becareful…dont be a pond in his game

  4. This bwoy is a straight up Playa and is not Sabrina and lone him have he has 2 ig page he only highlights her on one then use the other to pick up other woman and put them up as well smfh

  5. Lawd sender unuh nah ntn FI BLOODCLAAT do? James n Davia lef fi close to a year now stop watch d PPl dem. it bun yuh Fi dem don’t it?

  6. I was busy wondering the same shit, heyyyyyyyyyyy Davia Davia the way how yuh hype and full a yuhself yes you!!!! Mi sey mi neva see a gyal weh nuh have nothing and hype so. Now yuh end up back dung a spoilas and mek trish a guide and boost yuh up likkle girl. Davi stop throw wud pon Nadine just because she took a photo with James and Sabrina.
    Go get a 9-5 cah the effect nah connect, yuh have a nice shape but yuh attitude stunk it pass stink. I like James and Sabrina together now everyone else can go drop asleep speaking to the trio crew Davi, Kim and mawga suck out bag juice looking Trisha weh need fi go laser off the mole off her face.

  7. I spy true wud as bad as tings maybe Sabrina always trying real hustler maybe the man want get and nuh want jus to give

  8. Somebody ah carry cocky feelings ah post de best pic dem cyan find. The man move on theif, u nuh wahn me talk up de tings dem. Him nuh want u, and u runny p###m weh run like dutty gully water gweh gal and go look stardom else where.

  9. A long time James fi lef vulgar Davia!!!! I’ve never met a girl that’s as loud as davia in my life!!! All when she did a work for nadine she always vulgar n rass loud in the woman store even around customers …. the customers always a complain how she loud and disgusting and people went as far as saying when they’re in Nadine store it felt as if they were downtown, just bcuz a sketel loud mouth davia … when she ready she belittle james even tell him fi go suck him dead mother ….. I always wondered why he was with her and if he was that desperate

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