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  1. Omg Jesus H Christ this is way way too much,even for me!!Suck yuh mumma dutty crassis Stacy!!Run back the Don’s phone.Take care of yourself n ur mom zeen MI Don.I hope u learn to love n accept yourself as is rather than seek validation n love from those who would hurt you for lil n nutten.Again this is just all too muchi love ur realness n feeling ur pain too much so I’m out.

  2. You were made in his image and likeness god doesn’t makes mistakes. All the best on all your endeavors

  3. My heart really goes out this person, life is learning experiences; you learned how much your value your mom–build on that and stop holding on to the past. I’m sure your mother will forgive you as you are her child, now forgive yourself. Sending prayers your way~

  4. No caring human being could failed to be moved by her story. Regardless of lifestyle I felt an outpouring of love towards her

  5. Wow, I don’t really follow her but I saw one of her videos the other day and she seem like a naturally genuine person. I am so proud of her for coming out. I’m glad that she had the love and support of her family growing up, that is what makes her able to be so comfortable with her sexuality. I am even more proud of how she has sought to educate her followers about issues that have been taboo for a very long time. I’m sure she is not the only one going through this and I hope others take comfort in knowing, that there are people out here who may not have the same issues, but have an understanding of what they are going through, and are will to support them in their journey, but we can’t know what you don’t let show.

  6. This is so sad and moving… I hope after being honest about her/his situation (which by the way was a private matter and nobody’s business) I hope these vultures leave her/him alone. I hope someone finds strength with this testimony. This was a situation that none of us should ridicule, mock nor judge. You have not walked in those shoes. The raw pain is heartbreaking.

  7. Oh wow. hush i can feel your pain, please listen to this

    Anita Baker song…… “It will be all over in the morning.

  8. I can feel her pain. Wow. Mi belly bottom weak. I cried when she said “Dem seh Moomy haffi choose…. a dem choose”. Loww Stacey…..she will get hers. Smh. God naw sleep. He protects his children ….because he created us. One love Pretty Don. :peluk :peluk

  9. Stacy you a one evil bloodclaat gyal. Mi watch your video and mi watch Don video and a Don mi believe. Stacy u wicked nuh rass.

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