1. African Americans don’t get along with no other Black race from anywhere else. They say we look down on them and they we are better than them yet we run go America etc. It’s funny really.

    1. It’s true that some foreign born Black people look down on American born Black people and want to constantly complain, yet want to flock to America..Now, THAT’s what’s funny! If you think you are better than a group of people why go be among them only to complain about them?

  2. What the f**k is a African Jamaican? We acknowledge wi roots long time ago. We know we come from Africa! A dat a America problem, unnu love categorize people too much! Mi not even done read the article, I can’t get get pass the reference African Jamaican!

    1. Morning…a dat me wan fi know.

      Jamaicans of African lineage don’t need no reminder that WE are direct, live and in the flesh Africans.

      Met, me tek insult to that “new” race label.

    2. For the sake of the post, just interpret to be a black Jamaican versus say a Chinese Jamaican or Indo-Jamaican, or white Jamaican.

  3. Well hun… I’m going to tell you something I’ve experienced from the hands of African Americans. I came to the states at a very young age.From jamaica,When i came i went into 3rd grade. From 3rd grade straight up to 8th,i was teased and ridiculed in the most malicious way by the hands and mouths of African Americans. I was called out of my name constantly, i had gum out in my hair,they where chewing small papers into a ball and spitting at me through a straw. I also had someone put gum in my seat. I was told to go back to Africa and if i had took a “banana boat” to come here. They called me a African booty sctather, they said i live in huts and shoots arrows. This was my first time experiencing racism, and that was by the hands of African Americans. You see its only when i got into high school and then college, i truly got to realize that most African Americans do not know their roots and culture. And i know alot more ppl that went through what i have gone through. I have nothing against another black person, i once dated an African American. And to this day he thanks me for teaching him things about his culture he had no idea about. To this day I’ve never been treated so poorly by no other race.

    1. Yes Anon 8:41am. I went through the same and it was a very bad time for Jamaicans in the 80’s. thank god for high self esteem or else alot of us who were young kids back then would have killed our selves due to the brutal taunting of these black american children. Now everyone wants to be Jamaican. How the tables have turned.

      1. No I don’t think everyone wants to be Jamaican. So many of you have come to America and had children with American people so those children say they are Jamaican because one of the parents is.

  4. Gm metty, just wanted to know if you know of anybody that been through what I’ve been through in middle school? Mi forgot to add that is almost the end of grade eight mi did affi fight and mash a girl,so everything I’ve been going through both at home and in school she get my wrath unleash on her.

    1. I will not even comment on this because as you said they dont know their history. Every nationality is a threat to them and this isnt their land either so I wont bother myself

      1. Sweetie, first off, since when is every nationality a threat to Black Americans? Where did you get this nonsense? Jamaicans are constantly talking negative shit about America any chance they get “Oh Yankee people eat junk, dem nah know real food” and other stupid shit like that YET you all love to flock to America..stay in Jamaica with your “real food”

        1. It hurt you what was said so much…………that you are here responding to every comment..

        2. I am African American and I dated a Jamaican guy for 6 years and this food here in the US is terrible…with there injections, pesticides, and GMO garbage, and etc….I truly believe our country has the worst food ever…Whenever I visited Jamaica or other island countries you can tell that the food was fresh and straight from the land and sea…

      2. Most of them are native to America when u do the historic reserch this is their land only a fraction sailed on boats as slaves if that changes your perspective

    2. The difference between blacks in America is we don’t hold gruges on a whole group of ppl just because we had bad experience with one or a couple. First time a Jamaican knows you’re Black American for no f**n reason at all they’ll hate and label you its Jealousy mostly. not over looking how some ppl say they were treated but I bet you all don’t look at someone from your culture with the same hate and they could have tried to kill you but let skip pass that on point out Experiences with other cultures !!! Im done with you Guys

    3. The difference between blacks in America is we don’t hold gruges on a whole group of ppl just because we had bad experience with one or a couple. First time a Jamaican knows you’re Black American for no f**n reason at all they’ll hate and label you its Jealousy mostly. not over looking how some ppl say they were treated but I bet you all don’t look at someone from your culture with the same hate and they could have tried to kill you but let skip pass that on point out Experiences with other cultures !!! Im done with you Guys

  5. First hand experience. The most wicked set a people I went to school and work with are Black Americans. Mi sey dem hate we Jamaican like poison. The black American woman hate that Ja man ( old time ones) mind dem woman. Ja woman keep themselves up & that we don’t need their friendship/validation. Mi sey mi hate dem. It’s not all but most. When I was a younger and mommy would platt my hair and send me to school the amount a ridicule and bullying mi experience. We couldn’t wear ” Jordan’s” and name brand clothes but we ever did clean and well feed. Now them same wutless black Americans nah do shit wid dem dog life. Mi hate dem all weh some a dem do mi pin mi job; if mi never strong up and defend miself dem woulda tear mi dung! It’s a black supervisor that tell me I’m different and to stay far from dem crab in a barrel. Ol’ wicked wutless black American. Met when mi sey mi hate dem mi hate dem!

    1. Dem bumbo try kill me at P.S. 167! A DE PUERTO RICANS defended me from those savages till me got in tune with me primal instincts and stop tek lick in a me head and get call coconut and jungle monkey.

    2. @Puddie Can you speak English? I do not have my Rosetta Stone on hand to translate this gibberish you wrote! You got your ass punked in school so somehow it’s all Black American’s fault..Bitch go back “OOME” then!

    3. Jamaican women keep themselves up with cheap wigs and jewelry tho…since we’re stereotyping. I see so many of yall buy the cheapest shit then lie to yourself in the mirror “Mi look goooda” but the wig look like a plucked rooster in some outrageous color! the clothes so cheap that if you wash it one time it will disappear. Loud and tacky doesn’t mean keeping yourself up. Then you all have the nerve to call Americans uneducated but you all can’t even speak proper English. “What de gal dem put pan har skinn?” Just stop the nonsense..

    4. I’m African American and I can get along with other ethnic groups. If you feel that there is a problem with African Americans then it’s time for you to leave the United States and go back to your home land.

  6. Mi never have a good experience wid dem black yankee people yet!!!!! Mi cyaa teck dem yuh f**k. Dem love class people an gwan like ongle dem an Jesus ah besties fi life! Cyaa even tawk whey mi been thro wid dem. Upsetting fi seh di least.

