Good day Pinky hide me id with justice for women..need justice for Miss-ann the Christian lady that Paul shoot in her neck from Delacree lane and then bury her after him shoot her it’s been, almost 3years now and no justice have been served and he is on the run from the incident and his wanted by the police..and know him sister dead and it’s all over social media saying that they need justice for her..but we also need justice for Miss-ann who her brother kill..end violence against women

4 thoughts on “ALL NOW NO JUSTICE

  1. Doniboo876, the sender is saying Paul who kill Miss ann have a sister that was also killed. They need justice for Miss ann who this lady brother (Paul) killed.

  2. Sorry bastard killed the woman now on the run and all now the police can’t find him. Then karma hit him and now his sister was murdered by a thug just like him. Justice is needed for both woman

  3. Is Paul kill her so we shouldn’t be heartless to his sister for what her brother did. I hope the police catch Paul and that there will be justice for both women

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