‘I’m Mr. Sterling’s everything. I’m his confidante, his best friend, his silly rabbit’: V. Stiviano opens up about her relationship with ‘generous, kind’ Donald Sterling and DENIES he is a racist
V. Stiviano gave an interview to Barbara Walters on ABC’s 20/20
She told Walters she does not believe Donald Sterling is a racist
Sterling should ‘absolutely’ apologise for the comments, she said, but ‘only God knows’ if he will
Stiviano said that she is not in love with Sterling but that she is ‘his confidante, his best friend, his silly rabbit’
Donald Sterling is ‘confused’ and ’emotionally traumatized’
He was in talks to give interviews to Walters and Anderson Cooper, but canceled, leaving Stiviano in Walters’ hot seat
PUBLISHED: 22:01 EST, 2 May 2014 | UPDATED: 00:20 EST, 3 May 2014
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The woman at the center of the firestorm surrounding Clippers owner Donald Sterling has broken her silence in her first television interview.
V. Stiviano sat down with Barbara Walters tonight on ABC’s 20/20 to give her take on the racism controversy the broke when audio recordings of Stiviano and Sterling were made public.
Incredibly, the 31-year-old, who described herself as Sterling’s ‘silly rabbit,’ said she does not believe Donald Sterling is a racist.
Most-talked about woman: V. Stiviano finally broke her silence over the Donald Sterling racism controversy
Most-talked about woman: V. Stiviano finally broke her silence over the Donald Sterling racism controversy
‘I don’t believe it in my heart,’ she said, adding that although she’s heard him make racist comments, she doesn’t think he truly believes them.
‘I think the things he says are not the things he feels,’ she said. ‘Anyone can say anything in the heat of the moment.’
When Stiviano sat down to speak with Walters, she had reportedly just been in the company of Donald Sterling.
She described his mindset as, ‘Confused. I think he feels very alone. Not truly supported by those around him. Tormented. Emotionally traumatized.’
Stiviano said she was urging Sterling to ‘come to his own rescue.’
Sterling has been stung by his treatment by his peers, the media, from his employees and acquaintances, Stiviano said.

On Tuesday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling for life, fined him $2.5 million and urged league owners to force him to sell the team. A three-quarters vote by the NBA owners is required to force him to sell.
Stiviano told Walters that she ‘absolutely’ thinks Sterling should apologize for his comments, but that ‘only God knows’ if he will.
She also said she believes Sterling’s outrageous comments were, in part, a generational issue.
‘I think Mr Sterling’s from a different generation than I am. I think he was brought up to believe these things,’ she said, before accidentally tipping Walters off that despite being a Jew, Sterling has anti-Semitic views also.
‘But through his actions, he’s shown that he’s not a racist. Through his actions, he’s shown himself to be a very generous and kind man,’ she said.
The racist diatribe which Sterling can be heard making on audio recorded by Stiviano herself, was prompted by people saying bad things about Sterling’s relationship with Stiviano.
Confidante: Stiviano told Walters that she had been with Donald Sterling before the interview and that he is ’emotionally traumatized’
Confidante: Stiviano told Walters that she had been with Donald Sterling before the interview and that he is ’emotionally traumatized’

In abstract and sometimes rambling terms, Stiviano appeared to paint herself as Sterling’s savior during his time of need – despite the fact that it is alleged she released the recordings responsible for his downfall herself.
‘I think Mr Sterling is being tested right now, by a higher power or being. And I’m forced to come to his rescue because he can’t rescue himself.’
When pressed to explain the relationship between herself and Sterling, Stiviano said, ‘I’m Mr Sterling’s personal assistant. Like I said, I’m his right hand. I’m his wingman. What isn’t there to understand?’
Walters asked whether Stiviano, then, is Sterling’s employee.
‘He first started paying me as an employee and then he started paying me off the books,’ she responded, no doubt referring to the million-dollar home, four luxury cars and $240,000 ‘living expenses’ she has reportedly received.
‘I became part of Mr Sterling’s team. I became someone who protected him, someone who took care of him, someone who watched everything he said and did, and people did not like that.’
‘So you helped him become a better person?’ asked Walters.
‘In every way. In every way,’ responded Stiviano.