  7. @puddie@mint tea, mi glad say sender can see say is not we alone go through it with them. Mi not even ago talk bout how dem cuss mi say we come yah come tek way dem jobs. But jobs are here for everyone. A nuh fi we fault mek we ambitious and love nice things. Nobody nuh tell dem fi sidung pon section 8 and welfare. Di mount a “now hiring ” sign mi drive pass since week, mi affi say to m8 husband is how dem sidung suh and nuh work.


    1. You say Black Americans have no self knowledge but your dumb ass don’t even know that you are of AFRICAN descent even if you aren’t born in AFRICA. Also I love to tell coconuts to go home when they come to American and talk that Yankee people shit. People like yall are the ones who should go home. Can we come to Jamaica and talk coconut shit? HELL NO, so don’t come to America and disrespect. GO back to your shanty town with a zinc fence full of rust

  9. Black Yankee bad mine all themself. Most worthless set a black people on the earth. Mi daughter go breed fi one I all disown her till mi see the pretty little girl baby that Im now raising in Jamaican ways. . Her mother did take up too much Yankee habit in college. Hopefully she do better.

    1. Bitch STFU…all of you coconuts come to America because your money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Also I know plenty of bad mind low life worthless Jamaicans..every culture and country got good and bad.

  10. “African” American Negros are simply god damn hateful of blacks from anywhere else in the world…the feelings from me to them MUTUAL

  11. Kill me dead a some subsaharian sand dwellers or jungle swingers dem carry come a amerikkka…bout royalty. The Caribbean Africans were tribe elders, leaders, ROYALTIES and last but not least…. WARRIORS.

    The best among the negro Amerikkkans are descended from the one and two that massa displaced from the Caribbean plantations cause dem loyal to him.

    These Negros got an advantage cause whitey succeeded as a rogue nation of its former master-England.

    Pan-African movement was started by a crook name Marcus mosiah Garvey…vex all unu want!

    Him wouldn’t have turned the white a him eye to Jamaica if him Neva catch trouble and get deported, or de Yankee wife and har people dem Nev bruk him foot!

    Tu pon Garvey bout him dress like emperor! Is a imperialistic nation him did want fi start up when the sheep dem follow him back to Africa! Garvey was a damn Ponzi scammer.

    1. Can you explain more on how he was a crook? It is the first I am hearing anyone refer to him as a crook. If you not in the mood to explain can you comment some links so I can dive like Miller into the information. Thanks

      1. You mean it’s the first you encounter him being called a crook in any black forum.

        I’m a free thinker, therefore, my conclusion is of such. From age 13, and multiple reading materials I can’t “behold” the so call greatness of the man and the myths 😀 😀 the speeches yeah…Martin Luther did it before King 😀

        You may want to hit the pavements of Harlem before the rest of elders are gone. Some will give you another version. Mind you, their version will fit in perfectly with this very post title.

        1. No I meant what I said. It is the first I am hearing him referred to as a crook. I do not have the means to travel to Harlem and seek those elders. Can you provide the titles of those reading materials that prove how he’s a crook?

    2. I don’t know if Garvey himself was crooked or he was tainted by his brothers’ reputation. I know he had 2 brothers who were crooked lawyers – planned up to disinherit my great grandmother. Her husband’s nephew & them produce a false will when her husband died. She had to seek Norman Manley services to go defend it in court. And she still ended up giving him a good chunk after she won.

      Haven’t heard any direct accusations against him, with proof

      1. Him crooked ways with facts is in America, not Jamaica.

        Garvey only dealt with Jamaica when things Neva ago good fi him abroad.

  12. Mi glad mi did break it off with di yankee yute met,yuh nuh know seh one time di boy deh a mi apt. So him sister dem a call down him phone but it was dead…him never have him charger suh dem call my phone but i didn’t see any missed calls but got messages with them threatening to break mi neck (dem never like mi from day 1) and send police pon mi cause dem say we jamaicans violent and love chop up ppl,…yes mi luv,dem deh bitch deh!!! I left da boy quick quick!

      1. It’s not THEIR history it’s OUR history, meaning your history too, DUH! we’re all Black you idiot. The point is, nobody is better than anyone we all have good ways and we all have messed up ways, whether Yankee or Coconut!

    1. My apologies, I am still figuring out how to get around this site. So I definitely understand where a good majority of you are coming from in terms of bullying. American schools has got a huge issue with bullying and it is even more prominent in predominantly black schools unfortunately. Everyone got bullied when I was in grade school, it never mattered who. Also everyone who was darker then a paper bag got called African booty scratcher. My sister got teased for her dark skin, there is a huge colorism problem in the black community in the states that I pray would just die. I am honest sorry that some of you guys experienced bad apples, however how is it fair to paint every black American with a rotten brush. Would that not be a tad bit hypocritical?

  13. Before I came here to live I thought they were sombody, until I lived here I realized there hygiene is disgusting majority of them are vulgar and they are nasty and untidy. And they are big thieves.

    1. You talk about hygiene when Jamaican men are uncircumcised and their dick stink?? Bad hygiene has nothing to do with where you from. Some people just nasty. Also please explain why you see more Jamaican bleach their skin than anybody? Oh I guess that’s good Jamaican hygiene

  14. What I dont understand is why does it matter. We are all descendants of Africa. We should be proud of that, we are all one people. We just have different cultures, thats all. As an American, I have a whole lot of Jamaican friends & have held this same convo. I feel that both parties are guilty of ridiculing the other. Its all ignorance, thats all. We fear what we dont understand. CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG????

    1. Kmt, we never did “All just get along”! If we did then we wouldn’t have reached the Americas by the thousands.

      Africans are tribals and so are other white and Asians too…and they don’t”All just get a long” But the one thing they do is respect who look like them.

      Black Americans been fighting US from way back when. They definitely came from a tribal region where we nevvvvvver got along, for centuries.

      1. “They came from a tribal region”

        Um so did your West Indian ass! You may share the same ancestral tribe as some of these Black Americans you hate so much

  15. Well after reading this post, I have to share my own opinions on this thread. I’ve dated African Americans and Jamaican equally while living in the states. I don’t know who I favour more to be honest because they’re both black men with two different backgrounds. Yankee mean as f**k and love when woman mine dem and Jamaican man will gi yuh dem money but some a dem love wen woman mine dem too especially the ones in the NYC area. Sexually, I love a Yankee in my bedroom cuz mi is a big ol freak ( no apologies) and I like being turned out. Jamaican men can be annoying in the bedroom,”oh me nuh do this and that” Like who cares? Yankee cya tame while a Jamaican man more grounded. Pon the other hand I wouldn’t even start fi compare Yankee woman to a Jamaican woman cus dat is a book I couldnt finish write.

