Hi met this Toya from Florida aka Patsy cut face ugly daughter. Ugly Toya weh her mouth lip them black, and favor like them sew on a two sister frill skirt, bout her kids allergic to hand outs, Yuh theiving ambition less piece of trash, the people them store is tired of Yuh, the people them, allergic to uno worthlessness. You is in America from u 2 year old and all now you’re paperless and job less, Patsy ugly pickney ugly ass down, take 100 seats, before u lose the frill from round you mouth. You look like the big ole garbage pan weh every baddi dump them garbage ina


  1. What gal worthless,and when them done them same one claim say people inform on them, when them put out them advertisement out on social Media. Toya bravo, good look for Dream and dash mommy, proud of your high class paying job, good look for the teachers and parents at your kids school, extremely good look for the BSO in Florida. Proud thieft indeed :hammer

  2. Morning Met, and the beautiful clean and decent working bloggers. Even the ones that don’t have a job, cause we still nah thief

  3. And den wonda why dem pickney end up obese or have wholeap ah medical complications afta dem feed dem McDonalds 4 times a day, 7 days a week….gal, yuh know fe cook??????

    1. I was wondering if she proud or vex bout it cause dat is child abuse in my eyes. Before dem get up fi go thief why dem cannot mek time and prepare a healthy breakfast for the kids. If she neva a teef she would have made it home to have another healthy snack waiting with dinner on the way. she want some kick under har rass

  4. Toya still a teef???? Suh how toya a teef and shi Neva look good yet? All these questions and no answer!! A long time mi a ask dem questions yah enuh, toya u need Fi stop teef cause it nah do nuhtin for u, suh u proud sey dream a eat Mcdonald 3 4 times a day? Smh!! Pickney Fi eat home meal fast food ago gi er problem lata on, and mi hear sey dream nuh have nuh manners maybe cause shi nuh have a mother home Fi teach er cause er mada Eva dey a road!!! Smh at this fool fool ugly stay bad gal!!! No sah!!!!!

  5. But wait deh , nuh the same Toya weh did thieft the whole heap a lobster for her baby shower . That shower was a thunderstorm . The talk of the town in South Florida .

  6. Dem gal ya nuh have no class,suh she tief all this lobster fi shower fi other people eat but give her child MacDonald suh much time a day she need fi go jail fi dat if u ask mi cause obviously child not getting a home cook meal ever. Suh not even Sunday a good meal cook. But u tief the most cloths and shoes fi party and call uself a Mother. Girl u dead wrong fi dat hun. U need a rass beating with maka stick

  7. This puss-C RASHAYR ROBINSON, spamming the blog with stupid comments. I guess he is testing the blog before flooding it with useless data.

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