17 thoughts on “AND DI MIXUP CONTINUES

  1. If Wendy don’t learn her lesson by now I’m gonna be the first to put it out there that she’s one DUMB bitch.
    If she does not see that friends (woman) means her no good she’s a IDIOT.
    Waiting patiently for her and her new found friend Tashy Bashy to part ways….what is it with her that she just have to have these dance hall friends who means her no good.
    She works, what happen to having a friend from the office.

    1. Wendy no better dan nobody she keep friendship wid. Dem all a drug mule weh walk an teef like dog. Tashy no keep frens fe long – memba Monique *eh em* Wendy an Tashy close now cause Tashy an Tasha a “besties” and Tash a Kemario “cousin” so a so comes dem a big frens

    1. Which fight??? The one weh somebody get shit thrown pon dem. Dwllll. My my my. Or was it stale peepee. I don’t quite recall. Dwl

  2. She turn life to God now just like the Preps dem. I noticed that Trudi leff social media for good. They will power is very strong. Godbless them. There’s certain things we must learn to stop. Like myself here. Looking at the latest mix up and blend when I’m bore at work or when I finished doing my house chores. Met, your site is always informative though.
    Happy Holidays

  3. Ugly puxxyhole bell pepper nose Flex guh pay back mi friend him security deposit he gave you to play at him dance and you nuh show up and block him number. Ugly puxxyhole TUH TUH.

  4. Nina pearl tun christian to most a dem when man do dem wrong dem run in a church. Mi did like peach although she did terrible a when she and flippa did kick off it did hot. Peach did know all a the dancehall ppl business and nuh ramp fi tell it to dem when dem mess with her. Mama peach

  5. Terry berry tek paul from charmaine paul first wife and a next gal next paul from she so she find church. Paul family dem a wicked a wonder where mother moe she deh and marvia

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