  16. I came to this country at the tender age of 14 and went to high school but was expelled because of an African American girl. I was constantly teased by this girl so mi couldn’t tek it no more and mi stab har up and dem expell mi. I went to another school and the African Americans there hate Jamaicans I don’t know what wi do dem mek dem hate wi. I dated a Yankee yute and mi did haffi run left him to rass his family hated me for no damn reason…..African Americans hate foreign born blacks I don’t know why but they do hate other blacks they feel as if they’re better than other black folks

    1. If African Americans hated foreign born Blacks then why so many kids nowadays have at least one non American (Caribbean) parent? We just dont like the ones that come here and think their culture and food is better and always talking shit about Yankee this Yankee that.

  17. Of course we all came from North Africa, Kemit now Egypt, Lybia, Morocco and Israel… However the black American have grown in a white man’s land and are more dislodged from their roots as we Jamaicans hold onto certain values… Some of us Jamaicans might struggle financially but we still overcome and have stronger morals than the American, the black American have been broken down by the society they live in a lot of them have life quite hard and have just given up…

    When we Jamaicans go over their we have much more determination and sometimes the Yankees don’t understand how we do it where we get the energy and sometimes feel kinda jealous. .. I don’t think we Jamaicans should hate them, more too pity them having to survive in a harsh environment which they have lost their vision and determination. …

    1. I am not too versed on black Jamaicans African background however us black Americans ancestry come from West Africa not North Africa. No harm done but I just wanted to make that clear.

    2. Please stop acting like Jamaicans are so moral and righteous..all the weed selling and shaking ass and the whorish clothing, then men want to shoot up people, cuz “him is a shotta” I could stereotype too

  18. In my opinion Both groups are the same exact way… Jamaicans are wicked people and they bully people too…all they care about is material things and love money bad..I have listened to some Jamaican man say them prefer to be with other races over Jamaican Gyal becuz the Gyal they love money and quick to give man jacket. The men are mean and digrage them woman…same as the americans them as well. Stop be bias.. Jamaicans hate black too..I have seen how they love diss people by color…even spice… Nuff Jamaican say how spice color look dirty…and how she soo black…and most of them bleach them skin..Cuz browning is better… So unno stop be bias and one sided.. Both sides have good and bad..and FYI jamaicans are pure thief and scammer. And pure gun man. So stop it..stop try hide it. Be f***g real about the facts

    1. What you have stated is out of context in regards to the argument the sender has made. There is no correlation

      1. Now when Abayy is calling out the bullshit that Jamaicans do it’s “out of context” As you Jamaicans say G’way with that foolishness!

    2. Abayy, this conversation is not about trying to highlight the differences to say one group is better than the other.There are good and bad people everywhere. We are trying to understand WHY we can not “get along” with each other.

  19. Met you see is not me alone tho,@ sender…..i stated up top that i have nothing against another black person. But to this they black Americans dont like me/us.If you look on whats going for example, as a jamaican win a medal and we are proudly celebrating unu come with unu fkry. We are not saying that all black Americans are “bad apples” we are speaking on our experiences and sadly thats why most of us keep far.

    1. Keep afar and stay TF in Jamaica then. If I don’t like a group of people I m not going to THEIR BIRTHPLACE to be among them and bitch about it. Maybe you’ll be happier in Jamaica. Go back.

  20. Based on my experiences with some African-Americans I can honestly say they do not know better. Most of the ones that I have had encounters with trouble with an entitlement issue. They believe that America is THEIR country, THEIR jobs and they should be the only servants to white Americans.

    They do not like to share however they fail to remember that the very rights that they now have in THEIR country was the results of the help of many IMMIGRANTS especially from the Caribbean. Dating back to the Civil War, people from the Caribbean have been helping African Americans with their freedom struggles. But they are very forgetful and a bit ungrateful. They forgot how much folks from the Caribbean have even contributed to THEIR culture.

    And they really believe that America belongs to them yet most of them do not OWN anything in THEIR country. African Americans will forever have problems with not just Jamaicans but any proud black immigrant who comes to America. Whether the immigrant does good or bad.

    On the other hand, us Jamaicans use the bad experiences we have with some African Americans and taint all of them. I am sure they are not all bad but I am done experimenting with them. Not putting myself in the way of danger again.

    1. You say Americans are ungrateful, yet most of you Jamaicans are not grateful to be in America because all you do is talk shit and complain about it. And if you are so tough and hardworking, why do you have to come to someone else’s country to be somebody?

      1. Brother/Sister, I’m going to forgive you for your anger because there’s a lot of hate in this thread going around, so I understand your frustration.

        Jamaicans come to the USA because white Americans, Chinese, and Europeans have bought out a ton of Jamaica, thus making it difficult to find decent employment in the country. It’s the same reason why all the other races in America (Asian, European, Hispanic, etc.) setup shop in multiple countries. The goal is to prosper.

        Jamaicans are not the only ones who “talk shit about America.” Black Americans have been talking shit about America for centuries now. The crazy part is, America treats Black Americans like shit, Black Americans know it, but they still support/endorse/defend the country EVEN WHILE they talk shit about it.

        We’re all African at the end of the day, but there’s some serious mental issues going on in the slave-descended Africans. It’s a lot of self-hate and anger that we keep taking out on each other. Unnu fi cool wid da animosity deh. We gotta stop fighting/warring with each other and raise our kids to do better.

        While we bitching, complaining, and fighting, the Asians (who are also complaining and bitching) are making moves to buy up everything and sell stupid shit to us to waste money on. How about we get it together and take ownership of something?

        BTW, Civil Rights as Americans know it wouldn’t have been the same without Marcus Garvey influencing Malcolm X’s parents. Just saying… Jamaica has been the consciousness of the African continent for decades. That little island gave everyone Reggae, Ska, Hip-Hop (go look up the birth of Hip-Hop. South Bronx is where it LANDED, not where it came from), Dancehall, etc. so I think respect should be shared.

        More love! Less animosity! One Africa! Give thanks, family!

