1. Met you remember when Reggie lef kim? Kim run go a the car wash go wash her car.. And the man ask how you want to pay for it and she go put it on Reggie credit card and him call her an dun her.. When dem use to deh kim never wan be there for Reggie but when the boy buy her the gift them a DAT she like.. Til him figure her out and lef her.. Look how she run go married the Chris and find out say him nuh have enough money like weh she want no camera nothing den she figure out she Dont love him no more dem time deh she a f**k kanye. Only the weak black men they prey on

  2. Me wan fi know what so special bout nasty amber rose? cause ole pot can’t cuss ole kettle…hope the pictures wid the driver and fi har pickney did’t upset she much…then again mongrel dogs have no shame.

    1. Wiz said he don’t want har back. That is why Amber upset. French Montana one night her and she shame. Whores cursing whores. Amber is no better than these girls, she too is a gold digger but these sisters use their ass and make it rain they don’t play with to make the Benjamin. Amber did not do anything with dating Kanye nor Wiz. She is still tweaking in the clubs for money. Where is her cosmetic line, clothing line, liquor company? She doesn’t own shit but her name. I wish I did love limelight and famous men, because I would show these gals how you create an empire out of dating a rich man. I rate Shaunie Oniel, she is a boss. Amber loves clubbing, why not open a set of night clubs in like three popular states.

  3. No lie that’s Mr Simpson all the way ‘ bleaching to remain white the pot still fit the cover . That’s just how Jenner is she fc her husband best friend . Me love them cause the smart get rich off nothing muma a serious GOLD DIGGER she no play .

  4. Met, me comment gone a trash because me not team lesbo-amber, who have paternity issues granted that fi har pickney put side to side wid the driver look just a like? :travel

  5. Well, that’s effing wonderful. Dat Kris Jenner, a tell yu! She is a bit too much! Not to go off topic, but ah wonda when is she releasing her own sex tape for seniors?

  6. Kartrashon family is dysfunctional daddy is a bitch mother a whore picney porn star them jus open a can a worms amber a give it to them

    1. I’m on no team, all these bitches thirsty! They should all invest their energy into charity work and go sit their injected asses and silicone breasts down. They all take lip and butt injections.

  7. If u wanna know what so special about Amber is that . Amber is a public whore Kim and her family a private whore until shit leaks . We like real ppl not the fake ones

  8. Kris yuh file nuh pretty :hoax2 Yuh feel seh yuh is di sexiest ole coon alive…but is what yuh du tuh in-transition Miss Bruce meck him shave dung him Adam Apple and about tuh cut off him ding-a-ling in exchange fi a pu$$y plit….:travel

  9. Amber!! I guess the gag order is up or nah? She’s so salty that kanye is with Kim, why did she neatly bring Kim in when it was abt khloe & she kmft di whole lotta dem is whores calling each other out NEXT

    1. Amber salty over Kanye? I feel comfortable fi seh she salty over her husband, not Kanye .When they were done they were done until him try call her name and she did haffi drop a few bombs here and there n him haffi run go pay her off to shut up. Mi glad smaddy shut dung di kardashiwhore dem because from mother to did breastfed behavior shameful

      1. Yea she salty over her husband fi true. Inna the interview she basically wha say Kanye mad wideout really saying that, but she did say that him and Kim deserve each other cauz memba Kim used to send him or nude pics while him and Amber together and she ask her to stop and she Neva stop. Fi all a dat,, in the interview Amber neva shade har as bad as she could have. She just talk the truth. Say what we will bout her, she not trying to pretend she’s more ths. She is. Khloe really run up inna Amber words dem. Dem think too much of demself and shudda shut up. But noo…Amber give it to dem and I’m proud of her

  10. I believe that kloe is OJ’s child. Kris is a dysfunctional woman on top of being loose and $ hungry. Nastiness breed nastiness and that’s y the kids come out like that unfortunately.

  11. Blame this on the mama, she sells those girls, only Kortney, the true Kardashian she can’t mess with, that girl has a back bone of her own. Poor Kim is her pawn because she weak. But all of them including Amber are hoes calling each other a whore.

    1. Yes Bammy, mumma Jen cannot mess wid Kourtney cause she nuh ramp fe class di mumma den branch off duh ar own thing away from alla dem…

  12. Khloe wasn’t ready lmaooo.i love Amber she’s real and she don’t sugar coat,it is what it is with her… Ummm didn’t Kanye take mic and thanked philly for giving him amber?? Kim pushed her way in d people relationship just like Khloe pushed her way in Trina n French relationship

    1. Yuh nuh c Rob and the next modeling wan mek sure twk weh dem self from it gal mek sure she all fire de muma as her manager..kandle see the name cumna de end yah
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

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