7 thoughts on “ANGEL ANSA

  1. Me love angel eno. Spice fi gweh she have too much anger inna her . If you and everybody always inna problem . A u a the problem spice.

  2. Corny

    Need more lyrics. I can’t stand when them repeat repeat the one sentence every minute. Take some time & build up the song

    1. She is not an artist suh nuh matta how much time she spen it nah guh sound good. Blaze is her biggest song and that is it.

  3. Angel ah iron balloon! Bet she nah go nowhere just in the Airport making video. She acts like a young girl but she so corny! Angel you need to invest in some buildings, a restaurant, beauty bar etc… Bc music is not your strong point nor is whining or dancing period. Ah true Spice talk say “you can’t get your reputation back!” Your are known to sleep around with men in the same circle. You got wifed then dropped due to your cheating! You’re an industry hoe under quite. You get booked and paid to fuck! You fuck all type of promoters and so called bad men on Beenie. And all now nothing no come outta it. So spin your roll right to a seat for 2019! Girl uplift yourself and build. But most importantly stay off of social media, you be looking crazy!

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