  21. Mi deh yeah 2 long from 3rd grade. everything you said was right..I learn how to fight because I went from pretty peaceful country st marry to the boogie down Bronx. Good thing I had brothers that was here earlier than me. When i came thru they was knocking nickgahs out..they could box like mohamid ali and taught mi to fight physically. But those hatefull Yankee gal dem alway tried me. They couldn’t figure me out.I use to friend set them up mek my brotherz f**k them then malice them and fight them off. When I just got here They would even bother me about why my teeth so white.really.the only thing brown we got to drink in jamaica as a little girl was some chocolate tea. That I can remember. We don’t have nothing to stain our teeth..We eat different fruits throughout the year cane and all those fruits help keep my white strong teeth. Enyho I saw prrjudice from Yankee gal.American Boys didn’t show any hate towards mi. Never got any problem with American men just the women..dem tek weh we man dem left right and center. I never dated one till now in my late 30-now 6 years strong. never forgot my roots never acted racial towards African who cane Grimm the mother land. Always knew I was African decent and I loved that I knew I was no cotton pickin yessah massa jones who didn’t know why I was brought to America. I’m very racial Not prejudice but even tho my man is American we still go at it he says I’m too proud and he wan’t to get that out of me bad, but it’s etched in my dna, death before dishonor. I’m a jamaican till I dead and no yankee african can’t come infront me and gwaan upv and I don’t set dem trait. Even tho I making life with one. Yes mi tek him weh from a yankee african gal.

    1. You sound American girl “tek weh” no Jamaican man from Jamaican women and you didn’t “tek weh” no American man from American women.

  22. black trinnis don’t like black jamaicans and vice/versa, a couple of months ago MET post something fron the UK about black nigerians cursing out jamaicans about slave master names saying jamaicans are not real africans, and we aint even gonna talk about BLACK JAMAICANS ridiculing BLACK HAITIANS here in America(irony?), in Sudan its the same, the black ones from the north ridicule the ones from the south of the country, even the leader omar bashir said before that he is not black he is ARAB :ngakak :ngakak all over the world its the same!


  23. I once went shopping at a supermarket and this black American woman was begging the groceries and when Mi finish and pay fi Mi tings she a go look pon Mi an tell Mi seh oh dats why wi nuh like Unuh because y’all are the reasons we can’t keep good on the shelves so we Americans can get it too because all you Jamaicans do is buy up all the food and send to your people in jamaica….Mi seh Bitch if u nuh get outta Mi way tideh a u Dem a go bag up an ship out to di dead house, outta order an brite.

      1. A wikid dem … Dem president to be a war him own ppl pon national stage … Den dem a point finger pon next. Country

      2. You fail to see the fact that you constantly stereotype us yet you want to say we can’t get along with people.. So explain why people can’t even go outside by themselves in Jamaica? You can’t even live among your own people safely! But AMERICANS are the problem? I for one am American born but I have a huge issue with foreigners that come here and talk the stupidity that I am seeing here against Americans. I have Caribbean friends that I have NO ISSUE with but the MINUTE they EVER get outta line with that Yankee talk, that is when I will have a problem with them in particular! The problem is you all don’t know how to separate one incident from an entire group

    1. And that right dere ah di truth. Dem have dis mentality dat everyone shoulda bow down to dem. Is dat kinda attitude get dem inna problem wid everybaddy.

      Yaad people try an try till nutten name try nuh leff an even den, dem muss fine ah way. Dem yankee nuh come suh ah tall, all ah fi dem prablem ah di immigrants are di white man.

  24. Nobody theif like yankee ppl,unu rob the government everyday my girl….lile unu need fi buy some good nourishing food fi unu pickney and stop stand up outside a di super market dem a beg ppl fi buy uni food stamps. All unu good fa is fi mel fake pay stubs fi get chold care and live pon section….nuh come try style we over we place gyal bright and fiesty!!! Unu need to learn how to brush unu teeth good. Yuh see how mi a try be civil today tho and dsi garbage upa top a paste it place?

    1. You cow ball soup eating punks always talking about brush teeth smh you f**kers can brush your teeth a hundred times a day, and ya mouth still stinks, from all them and dick soup you guys be eating also you guys love suck batty bad, eating shit was you guys punishment from slave master… I rather pick cotton than to eat shit history my ass you bastards are no better

  25. The lies they told in history about we come from West Afrika is a complete fabrication to hide our truth… If so many (millions) of slaves came from West Afrika there would be none or very few people in West Africa. .. We full the Caribbean the Americas… I Know the TRUTH OF MY AND OUR HISTORY, they can’t fool me… Most of us are from NORTH AFRIKA it is just quite recently the Arabs started to live their after they enslaved us and sold us to the white man… Anything else is a complete effing lie… Take out your map and look at the continent of Afrika it was all black, just like America was all Red Indians now look at America – white dominant, same in Australia was Aborigines – now White… see it can be done quite easily… Kemit Egypt was black Lybia was black all North Afrika was black… Can’t fool me

  26. Because african tink dat ppl owe dem summn..mi put up one african inna mi house and him in deh fi 2 months now and jus bcaus3 mi tell him sehhim affi contribute to the house him get bex and di nexx day him tell mi him find apartment..dutty boy lucky mi nuh trow him a bloodclaat box…f***g tief dem

  27. Ummm it’s obvious that the sender is living in Jamaica and has not yet experienced how Jamaicans interact with people abroad in general first hand. From a person who has actually witnessed, first hand in the States and Canada how Jamaicans interact with everyone, I’ve noticed that NOBODY gets along with Jamaicans, so to single out African Americans alone as if they’re sentiment is somewhat different from other groups who interact with Jamaicans shows the senders naivety on the subject. If you notice, even on this very website, Jamaicans typically form their own sub-groups so that’s why MET can construct dancehall categories for each major city. The reason for the creation of these sub groups is that Jamaicans typically are misunderstood with regards to the societal norms that are common placed in Jamaica, which are totally normal on the island, which they try to incorporate elsewhere but not readily understood everywhere else, which leads to them not mixing well with others socially. The only time Jamaicans will drop their Jamaican culture and embrace a foreign one is, ironically when they come back to Jamaica and want to show off on the people who haven’t or can’t migrate yet from the country. Even other Caribbean natives don’t seem like they can even relate to or understand the behaviors and attitudes of Jamaicans. Trini’s (who Jamaicans have recently boycotted their products) bajans (who harass Jamaicans who try to enter their country) Antiguans (Who are trying to bar Jamaicans from coming into their country out right) Haitians, Guyanese, People from the smaller islands (as Jamaicans love to obnoxiously classify them as) like St Vincent, Grenada, Aruba, St Kitts, Virgin Islands and St Lucia, you will find typically view Jamaicans in a negative light as well. The Jamaicans will usually counter these detractors by saying “Dem grudge wi cause dem live inna small island” (as if Jamaica is the size of a continent) it’s this condenscending approach to people that makes Jamaicans typically come across as abrasive and obnoxious to most people who interact with them. I won’t even get into the Spanish people, because they seem like they have a special hatred for Jamaicans especially the Puerto Ricans. In all I think the reason why most people don’t mix well with Jamaicans is because a lot of Jamaicans I feel have undiagnosed personality disorders which The Gleaner ran an in depth article on as well. I even recall MET posting an article on this site about the topic a month ago or so. Personailty disorders such as paranoid, anti-social, borderline personality and narcissistic personality disorders are rampant on the island of Jamaica and it doesn’t become obvious to most until you see Jamaicans interact with people who live in other places.

