Dis a part one and part two mumma. Lol. Why Chyna ina party a hug up har son like is har man??? Mi like how everybody stick to the dress code though. Can u please tell me what Robbas have on. An it look like Tricia and har madda start party now. Seriously????














_DSC7306 (1)


















  1. Dutty stink mouth Natalie stop go to people party and buy $5 ting you want every body to shell dung you bar. Angela you look nice. Tracey champion you look hot mess. Troy looking nice like always but you need to upgrade Mona.

    1. Natalie sick wid har kidney suh yuh nah guh get har buy ntn but ting dear dearest

      (Simplicity soon sign in )

  2. Tracy foot look huge like Amazon woman ‘ that lady lose her shine real bad fall off the wagon .

  3. Tricia and her mother went there to beat sade but sade got the call that they was there and never show up

  4. Coco son look like a fish that whole family full of batty man and hores.coco bionic flush you like a toilet paper smh hot mess. Natalie only spend 5 in ppl dance facts so everyone should buy only water when she keep her dance.robbas look confuse obeah a print all over her face zombi looking daffy.look a batty boy from la him no stop thief clothes give the ny mon dem for f**k. Brady come out the closet its safe now.everybody knows

  5. Tracy champion stress cause her x friend monifa took her man lol tracy you use to sell monifa so what you expect?

  6. pat stress minding 2 man in jamaica.bobette look dirty bleach done pon him.that fish brady looking like a real monkey, yack yack always look like a clown. Tricia you and your mother hard to look at tell your mother to hit the gym her arm nuh look good at all

    Que Pasa,whats going on with New York DANCEHALL, whats with the attire, clothes can’t be so hard especially not these rastafarian colors! Even the attemps of being sexy are huge fails here. I remember watching videos of the African Crew and others at this event……you people can learn a thing or two, Champion ever since you got out of Prison seems you cannot recover your appeal,head to toe it looks like money ain’t spending on you, girl that dry ass weave, oh dear I kaint take it!!!

  8. Yes tracy weave look dry indeed hot ass mess, man stress a kill her. I guess thats why monifa stop party other than the (Edited). Tracy go and get tested monifa friend har said it a year ago that monifa contracted (Edited) in dance so why would you want that man. Let him go

  9. PICTURE #26 who the f**k is that guy in the white???? he looks like the Jamaican version of the caveman from Geico commercials. Dat wooman dont love him cuz she would have that shit waxed!!!!

  10. @ Anon 9:35am, suh Tricia and her mother wanted to go pull the Silly-Sally stunt? Seet deh, nuh wonder a di same tired faces and bodies deh a dancehall, dem type a ambushing yah it had fi get decent ppl fi guh spend dem money and enjoy demself.

  11. @u love come suck mi pussy dutty gal i work hard for my things i don’t f**k for my things pussyhole if u bad put up your real man are u step to me ……

  12. @ u love big pussy gal dont worry about me gal i have things and i don’t f**k for my things u need to upgrade youself and if you bad when u see in a party step to me if you bad but as i see alot of u dancehall people just internet bad … come suck mi pusssy nast face gal a me them call mona aka bozzlady alll the talk you a talk i see that u wake up with me and Natalie on your mind but sorry we dont love woman ..


  14. Which part a Mona a boss lady don’t mek me laugh yaa ,,, Mona aka rasta lady , why yuh never deh a the rasta party inna yuh sky blue shoe in a winner …. Dirty CoCo u n your batty bird the hole famili cure

  15. Well u all need to get a f**king life sorry i have what u all want….. sorry haters u all make me stronger … i have no time to keep up with u all..

  16. A so mi special that u just da pon mi name so all u are doing is making me stronger because im a adult im not going to step into your class….so have a wonderful day darling who ever u are and may god bless ur unhappy soul .

  17. Troy a d best ting ever happen to u..u beta love him up n lick out all him batty cas no other man no wAh u nastiness

  18. U fi glad sey him deh beside u..troy a d best ting ever happen to u cas no odda look gud bwoy nah look at u,u fi all lick out him batty fi him no left u

  19. Mona go sleep poor thing smh u making a fool of yourself Troy nuh want you if only if you know I’m love

  20. Why Claudette and Trisha look like that her hair look nasty and wanna brush and grease where Trisha going in those Clarks and her madds in. That long time bag and her daughter stay in Macy’s and Bloomies running down to get credit she need to upgrade her and stop upgrade shotta

  21. A weh really a gwan inna pic #13..the batty, the shape.…Natalie u style flop from 98 and a 2015 now. .a wonder weh mek u and stush stop par. me hear say u did sleep wid the girl baby father. smh . champion.that wig u been wearing for weeks now go party here and there,, u can change it now. it dry and not up. .8 snot really true this girl was doing a bid. wow..that’s why she was mia for a while .

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