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Alkaline before being whisked away from the Area Four Headquarters in Kingston on Thursday. Photo: Sade Gardner

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Popular dancehall deejay Alkaline was this afternoon freed from police custody following a judge’s order earlier today that the police either charge the entertainer or release him by 6:00 pm. He was not charged.

Alkaline’s attorney, Peter Champagnie, earlier today filed a habeas corpus for his release.

The artiste, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, last Thursday reported to investigators probing the January 13 murder of Rohan Morris in Maverley, St Andrew.

He was detained that evening following a session of questioning and remained in police custody until about 3:15 this afternoon when he was freed.

7 thoughts on “ALKALINE FREED

  1. This is why mi doe like the JCF. Any charges they bring against Alkaline in the future I will meet with skepticism. I can only imagine how they deal with average citizens. If at all possible I hope Alkaline fling wah lawsuit unda dem bumbo.

  2. This holding ppl for however long and not charging dem ting wid JCF haffi go stop. Or when you fi get bail dem move you, or put in wrong name just fi hold you there!

    If dem did do things di right way, ppl wouldn’t look pon dem suh! And mi feel it fi di good police inna force, cause try kno dem get some serious fight!

  3. Told u I was right. All the ppl dem bout dem have links and dem links seh him inform and a guh get charge.

    Cut off ur links dwl

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