    1. I have categories because Jamaicans are everywhere and not only that , its better to keep things organized seeing that my visitors are worldwide.

    2. By your assessment then, I shouldn’t be getting along with my Nigerian, white, Guyanese, Trini or any other friends. Jamaicans do not have a problem with any other group of ppl, them fussy bout dem food, and not as culinary adventurous as some others, yes, they are clannish, however when you are living on an island you learn to depend on each other and that is how strong bonds are formed. Even the Jamaican Maroons prefer to stick to themselves. So we recognize that certain sub-groups prefer their own community, Rastafarians are another sub-group in Jamaica that have extremely strong ties to their community. We loud, but even Irish, Italians, and Indians are loud too.

      You have a right to your own opinions, but please do not try to pass them off as facts!

  28. @MET
    You’re missing the point…. I’m not focusing on your reasoning for doing so but more on the fact that you even have the opportunity to do so…. There’s a reason for why there’s such a tight nit dancehall party scene from city to city that extends further than these people love for dancehall culture.

  29. The problem is people thinking like primates. We should all get along, we are all ONE. E-Pluribus Unum. Out of many… ONE. We need to get it together and stop the bullcrap now man. We are all in this together.

  30. I honestly do not know why there is a problem, but I think it steams from two factors.

    1. African-Americans seem to automatically have a sense of superiority when it comes to immigrants. They are not welcoming to me when you have an accent, they turn their nose up at you.

    2. Jamaicans feel that African-Americans are time wasters and non-progressive ppl. They feel all the opportunities are at their feet, yet they are too busy blaming the ‘man’insteaed of besting him at his game. Now, the issue of generational poverty is quite complex especially in a country where the people have never owned themselces, so the assessment of AAs by Jamaicans can be too simplistic for such a complex issue. I see AAs as brothers and sisters and have compassion on them as they lived for a very long time under apartheid like conditions. My only gripe with them is their love for drugs. I hate that so many greats have tarnished their legacy through drugs, and that those with potential lost their way through it. Outside of my take of them and drugs, I have absolutely no issues with them. I hope to live to see the day when they rule that nation in totality.

    1. You were doing good until you started talking about Americans love of drugs..Do you know how many “rastas” I used to see going to the crack spot. Drugs are a WORLDWIDE problem! Also, weed is drugs..but tell a Jamaican that and they will argue you down

    1. And why not? They built it and their ancestors did not get anything, 500 yrs of free labour, so that would be their reparations to rule the land their ancestors built. Why you foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog at that thought?

      Unno stay deh meck separation and hate a fragment unno unified strength. Like unno blind and nuh see di yellow ones position of teck ova all black lands. Unno will glad fi AA a rule US in those days. Stay sleep and nuh wake unno here.

  31. This topic is dumb…. African Americans don’t give a flying phuck about Jamaicans. African Americans are locked in and focused on trying to bring down the white supremacist power structure in America. Why would they care about some impoverished 3rd world country in the Caribbean? Trinidadians, Bajans and Puerto Ricans seem like the groups who have a strong dislike for Jamaicans and view their countries as cultural rivals. Jamaica is small fries in the grand scheme of things, if anything I would say that Jamaicans are jealous of Americans, that’s why so many Jamaicans push hard to migrate so they can get the oppurtunties black Americans have in the U.S. As one poster already stared i think Jamaicans dont get along well with no one.

  32. the answer is that african americans are minorities with a minority mindset while black jamaicans are the majority on their island. in theory, black jamaicans should have more in common with white americans. some of u sure sound like racist white people with your “lazy” “section 8” and animalistic stereotypes of describing african americans. i could not look myself in the mirror & respect myself as a black person while describe another black person like that, but i guess since some of u can’t even look in the mirror without wanting to bleach away that blacknesss its unlikely u respect it anyway.

    jamaicans don’t know blackness like african americans do. it’s different to be black and a minority than black in a country where almost everyone is black.

    jamaicans ADULTS do too much that african americans wouldn’t tolerate in their family as adults. you bleach, you lust after anything with white skin, you say racially disrespectful stuff especially in front of whites to try to win some “i’m different points.” you’d get backhanded in an african american family acting like that, have some self-respect as a black person.

    and how are some of u with adult sized brains sounding like stormfront members over 8 year old who bullied u 2 decades ago? how are u letting the actions of children form your whole view of an ethnic group?

    and lastly, and i really want some of u to let this sink in. african americans fought, damaged and traumatised their community for equality that you enjoy while in usa. you don’t enjoy freedom then disrespect the soldiers who fought for your right to enjoy that freedom. you simply being able to come to the states, a country that banned immigration from certain countries because they didn’t want more “coloreds” was a fight in itself. you being able to go to those integrated schools where u were picked on was a fight in itself. you being able to work, screw fat white women, and travel freely without having to have your black ass outta town by sundown was a fight in itself. so how about having some empathy for a group that would march, riot and turn towns upside down if a black jamaican was shot down on our streets by one of the white yankees u think are for u

    1. White people fought for all that the black american community has dont misconstrue or demean what jamaicans slaves did to be free because you dont even know your own history. Our bleaching has nothing to do with anything, speak of how Americans still cant make use of what they are given. Writing this whole book of nothing, when black people did not have the balls to fight and get anything for themselves in America. Shut up

      1. If white people did not open doors for your the black community wouldnt have shit because until today they cant do for themselves. When you look at the rallies you sometimes see more white than blacks. Go know your worth before coming here and writing twisted shit. Jamaicans fought hard for their freedom and we did that shit alone BECAUSE WE REBELLED FROM DAY ONE. SHUT UP

        1. Who the hell you think you are coming here writing all that shit and dont know nothing..White people COULD NOT marginalize us or put us out of schools because we fought like hell. Black Americans were brain washed and fed inferiority complex which they still have today……which stops them from becoming something , that is why when most black americans progress they say they act white..They cant be black and be successful . They have to give up their ethnicity/race and culture. So we bleach but we are still the same. Go study your history before coming here typing that load of bullshit. What blacks here were exposed to during slavery did not / could not happen to us. Go read about us/ Caribbean slaves . You all couldnt look a white person in the eye..we never had that..So while Jamaicans will come to america and confidently use the system to their advantage to succeed..Most black Americans will not and cannot because their forefathers we told/fed/bain washed into thinking they are nothing. In saying that, they will see Jamaicans/Caribbean blacks as a threat because we have a different mindset.