‘Silly rabbit’: V. Stiviano described herself to Barbara Walters as Donald Sterling’s ‘everything’

Social butterfly: Stiviano has been seen around town in the wake of the controversy, but Sterling, her ‘father figure’ has been no where to be seen
She wouldn’t allow Sterling to take meetings with certain people, Stiviano told Walters, which angered his business peers.
She said that executives and board members of the Clippers who were jealous of the free reign she had when it came to the team would call Sterling and tell him that Stiviano had brought people ‘who look a certain way’ to Clippers games when she wasn’t there.
But not just black people, Stiviano claimed, but people ‘that didn’t give me a good look,’ like ‘gangsters,’ ‘thugs,’ ‘bad women.’
Walters asked, ‘Are you in love with Donald Sterling?’
‘I love him,’ Stiviano responded, smiling widely, adding that she’s not in love but rather loves him ‘like a father figure.’
Denying she’s Sterling’s ‘mistress’ or ‘whore,’ she said that she’s more like his friend and right hand.
‘I’m Mr. Sterling’s everything. I’m his confidante, his best friend, his silly rabbit,’ she said, bizarrely.
Stiviano said the pair met while she was working for Sterling’s non-profit organization, the Donald T Sterling Foundation and evolved ‘to so much more.’
Throughout the day prior to Stiviano’s interview, Sterling had been in talks with both Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper about appearing on camera, but pulled out at the last minute, putting Stiviano in the hot seat with Walters and leaving Cooper without an interview, reports TMZ.
After the lengthy talk with Walters, Stiviano put her now-customary visor back over her face to face the waiting paparazzi. She told Walters it is a protective measure.
‘I’m hurting, I’m in pain. It hurts to see someone you care about hurting. It hurts to see people speculate, assume, say, throw darts at you when they don’t know you … It’s easier to mask the pain.’
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  1. I suppose there are few things worse than an ungrateful gold digger init? Now she chooses to deny their relationship? Donald Sterling is a racist like most of white America, particularly that generation from a completely different era. Frankly, this should come as no big unveiling to us. After pulling an Anna Nicole Smith and securing over $2 million dollars in asset, to throw this senile geriatric under the bus in such a matter is just cold blooded. Clearly, the man loves her since after all she’s done he’s still accepted her in his circle. This most unattractive cat woman looking chick made out like a bandit and still wasn’t satisfied.
    I’m convicted that someone powerful is after his team and used her to achieve that end.

    1. Who said she was a she? She looks like she might have had a few surgeries to change from a he to a she. S/He looks very suspect to be. Would love to see some childhood pictures of s/he. Look at the pictures of her feet/hands and the face look like she had cheek implants. The pores on her face might be signs of permanent hair removal.

      1. Har graduation picture de pon line and she had a pudding pan face till she get de jaw dem broke fi look smaller…I hope she keep wearing the visor and walk out inna traffic!

        Hi Met…lol

          1. lolol…this ‘silly rabbit’ full of ish. God know me a hope apple dem nu start wear de visor to. Then again, if dem a plan fi cross a busy street that is fine by me.

            Dis gal is equal to the one dem who go bahamas mek known racist $hit pon dem, dah one yah got paid more so me ago sey she go lower than de $hit fess…just saying…lol

        1. Same pic am talking about….she look a swell puss. Donald paid for a European look, but instead she end up looking like a man.

    2. Foxy, you hit the nail right on the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She knew his dirty little secrets, used it against him and probably got paid a grip for doing it n’ then sold him out so that the team could be under black ownership…ironically, the person she took the pic with that caused the controversy, is one of the persons bidding for ownership of the team :siul

  2. There are no conspiracies in this whole ordeal. He is plain and simple a nasty old man with enough money to buy his every fantasy. She is an opportunist looking for a fool with money to part with. I will say this though she is very manipulative and narcissistic with a touch of some mental disorder. They both turn my stomach … yuck!

    1. a so batteyman high polutin..only them…but the bigger picture here is that , donald a tek di fall fi di real racists in the clippers because di ones whey a report di news to him, worse dan him and they are the real racists

      1. Hahaha, the IRS will soon come knocking at both of their doors. I wonder how much ABC paid for that interview? She is definitely not one of the smart ones

  3. She look like a Philippino transsexual . I saw a pic of her before the surgery and she look like a Mexican boy in makup. Surgery didn’t help her at all.

          1. Same so Barbara lied to Sherri Shepherd an tell her she’s a smart young lady when we all know the latter.

            :ngakak :ngakak

  4. She purposely tape her sugar daddy because the wife want back all the luxury shit he gave her….she put him on blast as a racist now she’s on tv defending his action. She did it all for the money and fame. As he said, ” I should have paid her off”.

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