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They are dragging this girl even on her page because of her primeness.You would think for someone to post such a pic their backgrung would look like Buckingham palace.These young girls sooo hype nowadayz and them don’t have the dignity nor presence of mind to know they have Nutten to hype ova In REALITY!

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  1. Fada Abraham a many songs a many songs of fada Abraham and I am one of them an so are we , so let’s just praise the lord, right hand , left hand, right foot, left foot, head’s up, head’s down, turn around, jump up, sit down. :travel

  2. This is what happens when you don’t get to the 4th Grade reading level.

    Also, respect to Lady Saw. Inna one of her songs she say “Sometimes fe sorry fe de stress wey dem a bear. Some gal need fe go do dem hair. Go do yu hair!” True words fe describe dis picture.

  3. Under other circumstances I would say what a calamity. BUT! we can all see this is a little girl. It seems as if she’s from the country, she probably just got her phone and her new headset and she is doing what every other young teenagers do on social media…take pictures.

    I can’t fault her for her environment. She’s still a child living at home and unfortunately for her and her family that is the home they can afford.

    I hope as she gets older she will realize that being sexy doesn’t warrant being raunchy.

  4. I can honestly say that this young lady has a roof over her head, it might not be what we would consider a lavish place to live but she has one, but at the same time instead of posting pictures of herself in that way just goes to show her lack of ambition, she needs role models to tell her go to school finish school and look a job that would be able to move you out of were your at, to do better for yourself… She’s young and this is the generations we are leaving the world too…

  5. I wonder how many of you perfect judge mental f***s have ever packed an extra pack of pads or panties and tried to reach out to one of these little girls who probably don’t know better. What I see is a girl trying to be a teenager in less than ideal environment. I wonder how many of you perfect judge mental f**s have f**d for rent clothes phone. She may not know better. How about each one teach one. Dragging and disgracing her is not going to solve anything.

    1. I see your point, I do. My aunt is a returnee to Jamaica after living in the US for years. She said she and others in the community try to reach out to the young people but they don’t want to know unless it involves money or phone credit that they do not have to work for. My aunt said that she offered a young girl in the district some domestic work whilst her 3 kids were at school. She did a days work before telling my aunt that she couldn’t manage the work as it too hard. Days later a man came to the yard and claimed he was her boyfriend and that my aunt should be careful of who she let in her yard as the woman that he deh wid told him to go and Rob her but he was so disgusted that he told my aunt. Life in Jamaica is hard for some but don’t assume that some people don’t want to help it’s just that a lot of the kids have no ambition or work ethic.

  6. This is what is wrong with society..so because she is poor she can’t pose for pic and feel nice..really… that right there is an effect of slavery ..prejudice is eating our hearts out..dnt see no hype in the pic..n it says nth about not being ambitious..by what u wrote I’m guessing poor ppl having fun may bother u… how rude of her right?

  7. Why am I getting the vibez that some ppl not picking up that is block Met block out her showing of the middle finger?

    Even if we all agree that one can’t too knock her for her environs,it still wouldn’t excuse her attitude.

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