          1. FOH bout fight what the do you know about fight? It is here in America that they were able to distinguish field slaves from house slaves because you have a HISTORY of being traitors to each other..Whey u know bout we?? Who killed or gave information on your so called black leaders?????????? LEMME WAIT FOR THAT ANSWER. You same black americans fought more against each other than for each other and even when slavery was done you still wanted to be slaves..KNOW YOUR HISTORY..THAT COULD NOT HAPPEN IN JAMAICA..We are all blacks but we think differently which is where the conflict lies. F yuh gonna talk bout fight and less than 100 years ago white people a tell uno walk straight because you black americans were TAUGHT disunity . We rebelled constantly so it was cheaper for them to leave us alone.

    2. You hit the nail on the head with the whole post to be quite frank. They don’t like us because they say we speak about racism too much, I say it is weak as f**k to let a group of people to keep f**g with you and not say a damn thing about it. And they wonder why we are so guarded from them, a lot of the shit that are in these comments are insane. If I had no idea this was a Jamaican site I could have sworn this was a KKK rally. I am truly disgusted by this amount ignorance spewing from black people. Also it is truly f**d up to hate a group of people because some kids bullied you in grade school. If that is the case then maybe I should hate Jamaicans because that one Jamaican girl threw my glasses in the trash can when I was in third grade. Come the f**k on people we really need to do f****g better. And there is absolutely no excuse of why any black person of any f***g nationality would side with a group of white people(in this case white Americans) over black people, knowing there damn history. And girl you are not lying I see a lot of them kissing white ass while throwing blacks under the bus in the process. In the African American family that would never be tolerated, and in fact one would be shamed for kissing white ass, we dont play that shit. There is nothing wrong with having white buddies but to kiss their ass just for the sake of them being white is pathetic. I wonder if that sort of behavior is due to the fact that Jamaica is a tourist country. Their economy is really centered around tourism. I am a chef myself and if you know anything about the hospitality industry, it is basically the business of kissing white people ass in order to make a buck. I have seen too many times of some black foreigners and this includes Jamaicans who would talk to their white coworkers about how they are not like those rotten African Americans. You say that we are not loyal and that the white Americans are more keen of you guys then if that was true then why is it that everytime you guys go to talk trash about us to the white coworkers they come back and tell us everything you say behind our backs. How else do you think we are aware of the shit some of you say about us. You would never see me go up to some white person and trash black Jamaicans or any other black group just to uplift African Americans. That is just something you would never see me do period. Also the welfare and section 8 shit is old and tired, if that was truly the case then why is it that those white Americans who you’ll cherish so much are the most out of anyone in this country to abuse those programs. The average welfare recipient is a single white mom with three or more kids and that is a f***g fact. Stop looking at a media that is largely controlled by racist whites to get the idea of a group of people. And one last thing if you guys truly hate African Americans like these comments mostly suggest then I seriously advise you to stop stanning for African American culture and celebs and when you do come to the states please make it a point to not bring your ass to any Historical Black Colleges and University’s. I am tired of everyone trying to shit on my people but got the nerve to indulge in the shit that my people created and fault for, that is tired as f**k.

      And on that note….I am out

    3. You basically said it all girl. If I had no idea this was a Jamaican site I would have thought this was a KKK rally based on these comments alone. A lot of Jamaicans think we speak about racism so much however Africans Americans are not a group of people who are afraid to check a bitch. We don’t play that racist shit, we are not mute when it comes to shit like that. I don’t care who does not like it, we are going to speak up if we feel that we have been slighted and f**k who whoever does not like it. Also you are right about them kissing white ass, they do that shit constantly and it is disgusting and pathetic to watch. They say we are the disloyal ones and that white people are so great but if that was the case then why is it that they run to come tell us African Americans about all the shit you say to them about us behind our backs. You did not really think that we just found out that you guys degrade us to uplift yourselves in front of them out of thin air, did you? Them white folk don’t give a damn about your ass in the states and that is a fact. And African American Families do not play that shit with one another, we don’t condone kissing white ass for the sake of said person being white. Those who do that are more than likely to get shamed for doing so. I wonder if some Jamaicans act that way because they come from a country that largely benefits and succeeds off of tourism. I am a chef myself and If there is anything I could tell you about the hospitality industry, it is that it is largely centered around kissing white ass to make a buck. Also the section 8 and welfare jokes are old and tired as f**k, Come up with something new that your bigot ass can use as an excuse as of why you hate my people. Most of the people who abuse those programs are indeed those lily white folk that you guys cherish. The average welfare recipient is a single white lady with three or more children and that is a fact. Stop looking to American media which is largely run by old white men. You would think that Jamaicans would know this considering that the little time in which they are being portrayed, they make you guy’s the butt of a joke or make you guys out to be complete savages that have no home training. Also if you truly don’t give a f** about African Americans like the majority of these comments would suggest then I seriously advise you not to stan or even support African American artist and celebs. And when you do bring your ass’s to the states don’t you dear step on the campus’s of Historical Black College’s and Universities. I am tired of my people being degraded by people who look like them only for the same people who hate us to indulge in the things that we fault tooth and nail to get.

      1. You commented and came back and responded to yourself pretending to be someone different. What else is on your schedule today?

        1. No I did not, I thought my first comment did not go through so I went back and summarized what I said in the first one but just made it shorter because I did not feel like writing everything word from word. Both of the “African American 2” post are me but not the first one…I was just replying to he/she. Also you need not, to worry about me because I won’t be coming back to Jamaica’s Stormfront ever again….have a nice day. I only came to this site because I good friend of mines said it was a good entertaining site however I did not expect that there was going to be posters bashing my people

  33. First off we didn’t make it to the USA because we created riots on those ships they had to let us off we preferred to fight to the death than to be slaves n all when dem enslave we in the island of jamaica we kept on fighting we are not DOCILE we can’t be tamed, do u even know the amount of uprisings that took place in Jamaica? they couldn’t turn us against each other, African American can not tell of one major fight that they carried out by just themselves and a same so them stay now instead of unite n rise them prefer join the WIC line kmdt

  34. Please read hidden colors all volumes 1 and 2. Also read or watch roots on a&e. This was a very interesting topic. But some of the comments and opinions towards the end are very painful to read wake up people and stay woke.

