Allison Everyday Kelly and the big sour one Kayann chat u how you ungreatful because when Shabba breed you and tell you to dash weh the belly and them take shame out of ur eye and keep baby shower and buy you tv and list goes on and on yes Allissa work for what you want


6 thoughts on “ALLISSA YUH FIGET

  1. Okay, the girl gave a synopsis of her early years and the one time she falter unu come a look praise?

    Alissa, it look like dem did want you to disclose everything bout you life in the one post.

  2. Jamaicans are terrible leave the girl alone she take care of her kids half yall Jamaicans kids never look like money always buying bottles and fancy clothes and yall kids be looking crazy as hell

  3. Sender u a run in wid story and i can’t understand wat u trying to say go back a school dumb bitch an leave people business :travel alone

  4. Congrats proud of u and ur determination. .if I did knw u I wlda shake u hand…caw me can’t even talk about my struggles all now.

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