    1. I agree. Not everything has to turn into mudslinging. Some of the comments were unnecessarily harsh, but such is life online, everybody gets their say and in whatever manner they want.

      I have never watched Roots, but I read the book a long time ago, may be time for a reread.

  35. True met there’s no loyalty amongst african Americans i worked with a few at this job n those yankees gave me hell they kept going to WHITE owner about me. The owner himself told me they dont like me. Needless to say after that experience i never work with AA again them dangerous bad

  36. you should talk to some of the early Jamaicans who use to live in the Bronx NYC

    early Jamaican Musicians

    they will tell you they did not like when Reggae music is played outside, they would say ‘ turn that music off’ did not like it one bit

    they did not like it one bit, not to mention when they saw Rasta Man, that is another story to be told

  37. When I 1st came to this country I didn’t care for the black American’s here because they look down on each other not just other races but their own more than anything… African Americans some of them are not smart at all, for the most part and taking their jobs they say that about the Mexicans right now… But the African Americans do not want to work at all, they want to sit on their asses and not work hard to overcome the diversity that people of color currently have… There’s sometimes when I do not want to be bothered with a African American at all…

    1. Like u Dirty ass Jamaicans got room to talk it was hard reading these f**n comments f**k you go push a bottle out you pussy Smart that

  38. Black Americans are very prejudice to other blacks which is so wrong. They must stop that kind of behaviour.

  39. I am a proud African American. I have been visiting Jamaica for many years. I did not know of a conflict between african americans and Jamaicans. In my opinion, we are all africans…white peope put us all in the same whats the difference…

    Well..let me tell you..its was a complete shock to hear how badly Jamaicans speak of African Americans. First, lets begin with how color struch Jamaicans are. If you are white (you can be ugly) but white or anything close to being white they will worship the ground you walk on. Secondly, I have never met such a group of lying thieving, ungrateful group of people in my life. Because I have been traveling there for many years, I have become friends with some jamaicans. I used to bring gifts..things that I spent my hard earned money on. These people were sooo ungrateful because it was not name brand. These people can be dirt poor but expect name brand items. Mind you Jamaicans in most situations are the takers..never giving anything, not even thanks or appreciation.

    Most Jamaicans are Jealousy hearted to the bone…especially of African Americans but they are also jealousy of own people..if another Jamaican is doing better than they are. Most Jamaicans can not ever trust another Jamaican…watch how they count their money

    After many years of being cheated out of hundreds of dollars..because I was trying to be too nice and understanding of their economic plight. I am finally at a place where I must say too bad for you..I dont give a damn about spending my money with the locals when they only want to try to cheat me out of my money or rip me off.

    Jamaican will always be a third world country..the country will never rise up because there are too many corrupt people running the country. Corruption, lying and stealing and killing is a way of life in Jamaica. There are waaaay too many other beautiful beaches where you dont have to put up with that crap

    New flash Jamaicans….Nobody owes you anything..there are other things more important than name brand clothes, looking good, wining, sex and money. And now this is one African American who says let them deal with each other…a vacation in Jamaica is not worth trouble…go somewhere else.

  40. Every Jamaican will swim through shark infested waters, marry a complete stranger, have sex with a complete stranger no matter the age to get the hell out of Jamaica. Lets be real…this is nothing more than good old fashion jealousy. Every Jamaican would leave their own children to come to America to live the life of an African American. If this was not true…you would not be in America

    So, yes..when you come to America talking about “my country this and that” “how good life is in Jamaica” Yes..we are going to say take your a___ back to Jamacia and dont come back. The good thing about America is that you do not have to stay in America. But not one Jamaican would want to go back. Most Jamaicans that are deported almost lose their minds when they go back to poverty lifestyle in Jamaican.

    If you are so proud of your history…why is the whole country bleaching. anything White or close to being white is praised in Jamaica….where is the pride in being Jamaican African.

    If Jamaicans are so proud of being jamaicans…why do you guys try so hard to dress like African American…The last time I was in Jamaica..people were wearing wool hats and timberland boots in 90 degree temperature like they see on tv. Thats the crap we were in the winter and snow…Be Jamaicans dress like Jamaicans since you are so proud of being Jamaicans. If you cant live like an African American…it is easier just to jealousy and hate African Americans…just crazy

    It is the corrupt evil mind of most Jamaicansthat keeps Jamaica a third world country…And will always be a third world country because of this crazy thinking. And soon Jamaica will not even have tourism to survive on. Because they can only think of today and always trying to lie cheat and steal from tourists not realizing the effect that it has on tourism for tomorrow. And guess what…Jamaicans will be looking for a hand out from Americans…ungrateful group of people.

    If you hate African Americans that much….please stay right in Jamaica…dont try to trick nobody into marrrying you..dont try any scams to leave your cherished Jamaica…stay right there…nobody is dragging you to America!

  41. Are you really serious about African Americans owning nothing. Jamaicans are the majority people but you own nothing in your own country. So yes white people are running your country too. You dont even own the Airport. Jamaica sold that many years ago and the airport is now turning a profit. You have let other countries come in and take over the country where you are the majority. How crazy is that?Other countries own Jamaica…and thats a fact.

    Most jamaicans can not read or write…How can you compare to an African American..Its is just silly….yet I heard from my own ears how badly Jamaicans speak of African Americans…We AA dont have time thinking about poverty stricken jamaicans because we are not jealousy…what is there to be jealousy of…you guys try to dress like us!

    Why on earth would jamaicans say that American women are nasty and unclean….really?….I have seen Jamaican women wine like they having sex before a whole crowd of people. You would have a hard time seeing an African American behaving that way in public…cmon Oh my god…Jamaican women are almost naked….ass hanging out….Jamaican women do not dress classy when they go outto party.

    Ok Jamaicans are better than African Americans..just a stupid arguement..nobody believes that but Jamaicans!..please stay right there in Jamaica….Nobody is forcing you to come to America…In fact if you hate American and African Americans that are free to go right back to Jamaica. Nobody is forcing Jamaicans to go to Canada or England, in fact most countries WISH jamicans would go back to Jamaica.

    You Jamaicans cant really be serious with this argument when the airports in any of the 50 states is packed with Jamaicans trying to escape the corrupt awful living standards of Jamaica…Get real!

  42. I’m a black American woman. I’ve dated a Jamaican in the past really loved him. He moved to another state and we broke up and lost contact.Im talking to another man from the Carribean. He’s not Jamaican though. So far he’s really nice laid back and respectful.I want to visit his country but afraid that other people may not like me because I’m from America.

  43. Wow… I’m applaud by the comments that were left by Jamaican people who now holds a title of an American, and some who currently have a green card praying not to be deported, and others who’s thinking of a way to become a Citizen of the United States to live the American dream. That’s why there is so much envy and hate towards AA . I never knew that there were so much hatred for AA by Jamaican, I knew that there were some hate but not to this extreme. No one from Jamaica is forced to come to the states, but come here brain washed by there people with foolishness like AA don’t like them, or mean and jealous people. Jealous of what!!! You Jamaican people are out of order, disrespectful and ungrateful. I’ve been to Jamaica several times and I know how you people live. A third world country of proverty. Some of the people there are still using outhouses, still getting water from the outside with buckets. Jobless, trying to get work in the tourist area, people walking miles and miles to go to work others walking with no shoes. The hospital there is over crowded, not properly equipped, in humane… our veterinary here in the states are well kept then the hospital there and that’s for animals. People were there waiting for a whole week have not been seen, some standing running a fever. A disgrace. I know because I was there with a friend on vacation who got sick and had to go to the only hospital there. Those people there are corrupt, after finding out we were Americans they charged $3,000 in US currency not Jamaica and still didn’t resolve the problem. The currency there is nothing. Your own Jamaican people become American citizens and hate to visit or go back home. I have a co-worker who’s Jamaican and she said how she have to stay at a hotel when ever she travel back home to visit her mother because they thief everything from bras, panties, clothes, shoes, anything they get their hands on. That’s pathetic. AA are the most given kind hearted people to know but once you cross us you’re dead. Several of you mentioned name brand is all AA people care about, but it’s so ironic that the Jamaican people come to the states buy all the sales and clearance from Victoria secret, polo, Marc Jacob, and etc to take back home and sell it 5 times the price. Also that all Jamaican care about is brand name to show off when they go back home. I even heard once from a Jamaican that I have to take at least $2,000, and have new clothes when I go back home otherwise the people will be talking bad about me ” How come you go abroad and have nothing when you come back home “. You Jamaican people need to stop the madness, you don’t have a pot to piss in a a window to throw it out but here you are talking shit about the only country that accepts you ungrateful mutherf**ker… You also mention AA is not educated, since when. Our schooling in the states can go anywhere and be accepted, can JAMAICAN’s say the same. You Jamaican people are buying fake diplomas, and credentials to clime the ladder unlike the AA who have to bust our Ass to get what we want. Yes we do have people on section 8, more from every nationality then AA. When Jamaican people come to the states they are like flies on shit under the AA to learn our style, learn the rope, after mission accomplished then talk about us like dogs. You wicked people you.

    1. You cow ball soup eating punks always talking about brush teeth smh you f**kers can brush your teeth a hundred times a day, and ya mouth still stinks, from all them and dick soup you guys be eating also you guys love suck batty bad, eating shit was you guys punishment from slave master… I rather pick cotton than to eat shit history my ass you bastards are no better

    2. ✋☝ So true they learn us and then change on us my husband wine & dine me, after a few years he changed for no reason as if he got what he wanted from me.he’s the money maker so it was my ways & Spirit he was after ….. He studied me like a vampire …. Vampire in Brooklyn explains it most!!! All Black American women should watch the movie they may not over stand it until after the heart break ….. I have been in relationships with Black American men ,but this Jamaican thing is on some Vampire movie shit smh be careful

  44. I’m a strong black.. proud Nubian African American women. I can tell you… my experience with Jamaican women. I’m a cna.. and I work around a lot of Jamaicans. They hate me for no reason.. look down their nose at me.. and have the nerve to try and boss me around. Good thing my strong African American upbringing..won’t allow no one to boss me. Jamaican men hate their own women. They flock to African American women. Most Jamaican women are rude.. greedy.. and disrespectful. If it wasn’t for African Americans fighting for freedom in america.. they wouldn’t be able to come over here and enjoy the luxerys that a lot of African Americans died for. I say go back home if you have a problem with the people here. And the only reason a lot of Jamaicans are not on welfare.. is because you have to wait five years to get it. Bug once the five years is up. Y’all asses flocking to the welfare office like flies on shit. I wish Jamaicans would learn proper English.. they all sound illiterate as hell. And while Jamaica is free.. queen Elizabeth still collect payments from Jamaica.. so how free are you?

  45. Imagine being so obsessed with ppl who don’t give a damn about you?!Jamaicans can’t hell but keep Black Americans names in their mouths always comparing themselves to us, its pathetic! How can you badmouth someone in their country!

    This is why Black Americans need to stop being so damn welcoming,we need to protect and serve our culture and fight for ourselves only!

  46. @Art for someone who doesn’t like us you really sit down and study our culture because you know every damn thing.I think you’re a fan lowkey.And you telling us to go home like this is your home,haven’t you witnessed America doesn’t want you either which is why they’re killing y’all every day.The next thing,we do t have to go home because we own more and do more here,most of the black doctors in the hospitals are either West Indian or African,you ppl work on the corner.And yes everyone wants to be like us because you know everything and I can name like a handful of things y’all do.Another thing you’re talking all this shit and I know you listen to our music and eat our food and I’m still gonna live in your country and make my money so I can go to my country and you’ll be left here still on the corner in front the deli doing nothing just worthless.Stay mad bitch,cou you to bout coconut,what should we call you because y’all don’t have no fruits of your own and have to import our fruits with your rotten soil.Lmao Kmt,you’re really mad and we still gonna y’all our shit and live in your country and you can’t take us out sis.Go focus on your police and how they’re killing y’all everyday and come off a We case tf

  47. Not a Jamaican, but a Trini-American.

    I fucking hate African Americans because unless the AA was educated and wanted to change their community (Few and far between), they’ve turned out to be uneducated, violent, narcissistic, loud sociopaths. You might find one or two who aren’t like that, but guess what? You can bet that if they went back home to the hood, they’re in constant fear of their lives, because they’re “selling out”.

    I used to think I was a bad person for not liking them. But you can take so much of your stuff getting stolen, vandalized, or being mugged before you say “fuck it, there’s a lot of trash in this community”.

    I’m at that point now.

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